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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Facebook Afghanistan U.S. Intel Officer Suicide Picture Exploited See Texas Yellow Sky

Don't Understand It Good FBI HQ and DOD Does
CEO Facebook Mark Zuckerberg Liable For Texas Border Wars Manslaughter 

75 Percent Do Not Have Access 
To A Phone Book
"Harms Local Small Business The Foundation of Large Corporations"
Facebook is 8 years old like it was here forever and everybody uses it!  75 percent don't have access to a PHONE BOOK that is the problem not Facebook. It does not justify what follows:
Texas Black Kat Covert Ops
Includes Applications
04.10.2016 Facebook Hidden Text anything you post on FACEBOOK Is Liable even for Murder

Another Suicide FACEBOOK Reported

The FISC Smoking Gun Facts About Bush Private Texas Security Firms or Why It is an FBI Investigation
To Ms Lynch DOJ
"We must find new ways and means to report Terrorism via FBI Headquarters"

Mark Zuckerberg 
Facebook  Mexico
Facebook Was New 2008
"It Should Not Take Congress or the Pinkerton's to Figure It Out"

 Where to File A Complaint
Write FBI Texas Public Corruption Investigation Unit
The Federal Bureau of Investigation 
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20535-001

(202) 324-3000
Example: Ms. Cash has not been on Facebook for 7 Years See Victims of Terrorism below
SAPD and DPS Are On Face Book
They Need To Put SAPD Geeks and Texas DPS Chiefs In JAIL 

Write FBI Texas Public Corruption Investigation Unit
The Federal Bureau of Investigation 
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20535-001

(202) 324-3000
And 456135816 Did Write and mail All 12 Volumes Including IRS Records Back 40 Years: See State Legislature Ryan Guillen 'Town Hall Meeting Lytle Texas' still waiting for a appropriation response.

A Letter and Fax from Riyadh Embassy Generals Office from Warden Gregory O'Dell to the IRS Director Washington D.C. "We Have No Way to File Will You Expect a Fax" Clinton Administration Ok'd Faxed IRS Claims From Navy Ships Only. So We Mailed Certified and Have the Copies On File In the FBI Alamo SAT Office 
More Voter Fruad Texas DPS
DPS Pays All Damages

FISC Violations
1. Introduction
FISA Violations Adds Mexico and Extends The 1995 attack on witnesses To The List FCSC Tracking of an FAA Phone Calls
Linked to Homicide SAPD Texas
I just bought: 'Anatomía Del Cuerpo Humano Gris: Anatomía Gris Edición española (Spanish Edition)' by... via @amazon

In 2007 I Walked Into the FBI Office Assuming That They Understood
Best Example: "I handed them a bowl of spaghetti it took 7 years and $6000.00 in postage to extrude the whole thing so "any nit with sense can understand it (William Sessions)"
ITVERP said 'FBI Said, 
You Were Not There" Just Updated 2014 ITVERP 456135816, the U.S. IRS and United States State Department: 456135816 was in all Terrorist events listed on sworn  affidavit in Judge Bradley's Court Room after the fact. 

Throw The DOD Book At Them Too
We an't Waiting For Christmas
and another military attack
So Arrest The Knowns book Them In Jail
And Call 456135816 When They are Behind Bars

FBI and Sheriff Knows, "It's on  Paper It exists ie; 456135816 was there and returned to China before returning to his  state of domicile New Mexico"
456135816 Reported Additional Missing and Dead  To New Mexican FBI and Governor of New Mexico with a note cc: New Mexico Attorney General. 

1. Introduction
The Foreign Claims Settlement Commission (FCSC) is a small, independent, quasi-judicial agency organized for administrative purposes within the Department of Justice that has a high profile and important mission in FY 2014: distribute to U.S. victims of international terrorism monies paid to the United States by foreign governments. Currently, the FCSC is in the latter stages of a historically large program to award compensation to U.S. victims of Libyan terrorism in which the Congress has taken an unprecedented interest. 

When Your Best Friend on Facebook is A Homicide Detective

Facebook A Texas Communist Collection System that Exploits the people of Texas
Needs to be added to CEO Facebook Mark Zuckerberg Wiki so people know the danger 

When Hacking Is Manslaughter
and Copyright Thief

Zuckerberg Xe Digital Signature is in the 456135816 Dell Computer Returned to Round Rock Texas Copies on File.

A Copy of this map was dropped off after delivering a copy to Henry Cuellar's Office at the Director of the SBA Office while her office manger was presenting the plan to Austin as his own. I ask the Director of the SBA San Antonio, "I would be please if you framed this and hung it on your wall." She said, "Thank you I Will in the absent of my office manger who just hopped a plane to Austin to talk about the same thing!" Wink!

FBI: "Phone Surveillance don't happen that way" True! See Governor Rick Perry Abuse of Power

I Just left the FBI Alamo Office for the third Time because 456135816 received deaths threats and the mode of those transmissions that endangered others and I slap this document down on the Surveillance Table with Ms Cash: 
Ruby Homicide Victim's Family Member Work for Cero
Cold Case Never Investigated: Forensic Harris County Texas Report Received By FBI HQ Shows Abduction and Homicide

20 Years 100% Service Connected Disabled Waiting on VA Appeal for 20 Years
I Once was seen at the Frank Tejada Clinic Service Connected on the Blue Team Until this happened :

Dear Trimark can't you play Chuck Conner's "Rifleman" with his son Mark instead of Steve McQueen, 'so you bring in men dead or alive how much do i owe you?' Ssgt O'Dell 456135816 sent Congress a detailed Invoice  'Congress owes Ssgt Gregory O'Dell SS number 456135816 more than the United States Debt owed to China'

"Speaker of House Paul Ryan Dead man Walking" Xe digital signature in Terrorist Victims Dell P.C. in round Rock Texas

There is a Magic In It!

Reference Greg Abbott's Little Communist Red Book
Reference TRAPS by Greg Abbott

I Blog for protection while these agencies set on their butts

The FBI HQ Has The Complaint By 456135816 In Full Volume 1 - 12 plus office visits and web reports and sworn affidavit by Gregory O'Dell

Solution: Post ATT Yellow Pages and White Pages To the Web Save Lives For Those Who Where harmed by FACEBOOK 


  1. Dump your Facebook stock
    Ridged Phone Book White and Yellow Pages on Web will replace Facebook Dump your stock no browsing open on page at a time andd let your finger do the walking to find an address or adversiment

  2. CEO Facebook Mark Zuckerberg Needs to Print and Ship Phone Books by ATT at his expense a stat of National Emergency

  3. sworn affidavit in Judge Bradley's Court Room after the fact.
    The Judge Bradley accepted the sworn affidavit that says Jourdanton Texas Atasocasa Court Room _