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Saturday, June 20, 2015

When You Hang a Man O'Dell, Gregory N. Anatomía Del Cuerpo Humano Gris Anatomía Gris. Trans. Miriam De La Puente. Charleston: Gregory Nolan O’Dell, 2007. Print.Copyright © 2007 Gregory 'Dell Todos los Derechos Reservados. ISBN: 1-4196-9444-8 ISBN-13: 978-1419654442 Biblioteca del Congreso Número de Control: 2007908596 North Charleston, Carolina del Sur

Make Sure He Is Dead

District Attorney Wilson County Texas Fails To Investigate As People Die

A Decade of Texas Corruption

When You Hang A Man Make Sure He Is Dead
He May Come Back To Bite You

Espionage Reported To The FBI Give The Above Illustration Credit where it is Due

Fragile Rock

The Window of Opportunity for 
The FBI To Clean That This Up

The Rio De Janeiro Connection
'She is in Good Hands'
By The Order of A Clandestine Monk
Let The Blessing Be 

Offering Solutions Since 2004 prospectus Does Not Have Any Restriction on Format
Copyright Needs to Update this Illustration as applied for PUC Lawsuit Point of Interest
Border Solution and Billion Dollar investors blocked
from Access to the Author
What the 1% Does Good - Invest Business Ventures
Part of the solution belonging to 
Sri Gregory O'Dell
'Energy Prospectus as requested'
Framed and Hanging on the San Antonio 
SBA Directors Wall
First post 10/02/2014

Texas Dell Computers Do The Right Thing Ship a New Clean P.C.

The Dell P.C. Named
Too Late Now We All Get To Sue Texas Dell Inc.
Under the tightest surveillance Wells Fargo and other banking entities are now under investigation for billions found by "Like Father Like Son"

'This Disabled Veteran is Waiting For A New Computer
Dell Computers Do The Right Thing'
The OEM Original Manufacturer is Liable

Wide Open Whole In Border Surveillance

Hacker Died 13:30PM 06/20/2015 - RIP

Lytle City Hall 14916 Main 12:00pm - 1:00pm Lytle, TX Have a question about neighborhood office hours? Call my toll free number at 877-780-0028 Bring Report to this office and have Henry's people respond to The Dallas OCR to reopen the valid complaints - They all are Valid and Sound and should be on a federal court docket

What Days of the Week Are The Lytle Office Open and Have my friend Judge Bradley Be There Too..............

Texas 28th Congressional Report:

Wanda In Nevada
Over the Brooks and Through The Woods To Grandmother's House We Go

"He was drawing hard on his marlboro cigarette until he saw me, and tossed to the tile floor and crushed it with his left foot and enter the building before me." He is just one of people that dwell outside of peripheral vision seen by some but not by others, and a very good listener."

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The ‘Flaming Star’ never dies

Return to Sender Address Known

“Was it an act of kindness or in defiance to the security cameras that followed her broom,” the postal worker thought to herself. She was just one of those people who dwell outside of social recognition as she watched the money order drop from her dust pan into the plastic trash barrel on wheels.

As she pushed the barrel forward she eyed the money order address to U.S. Copyright Office that had fallen from an opened letter. She notice it was handwritten bought at a local Ice-House and thought of book she once wrote and did the same. 

She smiled as she placed the money order into an envelope address to the man who had written the check and wondered if he would think of her as she dropped the postage paid envelope in the slot that read “Return to the sender?” 

Little did she know, ‘Graceland’ Tennessee would soon have a piece of the puzzle missing from the story of the “Flaming Star” delivered from a real Texas cowboy in a cabin perched over the Alamo City.
Texas Treasure Map

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Before The First Shot Fired

'A Story of Soul and a Ways to See It'
The deserts of Peru; surviving the Panama Earthquake, To Eagle Pass Texas

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 "Mission Alamo Treasure Map 1835-1836"
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Anatomía Del Cuerpo Humano Gris: Anatomía Gris
Edicion espanola (Spanish Edition)
by Gregory O'Dell et al.

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 "Ancient Sphere Sculptures of the World"
© Gregory O'Dell
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The U.S. Senate Controls Any Covert Operations

You Guys Need To Find a New Line of Work De-seat Them
Leadbeater, C.W. “Man Visible And Invisible” 2nd ed. London:
Theosophical Publishing House 1920
While penetrating the obscure jungle into the light, savages heaved hard on their blow gun tubes, and with a pop and with a laser green accuracy; the darts perched both my eyes logging deep within my skull.

The pain dropped me to the ground near a stream; I crawled a few feet and stuck my head in deep, flushing the poisonous dart sting from my face. 

As I stood back up, I could still see the brutes, disappearing back into the jungle out of my sight. I still remember their tribal chants of a kill as their voices echoed through the trees.

Skilled killers should have gone for the heart for an easy kill. Their primitive weapons would have to exceed the speed of light to waken the slumber of my wrath. 

Strangely, they targeted by eyes and  broke through the windows and damaged not my soul!

By Steve McQueen Rides Again - Just need a name "Wanted Dead or Alive" 

'Monad' Personal Space: Field 16. *Physics a region, volume, or space where a specific, measurable force,as gravity or magnetism, exist

*Descartes, Rene, Benedict De Spinoza, and Gottfried Wilhelm
Freiherr Von Leibniz. The Rationalist. Trans. John
Veitch, R. H. M. Elwes, George Montgomery, and
Albert R. Chandler. New York: Anchor Books 1990

"Before The First Shot Fired" Copyright G. n. O'Dell 2007, 2012,2014