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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What is The Problem with 'Robocoptic' Phone 'ER' Responses

How serious is it?

Texas Veteran Tortured by Electrocution Is Your Child Safe? 

How would you know if your child has been harm?

Reported By Protocol Federal Agency and CIA See Link

Perry Indictment Just a Political Stunt? 

How serious is it 

No response from the DOJ D.C. at all with well over 200,000 deaths or missing persons in Texas - no matter how the DOJ or Rick Perry Twist it!

Google Blocks Federally Funded Rural America Communications Network by Bias Monitors!

How serious is it?

This html cannot in most cases be read by journalist. I know because they contact me and want know why they cannot open the content that is true and correct.

A good case against NDAA Electronic Surveillance Kills! Even in prison a inmate can scream bloody murder!

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