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Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Texas Unwelcome Wagon

Read The Police Reports Not My Blog
Keystone Cops Busted Obstruction of Terrorist Investigation 
The Keystone Digital Fallacy
First Post 01/23/2015
Petrol Dow Jones Up What the Frack?
The Eagle of Ford Shale
Money It's A Gas
I mean Do You Want To Frack?
Privacy Why It Should Concern You But Not The Author of this content Me Myself and I

"Hawk Eye!

Steve McQueen Rides Again 
"Wanted Dead or Alive"
Never Places Himself Between
A Rock and A Hard Place 

The King and South Texas Middle East
I mean Do You Want To Frack?
And the story goes that the GOP they wanted It all and they are going get it:

After US Congress Uncivil Civilian War
South Texans Suffer

See the children with no shoes on their feet 
See the People with no food to eat
There has always has been a solution:

The Party's Over! Pay for the Damages Done By The Tea Party Politics

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