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Thursday, September 11, 2014

District Attorney Wilson County Texas 'First Responders Ain't Shit' 'Aircraft Engineers Ain't Shit'

DA Trevino Wilson County Texas Claims 
'First Responders Ain't Shit' 
'Aircraft Engineers Ain't Shit'
Update 02/01/2015
U.S. Crew Members  Died November 17 2014 because DA Trevino Did Not Prosecute he thinks First Responders An't Shit

DA Trevino You're Just A Speck Dust On The End of This 

What To Do When Are Gone?

Boeing wins large NASA 'space taxi' award -source
15 hours ago

WASHINGTON, Sept 16 (Reuters) - Boeing Co has won a large NASA contract to develop new "space taxis" that would fly astronauts to the International Space Station instead of relying on Russian spacecraft, an industry source said ahead of a NASA announcement expected on Tuesday.

Prosecute As The Judge Has Ordered The Sheriff To Do An Investigation of The Governors Abuse of Power That May Include your Own Office!

In memory of Anne Patterson – O’Dell who died causes related to a Terrorist Bombing. I dream she is alive every night………….. The DA in Wilson County Texas 'May Not Give A Shit' But I Do and That Is Enough To Convict The Predators and the District Attorney Wilson County Texas for Crimes Against Humanity

District Attorney Rene' Pene'  Wilson County attorney Texas Tells DHS Terrorist Counter Defense 

The Guy that was right on the money, each and every time and trillions of dollars failed to protect us. Why? He is a world traveler and suffered several terrorist attacks and nobody has rendered any aid whatsoever. No hero is an island to himself. 

Seven years of lies from law enforcement at the state police level as they steal from the public, now has an ISMO Problem and I give them the answer: ISIS is a term in an essay used by CTSTG because they lost funding and will lose more – “Nothing Dies Harder Than A Government Program that operates as stand- alone’ 

While stealing the elderly's Oil Rights Texas Private Firms Find a Buried Body with Surveillance Satellite Equipment

ISIS is supported by the same people they called al-Qaida, see video al-Qaida modus operandI band from your view by treasonous Tea Party Members financed by the KOCH brothers from a country hick town just like ‘County Hick’ 

How many videos, drawing, books, movies, inventions and patents do I need to bring the Atascosa Sheriff tomorrow, so he can investigate what you people have been doing to a witnesses, victims, and credible informants that does a better job than the trillions spent to watch what you do in your own home.

'What do we do on this farm' is a criminal overall complaint, I just sent another presidential Administration starting with the Clinton administration and will probably do the same, make pleas to the next President of the United States, because their own people lie to them and take rewards and credits that do not belong to them. 

What do we do on this farm? Maybe a new heart lung machine or kidney machine that would not be possible without the people who live on this farm.

Texas Private Firms who protect Drug Traffickers, Human Traffickers, and Tea Party Members with Robocoptics use these devices everyday; testing a system that was armed to kill and did. At the present time, the test bed is benign, like cannon with a wooden dummy [see example in my hands] with the punch of death example;

Robocoptic phone message of the day of many, "Did you know that most people die within 18 months of hip Replacement" Yes I do. I have had mine for 20 years. No hero is an island to himself. 

Texas Victims of Crime Office are Criminals, Murders, Hoodlums, and Thieves

'101140772112/14CoCMM28/NEU'  What do we do on this farm? Maybe a new heart lung machine or kidney machine that would not be possible without the people who live on this farm

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