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Monday, July 20, 2015

Hi! Fidelity the way to beat the hackers to the Text - Draw!

'Yellow Sky'
November 22 2010 Joe O'Biden Apology CBS News

"They Died With Their Boots On."


'A Lonely man who came from the north'

Over 100,000 words can string together logically by a picture or illustration the way to beat the hackers to the Text - Draw!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

South Texas PUC Law Suit Richard James Perry ‘Now Known as previous incumbent’

Baine & Co On Your Campus
Attacks Real Terrorist Infomants To The FBI
Obstructs Terrorist Investigations
See FBI Corruption Case Requested By Congress
Intense Interrogation and Torture
See the Ultimate Constituent
See Uvalde Texas Police Report
Resolution 6-15A
PUC Chris Brewster, Counsel to the Steering Committee. At Lloyd & Townsend, P.C., 816 Congress Avenue, Suite 1900, Austin, Texas 78701

The Sixty Days Blackout Christmas 2014 -2015
“‘Continued abuse while in the ‘no retaliation zone’”
No Communications and Electric Water Gas Cut Off

1. No Communications: Slammed Crammed Verizon Texas Complaint Number TXCP2015010767 (Verizon Repair man answered a private statement I made near my computer) Phone, Computer, and Television Jacking. November 2014 to February 2015 Filed an ADA complaint 2007 and they responded with an endangering letter.

2. Tried a Solution that Failed: On November 8, 2015 I purchase $3,000.00 of computer equipment guaranteed by Dell not to have a wireless device with a V-Chip and they did it anyways. My report to the FBI and Atascosa Police is all about; CIT devoured every piece of equipment I turned on or they sent breachers after I reported them to the FBI HHS and Police Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office 1108 Campbell Jourdanton TX 15-01097 830-769-3434. After I ship it back I have only used this computer off line and on line to retrieve the documents they stole. Check history.

2. New Dell Fans Blows I Pull The Cord V-Chip Connects All Devices : All the information in our computers the FBI, I ask if I should store them and “they said ship the old back to dell”  get quotation from tapped phone call; plus D-Drives because classified information was taken and anybody with those movies is the Corporations that is going to Prison because they made a threat to the United States Secret Service, who I notified in detail of what they were doing 202-XXX-XXXX followed with report to FBI 02/02/2015 13:00.  

See my blog and the disgusting racial picture that CIT used as they stated they were the president, “Welcome to the Jungle” Somethings take a real Texas Cowboy blog spot. [At location Medina County Sheriff’s Office Report Number 15-00460 830-931-4020 Logged as per Bexar County Homicide Victims of Crime Process Still no response advocacy or legal representation to protect everybody]

3. The exploding Light: Cheap electronic trick after threat, See Atascosa County Sheriff Office report I had to ship back $3,000.00 worth of equipment and showed the electronics I had been saving for inspection by law enforcement such as next to my head – Vallero is in big trouble. 4. Nov 8 to Jan 15, all communications black out voter fraud at the least and domestic terrorism I have come to know from the Texas Victims of Crime office who works with UT systems that is now a criminal case against the state of Texas for swatting and drone stalking and rape by electronic device. In 2012, who the FBI apologized for the Drone; although, it was under the control of Rick Perry. Not only communications but more from Benton city water that started a fire while a six old boy eyes operation and the fire trucks never respond to the 911 call and apologized on TV in front of all of us in the family that CIT threaten to make it hard on. 

4. What It cost this farm and this County and Texas Still adding up Damage: They owe Gregory O’Dell greater than a billion dollars in rewards, entitlements, and punitive damages and 2,000,000 they stole from father see UTSA See Texas A&M complaint to Sargent Cooke [210-784-1900 prelude hacking threats [at location I thought to be to] -] 60 day black out over Christmas:

X-CIA agent Will Hurd and Richard James Perry ‘Now Known as previous incumbent(s)’ before the election and after retaliates with intense interrogation and torture of a protected victims, witness and informant concerning act of mass destruction reported to the FBI.  Terrorist reporting are subjects belonging  to the FBI my Contract with ITVERP was broken by the Federal Government I lived up to my terms they failed to keep their terms. 

5. Those Things Belonging to the Department of Defense “Reported by Protocol or any means”: The DOD has a record of espionage and destruction of academic work and terrorizing a recovering Vietnam Veteran comatose quadriplegic who spent his life savings on at a UTSA while they ripped off FASA and retaliated against Victims, Witnesses, and Informants of real terrorist acts of mass destruction and supplied information leading to arrest and death of said terrorist including Osama Ben Laden.

Case Is Not Closed for me and no longer do I have to be concerned or does anybody else in Texas AFTER CASE GOES PUBLIC IN THE FEDERAL COURT ROOM. Book them CIT Texas hackers in the Atascosa County Jail now 05:15 03/21/2015 Edited for my use 03/22/2015 Edited again 07/15/2015

Destruction of Academic Works and Espionage notes:

1-1324683561 manifesting the American Dream and other maps were mail and I received copyright forms
1-2451135201 Working 6/8/2015 O'Dell's "Out Our Way German Collection 1959-1960  Work of the Visual Arts Met All Criteria and payment cashed by the Copyright office
Have not received a copyright form from the copyright office it should not take 18 months to process.

Money Order found on Post office floor mailed back so I mailed a Cashier’s Check and it was Chased by the copyright office Documentation mailed "Mo found on Post office floor mailed back"  to the postmaster 7014 2120 0000 071409107 
Certified USPS 701421200020000007149107

07/15/2015 Copyright office says by phone call that the web entries have nothing to do with mailed in copyrights that I did mail in as per the instructions on the copyright page because it is required to mail these types by their own criteria and they accepted payment on both; therefore, they are both copyright by the date of mail to the copyright office.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Somethings Take a Real Texas Cowboy

Thank You Info: Report 13L50-2015-0148469
Osama bin Laden Reported to OIG by TX Vietnam Veteran 1998 Waiting for Due Process Appeal
Manipulated by D.C. See David Dewhurst Testimony

Triggers Attack 24 Hours Before Kill 2011
The U.S. Senate Hides Details from President Obama
Spends the Money
Insult to Injury
Texas Attorney Ken Paxton Has All the Details
Hack His PC not Mine!
'He has Better Security You go To Jail'
Data Miners and Hackers Year of Doom
Every Hack is a Felony Now we have no 
Right wing voters

Congressional Report Texas District 28th
TX28 Tips
"Federal Trade Commission - Budgets
Do you know where your money goes each month? This video from the Federal Trade Commission shows you how to create a monthly budget in order to keep track of your money and make sure you have enough to pay for your bills and other expenditures."

Thanks Here is my Budget

My Budget 
Count off for grammar and spelling but It all 
Adds Up

Who has my money Is a Known

Pay The Money Back and Pay the Real McCoy
The Real McCoy's

See Other means of retaliation copyrights ect.

“Whoever intentionally obstruct the proceedings before depts., agencies, and committees, obstruct this criminal investigation and/or retaliate against 456135816 [or VA Entitlements or any other means such as BSA Financial Decimation ] for any reason, you will be punished to the full extent of the applicable law.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Texas Chinese Model Surveillance Fails To Find Gold

Yellow Sky

Get A View Google street view of La Coste Texas or What A Texas Hacker Just Cost Texas 03:32 am 08 08 2015

You Should of Hung Them Before They Cross the South Texas Medina River Because they Ended Up At My House a Fate worse Than Hanging.

Why is Lt Governor of Texas Dan Patrick Spending 800 Million on Border Control when we got it covered?
Communications is Key Not A One-way Conversation
"One vote short in banning sanctuary cities (Lt Governor of Texas Dan Patrick 08 08 2015)." 

On October 18, 2008, the first thing I said was, “Did you know another campus shooter killed a librarian today in San Antonio? They all shrouded their shoulders, as if it was nothing; however, campus violence was the whole purpose of the meeting! I sat down and started reading a document I prepared listing every single time I was denied a service or access and each and every time they invaded my privacy to show them the retaliation and discriminatory practices for anybody on the Disability roster “Schindler's List.” A data manipulation of interest, they gave me credit for nuclear physics classes that I never attended and reported it immediately to the Omnibus-man signed “Whistle Blower” Gregory O’Dell. 

What this Texas Hacker Just Cost Texas 10 :19 08 2015

"Federal Government's Failing Immigration Policies
Securing our border is a federal government responsibility and because they have not met that responsibility, it has become Texas' problem. This is not acceptable. This session, the Senate increased border security funding from nearly $300 million to $800 million. National security starts with border security and border security begins in Texas  (Lt Governor of Texas Dan Patrick 08 08 2015)."

A Russian Sub with Nukes is still within 30 Miles off the shore line at the bottom of the ocean Massachusetts!
Another Hazardous Material Reward Due Me

Continuation of short passages full details Read Lt. Governor Dan Patrick News Letter
Aug 4 2015

"This gives too much discretion to the agents, who could potentially allow multiple illegal criminals to slip through the cracks. In the last session we were one vote short in banning sanctuary cities (Lt Governor of Texas Dan Patrick 08 08 2015)." 

Buy em Books Send em To School, Draw Them 
A Map and They Steal Cars for a living?

Get em out of jail into a safe country draw em a map and they rob banks