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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Texas TED Offensive Military Political Attacks

TED Offensive FISA Federal Violations

Texas Electronic Defense Use To Maime, Murder, Political Opponents  
Or Insurance TOM Victims Due Cash Compensation
Or for any other criminal means

Body By Aerospace Communications
Waiting for Morgue Sign Off by DOD Morgue For Full Payment
Stakes Official Claim for Osama bin Lladen
Terrorism Victims 

 Texas Yellow Sky "The Shot Heard Around The World

Children Texas Blinded by lasers Has You Child Been Check for Texas Dell Corp 
Eye Laser no response for Dell send your inquiries to FBI public Corruption 
Received by FBI HQ 
Another Investigatory Lead See Scott Walker He Knows All About It 

Everything is broken down to one proposition
'Yellow Sky'
Cross The Texas Medina River South
Welcome to the Jungle
Boggy exact Time cVs Pharmacy PU RX#462955
Lytle Texas Atascosa Co Texas Texas 50 Mil Funding
Get the Check from State Legislature Ryan Guillen
A Letter In Response would Be More Appropriate
Alamo Studio Fire Canister RICO Perry Double Indemnity Fire Insurance
This An't Fantasy Island
Any Question Call Me 
Close Shave
Texas 28th District 
Black Gold Texas Tea
FBI Public Corruption Complaint "Yellow Sky"
The Homicide of Ruby O'Dell Clark Ramsey
We Know Why The Skies All Cry
In The Interest of the United States
By Any Means
Several Homicides Connected to 'e' and Military Breaches
More Evidence 12.18.2015 be at Your Office Comal Street
Terrorist Victims Targeted
Oct 2015 Lytle Texas International Drone Shoot
"If They Can Plagiarize They WILL"
or How Did He Know
All Reported To The appropriate authorities 
At the time of the Low Fly By :
 Positive Identification of The Kill

Facebook Tosses This Suicide In Veterans FACE

FACEBOOK First USED IN Mexico 2008

The Extortion of VA Entitlements of Plaintiffs Criminal Charges Filed FBI HQ

Disabled Vet Found Dead on Floor After Filing for Service Connected Entitlements
Have Social Security Application In Hand That Demanded I Filed and Still Waiting 1997


  1. Look Boss The FLAME the FLAME
    This An't Fantasy Island

  2. Stop The Election Process Until I finish reporting to the FBI Texas corruption office

  3. Children Texas Blinded by lasers Has You Child Been Check for Texas Dell Corp
    Eye Laser no response for Dell send your inquiries to FBI public Corruption
    Received by FBI HQ

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