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Sunday, April 19, 2015

FBI Investigation ITVERP OIG

ITVERP OIG Investigation Seven Years of Torment Extortion Terrorism

All Goes Back To What? - George 

Bush Administration Illegal Mandates
'To be used for Terrorism Threats Only Not on People That Walk Up And Knock on the FBI Door and Report'
Somethings Take A Real Texas Cowboy

What is Wrong with HHS?
Every Expert and Audit Explains HHS Employees Are Underpaid

Pay These Veterans Now It Is The Law
Not a benefit 'Freebe' They Are Entitlements
VA Pays $1,500 for CP Exam 2013 100% Service Connected Disabled Vietnam Veteran
Unhappy They Had Me Take Exam Over and Again To Find a Doctor with A Different Opinion Has Exam Without Invisible Disability Records "How Did She Know?" She Could Not. Already Submitted to Congress 2010 X-rays Must Be Used Invisible Disability
Hand written never seen by Hackers Before!
Read The Police Reports Not My Blogs 
See NSA Senatorial Report Don't Read Blogs

Hackers Data Miners Year of Doom
Yes You Can Sue Private Security Firms

Have CIA Papers will travel Kens5 contact Us on 'What Matters' ISIS Osama bin Laden USAMA Fort Hood My ITVERP Applications Senator Cornyn Claimed or 
Blamed Obama Would Not Pay?

The modus operandi of Al-qaeda and ISIS or ISIL any way you want to Twist It

My applications and sworn affidavit in Rene Pene' Wilson County District Attorney Office - Never 

Went To The Federal Government by Rene Pene but did by me
Tea Party Drug Trafficking Campaign money

The Tea Party Defined by 911 act Is Terrorism
And They Do Not Go Away
Obama? I thought it was the b-line to Cornyn's Office from K Street

Why? Total Investment Lost this farm Patient Pending 2004-2015 $ 2,250,000.00
Example: Telsa Batteries are made with this process

They Gave It To The Texas Victims of Crime! The Texas Victims of crime DA Wilson County Texas Office is still a valid ADA Complaint Against UT Texas with The Dallas OCR because they retaliated with military force. I Am A New Mexican ' State Domicile ' Texas Has No 
Jurisdiction of this [one case only there are several Texas Failed still open] International Terrorist Event and dam near got me kill and still trying with their ignorance of personal privacy, which my case is a Matter of National Security - Don't hurt yourself hackers!

And you politicians with those Xe illegal applications the FBI is Aware And I will testify Against any Political intrusion that are a threat to me and others! In this case all intrusions are a threat.

The Solution Submitted to Congress 2010 is two-way conversation no identification as Law Enforcement - Then They Are Hackers

VA Web Pages Clearly State and DOD web pages Clearly State "Have Someone Looking Over Your Shoulder" To Assist You Not to Hack You

VARS Visual and Audio is like a stranger walking into your home without your permission

"People Want To Shoot To Kill"
Note: The 1000's of Youtube Videos Parents Yelling at Real Home Intruders
'Voyeurs' 'Peeping Tom' 'Sick Puppies'
Laws Against On The Books Over 20 Years

See FBI Report The Purchase of $3,000.00 equipment with a guarantee had to ship back after V-chip Sucked Everything Out of every Device In The Home 

Congressman Henry Cuellar is In Big Trouble with New Mexico, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, China, Britain, Italy, more to come and the United States State Department for play acting as the State Department of United States when he is the
 "Texas State Department of Foreign Espionage"

When Governor Rick Perry Screwed The Eagle Ford Shale Stake 
holders by making a deal with several countries that are banned or require John Kerry diplomacy not Redneck Intel because just as John Boehner just realized "They Are Trying To Kill Us" or Why Congressman Henry and Rick Perry Are in Trouble!

Anybody like me and my family would go to the FBI for help!

So I Did!

First Posted 04/23/2014 Now Homicide is Investigating murders because you failed to Act New Docket These Guys Will Not Go Away OCR Washington D.C. 06-14-0002
Prosecution the Only Solution
My Mother is Still Crying

Happy Mother's Day UT
UT Hall of Shame

The UT Regent 'Hall' of Shame - The BS Published There does not Stay There. Close the door when the meetings are over and turn the fans on high! The stink migrated from University of Texas all across the United States of America, assimilated faster than the latest high speed internet! A very good example is the landmark study of college shootings that increased the killings by 100 fold after the publication.

Let me expand as I fan with other hand:

The crimes point to Senator Ted Cruz who is Responsible for Texas NSA Operations or any classified operation overt or covert in Texas.  Why is Senator Cruz crying about being targeted when he pulls the trigger with his own finger, while those in the know pinch their nostrils together with their own?

Dear Senator Cruz, I trust that you received my latest correspondence; you did not have to go to the expense of special delivery by airmail below 6000 feet just for me. Did you know using military force against a political opponent is high treason see citizens vs. united Supreme Court ruling that hides the disclosure of your drug trafficking donors to the Tea Party?  We do!

Let me clarify, in-action or action by Senator Cruz has harmed thousands of suffering Texans

Texas NSA is controlled by the Senate that is you Senator Ted Cruz! You need to work my case, not work me over as follows: 

1. Texas BSA is Oppression of the Elite of Texas, who own the mineral rights of La Salle County and Atascosa County and several have died waiting for a response from your office as my father lay in a hospital bed today [Back home 04/23/2014]. We own the land and resources that trigger Economic recovery robbed from the grave of our Great Grandfather by a Federal Oil Inspector who threatened to kill us all. These crimes as well as Rick Perry stopping the drilling on land owned by my family was reported to the local Police, Somerset Police, Atascosa County Sheriff's Office, and the FBI who are responsible for the burden of proof, nobody pull the fire alarm for fun. I once paid the mortgage on my parent’s farm as I traveled to South America as a field researcher and hung my hat in their guest house, while in country that has now become a prison of electronic surveillance.

The Thief of Academic work field Research It Cost A lot of Money To Travel Around The World and Study, while universities who never left Texas Still My Works.


2. VA is in default and I am on the official record in line just as any other veteran, due my exam from Multiple Terrorist Bombings [Received a phone call today CB Exam will call back 04/23/2014], which I am the only payee survivor and widower. I had $120,000.00 in life savings worked for Boeing SAT and was fired by a Bush Private Security Firm Masquerading as the real Federal Agents and was reported to the SAT EOC Office of Civil rights. I am still on disability leave from a company Whitehall, Lockheed, and I established bringing 6000 jobs to San Antonio that would be in Italy and not here in Texas if it were not for me! [ The reason for my posting this revision in public domain]- If there is any doubt that I am not among the biggest job producers in Texas and on a global scale, tell me where to send the flowers, the aid that gave you incorrect information perhaps by error and not intent.] GET THE POINT HERE SENATOR

Perry Blames the FBI Which is False Perry Did It And Continued to Retaliated As the OCR look at Computer Screen thinking the statistics were correct - False

Let me clarify, you are targeting and oppressing the job producers of America!

What the Secret Service, CIA, FBI, NSA Does is none of my business [Communication is key]. My duty just like anybody else is to report and when lives are in danger kick howler and scream! These people are experts, they know what they are doing but I have good reason to believe Senator Cruz does not know what harm he is bringing to the people he is has sworn to represent. If you have a problem speaking for US, I will be happy to stand before the Senate or Congress for you so you can catch up on Dr Suess. I recommend "A Speck of Dust on the End of an Elephants Nose” you could be harming people on a global scale not just your own people in Texas, so "don't brush this off." THE HONEYMOON IS OVER

You Use My Case Against The President of the United States without me Present who is sworn to Protect. Your actions were after an executive order that the disabled have a right to stand and speak for themselves to avoid the exploitation by your office for political gain and never work a single case to resolve the issues; even though you were given practical solutions to resolve - You remind of the terrorist of the bill you just to wrote to reject their visas, who you are now one of same and I want you ejected from borders of the United States of America and it is justified by your own legislation.

3. Persons claiming to be the Secret Service and CIA on and off Campus UTSA have harassed us electronically and triggered domestic helicopters reported with vivid accuracy to the FAA and Alamo FBI backup with flight recorders. We have been fired upon by classified weapons that are an established FACT. See this page for all the documentation sent to the DOJ in a timely complete manner at this link:

On 04/29/2014: That These Exist That have been used on U.S. Citizens Hacker Driver Internet Explorer pulls up documents on my P.C. posted in the newspaper in Public Domain by the Freedom of information Act 2006

Clear the way 02/15/2015

4. If you do not take action the next step is the President of the United States of America by law and you could have already lost you’re seat in the Senate as you laugh and make jokes about Kathleen Sebelius losing her job, who I wrote clearly cc. Senator Kaye Baily Hutchinson corresponding the danger and the solution to our problem that Rick Perry exploited to his political advantage, which in my case as a top secret veteran is treason by the Texas Governor and has been reported to the Secret Service Washington D.C. 202-406-5800. Call them, they help me and I am sure they will help you. 

My duty just like anybody else is to report to the appropriate agency of the United States America, which is the local police who failed to take valid reports seriously. Just tell me where to send the flowers, the breakdown in communication is somewhere between the valid complaint reported law enforcement and your office and will be easy to find. The statements are all true and correct to the best of my knowledge and reported as viewed or experienced by witnesses, court records, and empirical evidence. 

5. You had my case your whole term that may be a very short one if you do not take action and spending the rest of you days in Canada, your country of allegiance if you have any at all. Maybe Castro has a place for you on his Cuban cabinet. I make no apologies to you because you had this information and failed to act putting the elderly in South Central Texas in Jeopardy information that Texas NSA tried to retrieve by any means from me, a sworn agent of the highest order, including using the most up to date sophisticated Psycho Terror devices known to man, I have come to know not by any clearance but by the abuse of such equipment that has been in existence for 50 Years. That is why all Federal Buildings require by law special windows to protect from known devices reported on ABC news. 

If your family was not in VIP status and protected from such you would band them from the United States of America for the next 10,000 years as we all become Neoconservative Nazi Hunters for the rest of our lives. GET THE POINT HERE SENATOR.

6. Our family has developed and own the patent rights or associated with the first heart pump machine and kidney transplant machine that would still not be operational without our participation, as U.T. steals my father’s patent rights of new devices and discredits my copyrights and patent pending device sitting in the art shop at U.T.S.A. I am still waiting for an acceptance letter to a Masters of Cultural Anthropology that never comes for six years now.

 I have been waiting for the Dallas OCR to see the errors of their ways as UTSA administers lied to them and denied me my student loans for six semesters, than send me a bogus IRS form after discharge over charging the Office of Education greater than $10,000 that I never received but should have. My end is resolved, do not open up my case again but do investigate the lies of UTSA administers who retaliated to a point of disabled associated with me have been abuse and died of causes that I disagree with and reported for investigation.

7. If it were not for Barack Obama administration my family would be dead or in prison, innocent of any crime under the Bush Administration where I believe you are heading with your rhetoric bashing the office that actually did come to our aid as you cry about Benghazi and your aids failed 25,000 Texas attacked by a surveillance system that has gone completely out-of-control and works for you the office of Senator Ted Cruz - GET THE POINT HERE SENATOR?

Let me expand: The crimes point to Senator Ted Cruz who is Responsible for Texas NSA Operations or any classified operation overt or covert in Texas - why is Senator Cruz crying about being targeted when he pulls the trigger with his own finger? 

8. I am due hundreds of thousands of dollars as a victim of terrorism reimbursements that was denied me, so now I qualify for the sole source of billions of dollars of reward leading to the arrest, conviction, and or death of said terrorist including the latest Mexican drug cartel sitting in prison soon to be release as Houston Se embedded pic and evidence digitally pointing to me.

Reported to the FBI has the authorization of Texas Governor Rick Perry [The Perfect Digital Fingerprint] who has been hacking my P.C. sense he was appointed not elected to office. That way the drug cartel can find me when they are released from prison done so with money from drug trafficking that the Tea Party enjoyed in 2009 known to me and probably as late as 2014, BSA has the records.

Let me clarify, The digital signature authorization of Texas Governor Rick Perry found  in my P.C. by illegal hacking by the state of Texas not NSA and the employees of such suffer as the subjects of Governor Rick Perry’s Political Deception. 

On the positive side Governor Rick Perry has a cash reward program "Eat What You Kill" but must meet the criteria that I have already met - the arrest, conviction, and or death of said terrorist including the latest Mexican drug cartel sitting in prison. The astronomical cash payment that comes to my mind is, "I own the state Texas."  Once paid me, our nation’s debt crisis is now over. 

The Trickle Down effect, works best when you grab them by the ankles, turn them upside down and shake the gold coins out of their pockets. The consideration of long arguments through debates and town hall meetings from the left, center, and right are moot, once you got them by the ankles with something we never have gotten - Legal Representation and Due Process guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution. We are the victims of Texas corruption and not the criminals, DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR SENATOR? 

9. I have valid victims of crime request in Texas for compensation against Merck for the criminals that did kill me and brought back to life by God Almighty and sitting they are in prison for tweaking test results in Texas. Since Greg Abbott and Clarence Thomas as reported to Henry Cuellar did not compensate me, I am now due qui tam at a rate in excess of 4 billion dollars gross with a .10 payment due me. Please request the DOJ appropriations committee to make that next check they cut to AKA Ted Lavender. The police know my address and phone number if you wish to contact me. Ted Lavender takes the stench out of the air that migrated from University of Texas all across the United States of America, assimilated faster than the latest high speed internet! 

Most notably, the arrest of the cartel is pale in comparison to the biggest drug bust in America Merck Incorporated that killed 250,000 people; the actual statistics were cut three times to 88,000 to make more palatable for the public. One death is too many! 

However, as a volunteer subject of human testing, I clearly understood that deaths of the innocent always occur with drug testing and innocent people are harmed during a time of war or irregular war (IW); a George Bush Mandate that by-passed congress first used in the state of Texas.

What does privacy have to do with it? If only the criminals know, you need not hash over what has already been proven by nonprofessional bloggers, and or professional journalist on both sides of the border, who have no other way to protect themselves from the corruption. The last case that comes to mind is the young lady quartered and her head place on a copy of the blog posting. A Point of Rule was established before you were elected to office - Don't Kill the Messenger they may save your life!

Revised soften with a little bit of Ted Lavender 04/23/2014

Senator Ted Cruz, you have had my request your whole term and this detail summary of events from your own inaction for over 10 days. The details of my unanswered request can be found in “Texas Health and Human Service System 2013-17 volume no. 1 as they address and covered up every issue we made as a plea for resolve by Texas Governor Rick Perry appointees. 

We cannot bring back the dead from the corruption, but we can assist the elderly with mineral and other assets taken from them like a bag of money on park bench and make sure the disabled set rooms where decision are made, so the same people who wrote THHS Vol no. 1, cannot collaborate their fictional stories that has gone on for seven years now! 

AKA Ted Lavenders of South Central Texas

04/23/2014 Rev 3

Just The Facts Jack

IN OCR Appeals After Sevens Years
No Statute of Limitations 
United States Department of Education
OCR 400 Maryland Ave. S.E.
Washington D.C. 20202-100

Docket Numbers Waiting for Federal Court
Did receive a phone call back 02 11 2015 about why politicians Illegally
 Remove these Criminal Valid Complaints 
Federal Criminal Court Dockets
06-15-XXXXX Pending Number

06-15-2031 10/15/ 2014
06-14-0002 05/05/14

Is Jesus Black?

In Texas We Know That "Big Brother" Is White

"“It was one of those pictures so contrived the eyes followed you wherever you moved, “Big Brother Is Watching You!” underneath the caption ran (George Orwell Bush Admin. 
 Mandate ).""

We Have Done No Wrong

Read the police reports not my blogs
The Police have not Contacted me So I Must of Gave Them Full Details
You Know my Name and Phone Number Don't Use Facebook try the Phone Book
You're Still On My Mind

Most Have One Intrusive State and Federal Gov Action Some Have Multiple
"These Things Are Not the Victims Problem"
Paul Ryan Quit Crying about people on Social Security and veterans waiting for entitlements, when you're own digital signature in my p.c. and thief by you or your aids. He is not the only one

"Everyday these politicians preach this sermon and hold back rewards, entitlements, and compensation; people get weaker and sick to a point of no return - a waste of human lives because
of a false political argument of 'Free Riders'"

We Have Done No Wrong

I Knocked on these agencies door first and was always registered with the United States State Department and IRS and tracked (This is a good thing there is a reason for it) because I hold a Aviation Certificate 

Enumerate: 1. UT Illegal Discovery other Universities ordered by X Gov Rick Perry to steal! There is no nice way to put it - Filed again valid thief of academic work and illegal discovery, including 'No Access' 'Targeted Retaliation' 'Oppression' 'Malpractice' 'Manslaughter' Deception all the way up to torture not behavioral control Human Exploitation

i. University Human experimentation outside [Some Inside is illegal] of protocol see Texas State Senator Urisities Report that is mild compared to the reality.

b. Private Security Firms Domestic and Foreign hacks illegal immoral and criminal.

2. FBI Protective Service May include HHS - This case Victims of 3 Terrorist Bombings - Protective Service are welcomed
a. EO for VA Veteran Protective services [EO I don't like it but we co-operate] Did not request the intrusions they unwelcome, uncomfortable, uninvited. But there here and it is an EO "I don't like it but i guess things happen that way"

3. X-Governor abuse of power-  I was found dead on the floor and other family members Illegal Discovery By the State of Texas

4. In just this one case $2,000,000.00 worth of academic papers exploited and stolen plagiarized

 5. Victims of Crime all hand written responses all submitted up to date 'Go Postal' with signed receipts 2007-2015. 

Ist stage of process we do not need a lawyer it is a police report - if rejected, then go to lawyer (Should be Paid by the state or Federal Budget depends) criminal acts against me and others who have assets or aire to assets, while Texas got caught Stealing Grand Larceny - The FBI's problem, not mine. 

Law Enforcement are up to date and so is the sheriff. Three years lost to reporting real crimes that happen in my family circle death for no reason the intent - OIL.

b. Intent by criminals to collect my rewards and entitlements

6. FBI and above have always had the authority and was always trusted and still is along as due process is followed. They know what they are doing -they make mistakes too noted and *forgivable "two-way street"

*'When the people have no rights, they can do no wrongs"

7. Texas 2000: HHS put in position to help but forced to police and look for fraud "Causes a Conflict of Interest" - could be a Texas problem but they failed to find on error other than my poor spelling

04/19/2015 Took Seven Years to prove certifications, Degrees and whereabouts, all registered with the United States State Department who failed not just me but thousands of *expats. 

Why Should Expats Doctors Ect - those who work aboard vote for Hilary Clinton When She Failed To Help Her Own People?

The State Departments is responsible for *US United States Citizens Working aboard, student studying abroad, researchers practicing abroad, doctors, aircraft workers ect, ect, ect,

Who Pays They Should - They Don't!

"Everyday these politicians preach this sermon and hold back rewards, entitlements, and compensation; people get weaker and sick to a point of no return - a waste of human lives because
of a false political argument of 'Free Riders'"

Tangible losses that get into high dollars: they should compensate the victims like me and many others; especially, FBI terrorist informants, Witness, and Victims

8. Tangible Losses have requested and ignored. Loss Time - trying to make a dollar to supplement my limited income and hacked "No Access Oppression" Valid ADA complaint still waiting to go back to campus to use the resources to research and Ceramic Kilns (See NASA Submittal) , Physical Therapy Pools Library and thousand of other resources that belongs to the community not the University. 

Some Texas Universities act as if they are the district attorney Judge Jury and executioner - See complaint Suzanne Reed and OCR Complaint with police report. 

Note 001: Ceramic Deep Space Aerospace parts submittal

Note 002: An invitation to bid on 'Engineered Spect Drawings' "One Service Connected Vietnam Veteran was excluded because his derogatory facebook page" concerning Texas Governor Rick Perry. Would not have happened if NASA used the telephone book instead of Facebook -The only means of protection from the RICO Perry Network. The oversight committee said, 'It was an isolated incident but would check to see if it was wide spread." 
*Email records have not bee modified by me - Computers Do Not Lie People Do!

All agencies have hard copy hand written waiting for response. Seven Years is way too long!

A White Paper Used By Texas HHS
Not A Food Stamp Request
"Works Better Than Digital Systems So Change The Form To Be More Definitive"

9. Community State-lite and people were harmed not by me reported to congress 'watch out about rural communities sharing' before the harm!

10. Robotics - tied to someone for something already listed above 11. Unidentified elg Arrow Shots - could be terrorist 12:20 04/19/2015 12. Retaliation with deadly force _____________________________________________ Starting Today 04/19/2015 

Problem Illegal Hackers still stealing and wasting my time excluding legitimate protective services 6. Starting Today 04/19/2015 Loss Time - trying to make a dollar to supplement my limited income and hacked "No Access Oppression" Valid ADA complaint still waiting to go back to campus to use the resources to research and Ceramic Kilns, Physical Therapy Pool Ect Ect Ect

7. Several Collections High Dollar do not belong to me but given to me to try and make a dollar to supplement my income to secure the copyright or advocate that the collection were legally collected such as arrow heads coins rare books on the rise because of data manipulation ect. 

A few examples: 
1. Arrow Heads
2. 03/01/2015 Cartoon Collection 125 each 20 done or listed than stolen the moment camera shot Hackers steal and the price goes up and even digital river steal a collective consciousness of content from content producers like us and pay nothing - Astronomical amount includes well thought out business plans medicine and economics ect. ect.

2. Anthropology Artifacts World Wide: Causes a stink when i post a picture because somebody lied about history. None is harmful other than to politicians who lie or are neoconservative to scientific fact and that is too bad! 

I know just a few people that could raise the money to do what I have done, well traveled and studied.

And a loss of assets that belong to me and should be share with credit and monies by me to academia. I spent a life time traveling and collecting - Why because each piece helps fell in a blank spot important to anthropologist, scientist, enjoyment, literature, and entertainment like movies or factual documentaries importance to professional journalist - nobody gives a dam about my spelling 'Gold' 'Glod' big deal "We all know Content is King!" 

Paul Ryan Quit Crying about people on Social Security and veterans waiting for entitlements, when you're own digital signature in my p.c. and thief by you or your aids. He is not the only one - a clue 'buckwomen' 
'Tea Party Freeriders'

"Everyday these politicians preach this sermon and hold back rewards, entitlements, and compensation; people get weaker and sick to a point of no return - a waste of human lives because
of a false political argument of 'Free Riders'"

Texas X-Gov Rick Perry Was Just a Circus Show Ragged 
Clown Chasing His Own Shadow
Perlude to three month Communications Black Out
Prosecution the Only Solution Look At The Millions in Income Texans are Losing Everyday
Sony on the Verizon Sunset
We Have Done No Wrong Notes Fiction whatever "Somebody Needed To Say It"

"These Things Are Not the Victims Problem" 

It Is a Texas Problem With A Texas Solution. The old school 'Kill the Messenger' is not appropriate and counter productive (See the Culling).

We Are Counting On Ken Paxton Texas Attorney General - all 250,000 of U.S.
Texas Patriotism Stand Up and  Be Counted Share and Share Alike

Stand Up And Be Counted

Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Taxing Driver Local Veterans Service Officer

Sony on the Verizon Sunset
DVDs are Devices That Are Intrusive and Deadly
a Bush Administration Mandate To First Test on Texans 
Read the Union Label
Robert Deniro and the Nugent Act
Contradicts the Brady Act That Covers This Veteran 456135816 for Life and 
That Means a Very Long Meaningful Healthy Life Time
"Several Doctors are Writing Letters to the Local veterans Service officer Concerning False Test Results, by law you may take a 2nd test every-time the VA ask for one and don't forget to fast, and in my case don't Drink the Water - It is poisoned"

But The Agent Orange and Atomic Veteran Mailer does Not Have His or Her Address
So I will Hand Carry It Again To Mr. Black VA Advocate That Has The Whole Story
With The Wrong Names - A Band of Brothers.

Rev. "The Return of Dirty Harry with Barbra-phobia" Done with lower levels still the Advocate Needs More Therapy Last Session 10.30.2015 13:35 456135816 Gets Paid

XGov Perry Abuse Power Grand Larceny Manslaughter Torture His Own People
The Way Texas RICO Governor Rick Perry Use To Work

Canaries Make Good Singers but This Cowboy 
'Yellow Sky'
Hackers changed link Note Forensics ie can Tell 'What Me Worry' 10/17/2015
The FBI Took them Um Out as I did what the Secret Service told me to do "I don't give a dam what you drink setting around here drinking your Ice-cold lemon aid" - So I Did
456135816 is a Better shot: Stop.
Put Um In Jail
4,500 Canaries Pleading for Relief
Dissolve Their Assets and Pay The Victims

"No Hero Is an Island to Himself"
The FBI? You Might Need Them Some Day
And We Did
Thank You!
"Writ of Habeas Corpus Christi Texas Redneck Intel"
By G. N. O'Dell 2005 Using smaller shots of sun by permission from NASA
A Mountain of Light

June 14, 2013, "I attended the classified briefing provided to Senators by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, NSA Director Keith Alexander, and other Obama Administration officials (Senator John Cronyn)” – That DID NOT include Barack Obama 

Or Any Other GOP Scam

The Summary Can Be Found At This Link:

Emerson once said, “Plato was a great average man.” 

Carlyle said it best, “A great man is a mountain of light,” 

The Way Texas RICO Governor Rick Perry [Used To] Works [Busted]

“The Day a Texas U.S. Marshall Made My Mama Cry” His intent was to block me from making a plea for relief against the state of Texas to stop retaliating with military force for filing an ADA complaint at UT or why it dangerous for me to go the library. Why I reported to the FBI that a disabled couple were held prisoners in their own home for six years.  He did so, without written orders or Writ of habeas The Way Texas RICO Governor Rick Perry Works

Hey what can I do about It?
 I am just a potter one out of some 7 billion people. 
There are six other people on the planet you 
could screw with and leave me alone!
First Post 02/21/2014 
Opinion Censored so Go With The Flow

Hackers Day of  Doom
*That's Bad for Terrorist and Hackers - Why?

Texas Governor Perry Charged With Torture of a United States State Department Warden 
(International Police for the United States of America) appointed by the U.S. Consulate General with two Honorable Military Discharges Still in Reserve - Will Serve Again. And the torture of the Coptic Queen the Pope is asking Questions. Taylor August OCR Dallas was asleep on Duty!

John Kerry never responded to my request to protect U.S. Interest. John Kerry is just as guilty 
of negligence. 

It Is ITVERP Responsibility to work with the DOJ to clear this matter and to pay Gregory O'Dell loss wages and money stolen by BSA 250,000.00 USD, my Boeing Pension $720.00 a month and rewards no greater than 3,000,000 each X 6 and disability Military entitlements pay back 20 years. 

Request of medals and ribbons of Exemplary Honorable Service to the United States of America by Ssgt. Gregory O’Dell  sent to Texas Senate Carlos Uristei. No Response.

Several illustrations and photos were hacked in 2014 and use by robotics and private investigators to bring harm to me Reported to the DOD Secret Service and Security Fort Sam Houston and continued conversation with VA Advocate who faxed the OIG. Kens 5 News Reported Fort Sam Houston Army was alerted and Responded to a hack of a document in my P.C. 
I reported as espionage.
One Example The Other are Encrypted How Would Know What It Means
Lastly, Cash Rewards Already appropriated by Congress by George Bush (no vote is needed) Due Ssgt.
Gregory O'Dell for the arrest and conviction or death of said terrorist and terrorist networks.