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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Private Security Firms Face Contract Closure and A 10 Year Band

Private Firms Face A 10 Year Band from Any State or Federal Contracts If They Lie And They Did
Texas 'Yellow Sky' Data Miners Take What is Already Been Dug 3.8 Billion Stolen from One Texas Rural Farm

What Did They Find Under The Alamo Summer 2006? 
Answer 05/06/2015: 
Petrified Human Feces
and Two Cannon Balls
UTSA Student Takes Lease For Real Tribal Burial Ground
While the SAT Archaeological Society Digs Up Shit from Under the Alamo

What Did They Find Under 
The Alamo Summer 2006?
Robotics Do Kill

That's a Question with an answer.
So Top Secret 

It Sometimes Floats To The Top

Penetrating The Obscure Jungle
Into The Light

Osama bin Laden Reported in 1998 OIG by Undisclosed Vietnam Veteran
'Who's Your Daddy?'

It's not nice to collect reward money that does not belong to you. Pay the Money Back!

Thank you General Panetta "Watch Out Country Hick Some Shit Is Going Down" 

This is what Happened 
Don't Do It Again

“There is no nobler act then the will to lay 
your own life down to save others  (Snowmen of the Himalayas).”
Thank you General Panetta
Dear CIA "Apocalypse Now (Arctotraveler)"

"Dr. O’Dell Had provided intelligence to the CIA that was “very helpful” to
 the bin Laden operation, and he expressed anger that a State Such as Texas dare to allow a treasonous Tea Party tyrant such X-Gov Rick Perry, to hold Ssgt. 
O’Dell an honorably Military Discharged Doctor of Divinity; prisoner in his own home for three years and deny his VA entitlements(decoded 001)."

Nuke the hack 07:37 am 04/20/2015
"For them to take this kind of action against Dr. O'Dell, to hold under 24 hour Texas State Sponsored Military surveillance and deny him goods and 
services, who was so helpful as to go after terrorism and testified in front of a grand jury concerning billions in fraud taken by the Texas Tea Party Rebellion April 2009.

Hacker Will Not Go Away Posted for Protection

Tea Party Drug Trafficking Campaign money

The Tea Party Defined by 911 act Is Terrorism

What do you think i had problem with "We Must Share We Must Find Ways To Do It" somebody knowing i got a DWI 40 years ago?

A $250,000 Investment loss

I just think it is just a real mistake on their part, once the FBI concludes their investigation! (decoded 002)" 

'General Houston' is no 'Johnny Come Lately'
 he was briefed all the way through.

Dr. O'Dell has been providing intelligence of political abuse of Power such as military attacks by the state of Texas on her own people over the last 10 years Stop.

The US Senate Concerning'e'Death Hits

Before The First Shot Fired

Welcome to the Jungle

The Tea Party is Terrorism but not all Tea Party Members are Terrorist

You can apply for a job that leads to an exciting adventurous life by going to CIA.Gov

Note: Reported Aerospace Attack after Returning from the Devine Newspaper Devine Texas ITVERP Post in paper by law block by Military Attacks

Clear The Way It's A Jungle Out There by G. N. O'Dell by Gregory O'Dell

Waiting for confirmation from the U.S. Senate with Cash Rewards Aloted By George Bush Osama bin Laden "Wanted Dead or Alive" 
Ted Lavender disappears back into the jungle ................ 

God Bless America!

Quick Silver Rings That Market Bell Defective Blood Pressure Devices

Buy Mercury
Manual Units They Will Keep You Safer

The Following Blog Connects to Valid Whistlelblower report by law 'Campus Killing Fields'

One-way Communication Kills
Device Reported To FDA Defective Products after Health Professionals Could Not Use It 05.04.2016

*VA has no way to report defective devices or the infamous VIOXX prescribe by The VA Service Connected VA claims before taking VIOXX
See Veteran Waits 21 Years for VA Appeal
Big Pharma Protected by BICE Hits 'RICO BICE Access Attorneys DA Illegal Discovery' Texas Yellow Sky While our enemies of the US collect that data from Texas Communication Systems. These system or TED is a threat to U.S. or the interest of the United States See TED Offensive

Material Witness: Lt Governor David Dewhurts Beat The Backlog Houston Texas 

*See Criminal Complaint: Reported within State and Federal law DEERS Breach Atascosa County Sheriff 12-04429 in co-ordination with FBI IC3. Connects to Retaliatory Secrecy (as in RICO not Classified Military) VA FORM 21-4138 May 03 2016 [1978 - 2016] Records Manipulation with a letter from the Secretary of Defense