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Saturday, November 22, 2014

The South Central Texas Drought Is OVER!


Once Upon a thousand years, pennies from heaven for you and meeeeeeeeee

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy 500th Birthday San Antonio Texas

To Collect Award Leading the Arrest of Texas Governor Rick Perry

"Mount that horse or die where you stand." I placed the letter inside my shirt deep and jerk the reins as my mount, jumped and cleared the wall of the Alamo, “Never looking back to see if my friends had come.”

To Threaten Blacklist No-Fly List Detentions is a Felony Offense

Texans for Justice 
First Post 10/15/2014
Anonymous Tippers is still due the $250,000.00 award offered by The Governor Perry for information leading to Governor Rick Perry’s s own arrest and RICO connection to the Aryan White Brotherhood of Texas Murders. Perry Wrote a Law Directing Texas Fusion Centers To Turn A Blind Eye 
So ABR Could Walk About Freely
"Murder, Manslaughter, Extortion, the Whole Gamlet" 

Governor Rick Perry Blames The Feds 
but The Feds Will Win!

Texas Gov. Perry Indicted on Charge of Abuse of Power

Mr. Perry’s detractors said that his moves crossed the line from hard-ball politics to criminal acts that violated state laws. His aides denied that he did anything wrong and said that he acted in accordance with the veto power granted to every governor under the Texas Constitution. Ms. Lehmberg resisted calls for her to resign and remains in office.

The criminal case against Mr. Perry began when a nonprofit government watchdog group, Texans for Public Justice, filed a complaint last June accusing the governor of misdemeanor and felony offenses over his veto threat, including coercion of a public servant [RICO Violations] . A judge appointed a special prosecutor – Michael McCrum, a San Antonio lawyer and a former federal prosecutor – and the grand jury began hearing the case in April.

Texas Public Corruption Unit Was Handling Our Tejas Case

OIG 30 days have past need a positive response; Does fall within their 
jurisdiction for prosecution of all parties that brought me and my family harm Texas illegal private militias (Tea Party, RICO Aides, and ARB) 

Payment Due Gregory O'Dell from the State of Texas and legal representation  to go and collect by any 

means within the limits of law and CRCl is now in violation of law by not rendering aid or representation or even return phone call - for emergency aid for a consulate Warden and Material Witness to several Acts of Terrorism \Terrorism Mass Destruction, while my Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz cries about 

These Acts if Prosecuted and Found Guilty of Interrogation Techniques Used on a Ssgt G. O'Dell TS Veteran and other TS Veterans is punishable by a term in Federal prison up to life including the death penalty 
Why Privacy Should Concern The Tea Party and Private Security Firms
Mama's Tell Your Children Not To Grow-up To Be Hackers

Posting 2011 - "Romney is Dirty Stinking Liar"

I will be happy to retract the statement, if Mitt Romney just admits, “he is so far disconnected from the reality of things, he is not fit to run the Greatest Country on Earth; the good ol USA.”  I not really concerned if Romney is elected, it’s what he will do after he is elected by hiring the wealthy few, instead of the experienced and educated for the most important positions in government.  

A Great President sacrifices his own opinions and beliefs by surrounding himself with the greatest minds this country has to offer. This is what makes Barack Obama a Great President and just one of many reasons; he should stay on for another four more years to finish the cleanup of corruption, left over by the Republican GOP wealthy few.

One of those positions is the Office of Civil Rights, which is the most import office in Government that we have, just cleaned-up and working properly after the removal of right wing extremist of the Bush regime, who browbeat honorable Civil Rights attorneys as Communist and Socialist, until they quit and went back to private practice.

If you think this offices main objective is to make sure a student right to free speech is protected so he/ she can post a religious statement in a classroom, you are out-of-your-mind – they are busy each day with real abuse, neglect, rape, and murder of those who cannot protect themselves. This includes the protection of those of color who are beaten, arrested, and convicted of crimes they did not commit such as seen in Arizona and Texas.

When Your Best Facebook Friend Is A Homicide Investigator

Another extremely important office is the office of Human Health Services, whose main purpose is protect those that can no longer care for themselves, which is the best indicator of a Country of States’ economic health. Do I need to remind Texans of the human trafficking of the disabled across state lines during the Rick Perry / Bush era? To cut cost, these people were released from state intuitions and carried across state lines to work on slave farms in deplorable conditions, as their employer’s pocket their paychecks. This is Romney’s “Put Work Back in Welfare.”

I do not know anybody on Social Security or a welfare program that does not have a desire to return to work.  I am one of those people, a Texas Disabled Veteran willing and ready for work or to pick up a rifle, put my own body in harms way and serve my country again! However, the backlog has held me back for 14 years, because the Veterans Commission is appointed by a Republican Right Wing Dominated GOP State, ruled by the wealthy few.

That’s ok, Texas Veterans  need to wait their turn, because I know with the Obama Administration “Kids come first” and a Texas 30% drop rate since Rick Perry was appointed not elected governor, has a direct effect on the economy of the state and the employment rate. 

If you watch the news like I do, you will see there is a conspiracy, the wealthy few will not hire until after the election, which is plan already in place by Mitt Romney’s Republican GOP, which is  a conspiracy at the most and an injustice to those who would rather Work than be on Welfare!

To Threaten Blacklist No-Fly List Detentions is a Felony Offense

Threats or of Even a Mention of the same Report to FBI Copy Your Senator(s)
"I Always get what I want a 'Big Red Cherry Drink' 
while I was listening to the radio and drank - Dick's not Gonna Like This"
Too Bad

Give Your Stalker a Name
Wanted By The FBI
‘Cry Baby Jones’ is A Pay For Hire Hitman Paid To Kill and Is Threatening Protected Witnesses, Informants, and Victims of Terrorism

Working with the Homicide Department Yesterday with another Witness's Bexar County Texas, gave us the same good advice we got from the FBI – Keep a log. This is why we blog. Write down post pictures of only those things that will trigger your memory to each event of abuse. To make your blog interesting to you and others perhaps add some music or an old poem from high school; whatever you like. It does have to be true. What you tell investigators in their office must be fact to the best of your knowledge.

Report directly ‘Face Value’ in the office of The Police and FBI. If these agencies fail, or are corrupted say from a Governor Arrested for abuse of power and faces 90 years in prison, you’re United Senator(s) Must Act On Your Behalf and in Your Favor, if He or She Likes you or Not – They, Him, Her, can be held for charges of conspiracy against the United States of America If harm comes to you and yours such as financial decimation, oppression by denied attempts gainful employment, interrogative Techniques such as TV Jacking (not the same as you cell phone interference), or murder attempts. 

I don't Recommend web disclosure but I understand from professionals a hand written log of each event is the best way and report all the events of criminal attacks you think you should without any fear or what anyone will say. Not free speech, participation for protection. 

We would be crazy, crazy Dead 
if we did not! 

Perhaps your situation is like ours – Stalked witnesses and victims of Terrorist acts of mass destruction, and have a ‘Private Dick Paparazzi’ casing your home and your United Senator(s) do not respond appropriately , NSA can and will report Your Senators abusive actions against you, and they will investigate the actions of the Senator, Congressman, or even a Texas State Governor. Why?

“Everybody either works for or is protected by NSA – The Unseen.”

'Cry Baby Jones' Has already Killed and Will Kill Again
The Robocoptic Finger of Fate

Our Problems Why It Should Concern You?
 Mistakes Are Made

No Mysteries Here Full Disclosure by The Senate

Intelligence effort named citizens, not terrorists
By EILEEN SULLIVAN and MATT APUZZO | Associated Press – 3 hrs ago.
WASHINGTON (AP) — A multibillion-dollar information-sharing program created in the aftermath of 9/11 has improperly collected information about innocent Americans and produced little valuable intelligence on terrorism, a Senate report concludes. It portrays an effort that ballooned far beyond anyone's ability to control.
What began as an attempt to put local, state and federal officials in the same room analyzing the same intelligence has instead cost huge amounts of money for data-mining software, flat screen televisions and, in Arizona, two fully equipped Chevrolet Tahoes that are used for commuting, investigators found.
The lengthy, bipartisan report is a scathing evaluation of what the Department of Homeland Security has held up as a crown jewel of its security efforts. The report underscores a reality of post-9/11 Washington: National security programs tend to grow, never shrink, even when their money and manpower far surpass the actual subject of terrorism. Much of this money went for ordinary local crime-fighting.

“Texas Electronic Exploitation Class Action Law Suit” A Community Service Report G. N. O’Dell October 3, 2012

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Makes Off with Krugerrand Cache Paid To Take His Life

Slowly Slowly Catchee Monkey

Notes Updated: 11/01/2014 So when Somebody Ask Me Another question I can answer it rationally and they "Cannot Brush me off" There is no Sage Brush Escape for the Killers. They had to come up for air sooner or latter - Slowly Slowly Catchee Monkey

Solicitation [Within the limits of the law]
Any Publishers I have a good movie script and a lot of people that need my help. You can help by being just yourself  'a Pirate' for this 'Farmer' the way our economy works. Pirates behavior is controlled by the Farmers with Pitch Forks and Torches a Flame at your doorstep if you steal and don't pay.*

We are not lawyers, actors, or directors the real deal always goes to the top block buster. You can edit as you please.

There Are Only Two Types of People In World Farmers and Pirates 
*Old philosophic paper Farmers and Pirates are not criminals in this metaphor

"Get a Room by the Train Robbers" Hacker Threats
 Did you have to rob a train to pay me off?

The Criminal Charges Are A Matter of the Justice Department Besides I would need a Forklift To Pick-up That Mother Load! Let It Lay Until we Know All you Train Robbers are Behind Bars - Prison Steel Bars not Gold Bars.

They Are Framed and Hanging On A Museum Wall
Data Miners Years of  Doom 
Paid for False Intel No Matter Who It Harms

Chapter 7: How Privacy Can Solve Old Cases and Prevent Future Terrorist Attacks
Two-Way Communications Instead of Hacking Our Computers
"Will Keep Us Safer"

 "Face to Face Two-Way Communications, Cash Rewards and Prosecuting Retaliation with Punitive damages - Can Solve Old Cases and Prevent Future Terrorist Attacks."

There Are Only Two Types of People In World Farmers and Pirates 
*Old philosophic paper Farmers and Pirates are not criminals in this metaphor
Both are a Necessity for a Healthy Economy

'An Education Leads To Balanced Meaningful Life'

Bi-social Intercourse Metaphysical Parable 
by by'e'

The Merchant shoves the heavy purse against the belly of the keeper resting on the bar and says, “Keep his bowl warm with food, his cup full, his bed with clean silks and serve his friends as your own family when I return from the mountain harvest on the first moon, with a purse as heavy as this, even the biggest of fools could pay his debt and own his own inn and ask any price your kindness upon my return. Let it be known, not one silver be gone 
that has not been served him and those he calls his own.”

A Line of Distinction

What Do You Do
~ What Do You Do?

Redd Foxx said it best, “There are two types of people in the world, those that do and those that do.”

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Eagle Has Landed Monopoly

Make The Eagle FM SAT Listen To Your Tunes
More Gifts
Worth Blogging Not Worth Reporting

Play That Funky Music White Boy!

A Spark of Ontological Reasoning
The Stock Market Went Wild When I Firest Post This
"It's just a law of phsics or the natural order of things"

First posted 09/12/2014
Donated To The New Atascosa County Jail
Think of Me of Everyday you Sit There
Espionage Hackers Framed and Hanging On The Jail house Wall
Was Donated To The Jail Artifacts to do as they please

The District Attorney Is Looking For The Hackers Now!

Welcome To Atascosa County

Why Waterboarding Has Failed

Why Waterboarding Has Failed
How can a United States citizen sworn to protect fellow Americans give any intelligence concerning terrorist threats, while their heads are submerged under water by any given means of waterboarding such as Salem Witch drownings.

What good is grant money for human experimentation, when terrorism is involved and known ways and means to stop terrorism before it kills again, are proven by reports of the victims, their own testimony that include my testimony and the subjects of my concern, that do not include the categorical group of persons with abstract moot arguments, which includes most legal arguments concerning terrorism, proved by their own inefficiency over a twenty year test period. 

Battling terrorism against the Unites States has a record of proven success going back at least 75 years 
of victims testimony brought before law enforcement without any concern by the victims for their own safety.  

The Breach and success of Terrorist attacks or failures tied to the 911 act and other moot law arguments as stated above; including applied devices and techniques that support funding of failed systems that no matter how much money is invested will fail. This is not an absolute statement, but the details of how to ditch a project or how fix one is best left to experts who are also blocked from reporting these dangerous devices.

An expert would be someone that bares the scars on his body of several terrorist attacks and live to tell story to other Americans so that they might live.

It is the case that a credible news sources 10/25/2014 Kens5 TV reported ‘TV Jacking ‘ or hacking whereas; the viewer(s) of one media device and it is best to stay with the common television as an example, do not view the same information as others. 

See my earlier complaints that date back with witnesses several years, that include suicides and homicides reported the San Antonio FBI. Laws that work where in place and have been modified, see subliminal messages on movie screens dating back 50 years, proven to cause dangerous behavior such as the suicides and homicides unknown to the subject viewing the movie screen. 

Monetary losses are a different concern, while loss of life is an immediate concern for all Unites States 
Citizens to participate by reporting terrorism, again not defined as the moot legal arguments that have failed-some work others do not. 

An Australian medical company is now making a claim on a credible media source Kens 5 TV 10/25/2014 of restoring of human hearts removed from the body and keeping it alive for four hours, which is a tweaked device that my father owns the patient right and the original device is proven to keep a heart alive after removal in a small shipping device that can ship anywhere by U.S. Postal Services and the heart will still be alive and recoverable because of his patient, who along with me as witness developed and made claim to patient rights the first kidney transplant holding device that made transplants possible today, his rights may or may not in legal sense noted above,  include his direct work of  the  well know heart pump machine that was developed to benefit mankind without any reward. 

What is Going on in South Central Texas in Border District
Buy A Newspaper That Way You Are Well Informed and Can Vote Responsibly 

My Father whose name is noted on several concerns including the thief of billions in white collar crime of mineral rights reported to the FBI also owns some 32 other live saving devices that are not just monetary loss by my father, but a causal link to the loss of life by the University of Texas the system of multiple complaints including the first applied process by Gregory O’Dell of the plating of  ceramics that other companies are using that revolutionized the way we store and save power with is a monetary loss and the least of my concern but it should be investigated because it links to other life saving devices that death is accountable to hackers, patient thieves, and systemic failure of law enforcement system that places everyone’s life in danger. 

Blocked by military aircraft in South Texas to deliver this important information to people of our community newspaper. Similar information is posted and unfortunately  blocked, unedited by professional journalist on two dollar website, my only means to bring valid sane information to the public and to those who serve to protect us. 


Perhaps, the newsprint in Devine Texas is routed by electronics device [it is Castroville Texas] that censors some of the most important constitutional rights that are each person responsibility to alert
the community  concerning terrorism anywhere in the world "The right to a free press and post bills."

Sadly, I have more information concerning terrorism against the United States of America, which I am sworn to protect by any means not by wit but by experience of being a victim of several terrorist attacks and the reports blocked from reporting agencies and of law enforcements methods of abuse by interrogative investigations that is now categorically torture, failed just like water-boarding and more people died.

Why do I give this away for free? I have a constitutional responsibility the alert the public and anybody standing in way is committing a felony endangering the lives of others.

CCR Compliance Concern Mailed To Department of Homeland Security by Gregory O'Dell 

Posted For Your Protection
What is a DHS Civil Rights Complaint Form?

Last page distorted I Can Only Do The Best I Can Do
"We Do This Work Not Because It Is Easy But Because It Is Hard (JFK)"

Saturday, November 1, 2014

We Are Not Afraid Come On Touch Me

"You're Innocent but I have been paid to kill you. Don't go to the police or FBI. They cannot save you" above the caption read ...........[Classified] by Big Brother