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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Victory Top Secrets

“It's a Small World after All”
Five Engineering Design Computer Systems and Contracts Breach By X-Governor Rick Perry
Texas Economic Crisis Was Grand Larceny By the Texas Tea Party

Hwy 90 West Third  Business Destroyed By Private Security Firms in Texas

Hacker 04:24 05/09/2015
The Hackers Just All Happen To Be Tea Party Members That Stole Federal Funds
In This Case The Wrong Brother Was Attack By Bio-Weapons That Carry Life To The Death Penalty in Texas

First Blog Post 04/22/215
Sony & Turner Copyrights Void

'It's Not a revolution it is a resolution CEO's Go To Jail"
Sony Inc. and 
Turner Inc.  On the Verizon Sunset
Laser Views

See TX Senator Carlos I. Uresti: District 19 Full Details