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Friday, August 1, 2014

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So Much Better Than Dr. Oz

DSM A Word or Two From Dr. Kevin Wilson PsyD PhD

08/11/2014 Today at 4:16 AM
To gregory
State Alchemy
Pharmaceutical Industry Take Over Of Medicine
 Guinea Pig Humans
A New World Ordered


    When attention is drawn to the ancient Greeks it is generally envisioned as men greasing each other up after a hard day of sports. Wining and dining each other and doing what only warm  brothers know how to do. On the other hand the ancient Greeks were famous for other things;  specifically philosophy. Psychology was the Greeks greatest asset. To this day psychiatrists and psychologists alike refer back to Greek myths and allegories which reveal reality constructions of which DSM classifications are barely beginning to scratch the surface of today.


      Recently DSM classifications have come under extreme scrutiny. Human rights abuse and a general disrespect for the rights of patients has brought this tool to the cutting board in an attempt to better humanize and substantiate treatment carried out by health care professionals. Patient treatments guided by this statistically quantified manual of mental disorders. A manual used as a guide to administer drug therapies on those in need of treatment. Killing the human psyche through heavy use and abuse of pharmaceuticals on patients is not within the context of what psychiatry or even psychology as a health care practice is supposed to accomplish. Psychiatrists know this yet are succumbing to the dictates of the state which would like to over medicate the mentally ill. An excessive over dosing of patients to create a virtual stupor to pacify them into compliance.  Subjects then rot on park benches or die from suffocation in their vomit at mental institutions or half way houses. State health authorities are creatively manufacturing an ever growing population of insane citizens. Citizens newly classified as wigged out and left to health care therapists overloaded with case files they cannot process fast enough. This is the new state sanctioned mental health industry being birthed out of those who do not comply with an ever growing list of necessary compliances to maintain order in a world of international terrorism.

The Mean Green Dream Machine
Transplanted Esoteric Politics

    Wilhelm Reich whose work was marred by scandalous reports was shut down by state health  regulators. Reich held a theory that patients could be treated by switching on the wellness response in them by harnessing local available invisible healing energy. This therapeutic energy could be accessed in the patients environment to create balanced health through alining human physiology with healing bioelectric energy surrounding them in variant fields.  Reich' s therapy is a  Western version of harnessing Chi for health.  He is famous for his research similar to the Frankfurt Institute on Social Research.  These researchers compiled data on causes of social and individual mania in American society. Reich and Frankfurt Institute were after THE CURE  of a  trend which had absorbed their native country of Germany with the advent of National Socialism created by left hand tantric mystic Adolf Hitler. Frankfurt Institute and Wilhelm Reich's research transplanted itself into the United States. This cutting edge social psychology quantitative cutting edge data was  canned and suppressed by the upper echelon of the United States government. A government which adopted the nazi created mental torture brainwashing oriented Central Intelligence Agency.  Eventually Frankfurt Institute data was published by Martin Jay of University of California, Berkeley. Reich's research was seized by the authorities. His data is under lock and key to this day in federal archives. It is not accessible except by high level government consent. Frankfurt Institute Research  fortified and strengthened the science of phenomenology in coherence with United States and Western society as a whole. United States society in constructed form as National Socialism being a harbinger of mind controlled brain washed perception. Perception experienced from the viewpoint of witness citizen joined as singular phenomena with onlooker society. Two observations shifting perception between I and WE. This is a communal form of phenomenological state controlled samadhi.  Social communal perception transplanted from Europe in twisted form to the shores of America. Communal Socialist Esotericism merging into the American Social Psyche which created radical effects as revolutionary revolt in the United States from the evolving Green Revolution in Germany. Green Social revolt in Germany in which World War Two Nazi Fascists were thrown out of government in 1968. Fascists who then fled to the shores of America to be accepted with open arms into universities and colleges there.  Rebellion in the distant German Green Revolution sent shockwaves which pulverized and replaced government in the United States with a more socially enlightened responsibility to law and order.  Erosion today before our eyes appears as an expanding Nazi transplanted New World Order. Humpty Dumpty social communal politicians intent on reducing the United States down to a non workable entity controlled from the outside by other more important players as national socialists. The same archetypal dictator but with a different face.

Reich, Wilhelm) The Mass Psychology of Fascism. Souvenir Press 1946, 1970.

A New Society

    This is the age of Pharmaceutical Giants married to omnipotent foreboding governments. Happy bedfellows in pursuit of a new society administered from within human craniums of naive sheep. One mind moved about from outer-space hooked up through endocrine systems. Wired through ground under feet dancing to schumann resonance waves.  One unified complying herd intolerant toward individual psyche. (Wilson, Kevin). The Primitive Brain: Unlocking the Hero Within. KausePointPublishers 1999, 2012. 
      Sigmund Freud's  protege in our times are desperately trying to prove and then  treat mental disorders as organic mechanical dysfunction. Mania is treated as gears pulled and switches pushed.  Current practice is to organize the mentally distressed by yanking their mindsets and making these fall in line with state dictated normalcy. What is normalcy?  Origins of psychiatry make the science heavily regulated and sat upon by medicinal authorities treating  human psyche as a virus easily managed by aggressive molecular coercion. Entwining citizens outlook in perceptual brain boxes to conforming forced molecular twisted observation. Reshaping and tainting indigenous individual outlook to view the world as a state dictated authoritarian nightmare moved as a majority.

      There were however some switched on former psychiatric students of Sigmund Freud such as the mystic archetype mythologist Carl G. Jung who ventured far away from state dominated eugenics psychiatric sciences and developed highly effective therapies which healed the human psyche. Psychiatric dictated sciences flourished during nazi occupation and sucked in all available medical conduits to act as state sponsored propaganda patsies. Propaganda flourishing and entrenching into the dictates of psychiatric practices at nazi eras end. An era yet still surviving as complete total saturation of counseling sciences throughout the 1960s in major developed countries. This state dictated psychiatry did not end in central Europe until about 2009 in the free state of Bavaria.
        Brain ventricle enlargement has exploded into the public arena current issue forum not comprehensible by the public and certainly not understood by those who partake of pharmaceuticals gifted to them by caring starry eyed psychiatrists doling out christmas candy. Candy as certainty creating euphoric happiness and transportation away from real problems. Putting off the real world by looking through the looking glass provided to them through generous candy observation.

    This non organic approach is far from originating premise of treating mania with science of breath-soul known as (  ψυχή  Ψ ) psychology. Less intrusive methodologies beyond stringent mainstream state psychiatry have introduced themselves over the last 20 years as Medical Herbalism, Ayurveda and Cognitive Therapy through Energy Medicine. These newly introduced  methodologies require longer treatment periods as they are integrated systems associated with natural physiological rhythms influenced by endocrine system stimulation. 

I = WE
Disbanding The Social Lie

    Cutting edge medical experts advise necessity of entire nations and cultures evolving together through these newer methodologies to support less aggressive destructive forms of therapy as manipulation against the human psyche by state sponsored pharmaceutical alliances. Forced destructive lucidity by the state against its citizens was considered greatly by Aldous Huxley and his friend Jiddu Krishnamurti in the early 20th century.  Krishnamurti was from a new breed of psychologists who reinvigorated the ancient science of psychology again so it could be used with skill by all people. These thinkers realized the ramifications of medicine misused to alter perception and create docility in citizens into subservience to the big WE. This social communal plan was to gradually convert able bodied persons into placid docile sheep through such agencies as the Liberal Catholic Church (LCC) founded by famous and controversial perverts J. I. Wedgwood and Charles Webster Leadbeater. Theosophist Leadbeater had been pursued by policing agencies on warrants worldwide issued by England and the commonwealth of Australia over various concerning accusations.


    The ancient Greeks as psychologists recognized a separate presence behind mentality which imbued mind with ideations forming as circumstance. Today psychology is toted around as the study of mind rather than observation of psyche process enlivening mind as outflow. Mind then  dictating behavior, producing circumstance and gelling concrete reality through human physiology. Physiology as concentric tissue in human abdomen forming molecular variants broadcasting  eventuating reality.  From this broadcasted reality memory patterns loop back up as signals along the vagus from body tissue and nerves which can then stigmatize future behavior tainting it with angst. Our present psychiatric methodologies create angst in our cultures. 

    Currently sleeping and dreaming originating wholly out of a chemical brain are considered by mainstream mind sciences in terms of being central to the cause of human discord. A gross misunderstanding in fathoming the formation of reality. This is a total lack of understanding of pure unadulterated essence as subtle energy cognitive fields behind that which breaths life into mental states and graduates process into situations and circumstances. Mainstream mania sciences do not accept cosmic psychological perceptual process as awareness riveted in here and now. Mainstream psychiatry is one size fits all. This one size is applied across entire human populations and cultures.  

    Helping Out Humanity requires a total withdrawal from state controlled programs that promote chemical dependency on pharmaceutical products. Easing dependent patients and those in need into cognitive observation as personal psyche operating independently away from communal social consciousness. This is the antidote to forced compliance by the state.  State citizen dependent behavioral compliance which necessitates rooting out the cause of distress within and not adjusting ones behavior to bury what stigmatizes and divides self against self. Division is psyche as source self acting against personal law. Personal law means self advancement through personal evolution and does not require you being your brothers keeper. Being your brothers keeper is an idealistic state created responsibility which fosters angst induced distress aimed at your strategic Limbic System. Systematically induced angst caused by rampant broadcasted electronic programs focused and directed at human limbic systems. Communal socialist citizens acting out crazy behaviors through archetype stimulated commands broadcast across cutting edge mediums. Chemical and electrically charged mediums traveling along brain-nerve-pathways.

    Without periods of theta brain wave perception as observance watching reality forming no constructive psychological process cumulating as balanced sane living can exist. Human peculiarities as individual unique perceptual cognitive overlaid fields always augment. Outgoing  low pulse energy augmenting waves fertilize potential thought control when combined with sophisticated drugs or other subtle energy mediums broadcasted from a distance combining with personal discharged waves. Aggressive stray invasive subtle energy mediums are used to alter thought and steer cognition. Minuscule additives in processed boxed foods can be used to disrupt thought process.  Allergies can increase the potency. Destroying a civilization by introducing excess yeast and sugar in bread can topple an entire nation.  Diabetes and mania can be caused by glucose absorption abnormalities. If you do not have any food additive or glucose absorption abnormalities look at the labels of foods you are about to consume to keep it that way. 

    A citizen can be controlled by ominous social evils when acting out a dance orchestrated by  anyone with influence. Such a citizen can be used if they are not able to separate their own personal cognition from social consciousness conditioning reinforced and broadcasted throughout their physiology. The use of pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs to induce madness through molecules is here to stay. Rudimentary grasp of basic techniques and applying these to fathom mysteries of personal self separate from state controlled influence is critical. If you look across various cultures and observe;  you will see the same archetypes. These archetypes may be cloaked slightly different in  cultures other than your own. Yet these are universal archetypes familiar to us all. Each living thing partakes and participating in activities of archetypes exercising through dramas of life, death, rebirth, transformation, salvation, transmutation.

  Butterfly Emerges ?
The beetle excretes and out comes a rose as new life ?

      Self analysis guided by a shaman is an ancient method to come to terms with what we are and can be.  Self analysis can be a progression by eliminative discharge of aberrant self defeating perceptions that takes us away from anguish which binds and entwines us as sanskaras. Liberated  behavior occurs through a psychological procedure of unwinding primary sanskaras. At birth sanskaras indent impressions as electrical and chemical impulses throughout human physiology.  Indentions as impressions etched into endocrine master glands, muscles, nerves and nerve pathways by the divine thread of origin.  A winding impulse clothing psyche and spreading out as realities until being totally clothed in matter. Samskaras are patterned conditioned behaviors secretly hidden from view as subconscious impulses and drives with no apparent present time origin. Impulsive impressions carried over from previous interaction of psyche with matter.

Root impressions originate material interactions and cloth cause into matter throughout existence as human life forms. Source self instigates, configures, envisions and manifests as evolutionary life chains. Through deep introspection human beings send an email to their origin as cause.  Cause as all of their human predicaments spanning millennium. Through systematic introspection    liberation occurs. Psyche steps out of its former impression garment. Systematic introspection is joint recognition as cause observes from singular aligning reality while dismantling interaction with mechanics that have eventuated its journey through matter interaction. Problematic scenarios dry up.  Overview is important to fathom and change dysfunction so as to have freedom corporeally  by human embodiment. The Thriving in human form; not surviving as an animal. Pharmaceutical manipulation of cognizance is the act of tapping into emotional conditioning. Conditioning affected through broadcasting as transmission of our Brave New World. This is our New World "Ordered".  An order not as an easy use of the slogan;  "Don't Use Drugs", to make the hurt go away. Because the use-misuse of the human condition is a whole world of hurt in current times.

I Am I Said

    Parents with children should guard their offspring from conditioning placed inside their minds by state education systems. Home schooling is best if you have that opportunity. Those on medicare and medicaid should be weary of new pharmaceuticals designed to ease anxiety and bring calm. Consumers should address additives within food they eat. Buyers should consider preparing home cooked meals made from organic ingredients without GM added engineering to help break down and control their physiology. Air purifying units in homes and offices should be checked regularly for toxic materials that may be present due to mechanical breakdown. Personal choice entertainment viewing is better than television as is non commercial radio; or your own choice music. Cellphones should be switched to call or message alert and not left on continuously.      Politicians should be chosen by a one vote system and not put into office by dictation through electoral college manipulation. 

    Learn to pray if this seems appropriate to you or meditate, do yoga or subtle energy martial arts. Stay away from Buddhism unless you are extremely savvy. Esoteric Buddhism has been used by world governments for two centuries ( UN United Nations ) to create the social lie;  pacify and put to sleep human spiritual consciousness. This philosophy is the most notorious for making the human mental process stupid and placid. 

    Rarely do Buddhists ever achieve any real spiritual liberation. Alpha brainwaves are generally displayed across the board with meditating Buddhists.  Runners exhibit alpha brainwaves and can do the same thing as Buddhists through running.    If you are an atheist do some activity which empowers you as an individual and not a cloned human. Understand that human existence due to pharmaceuticals and cutting edge technology is going to cause a rough ride for the human race. This forced ride is not going to ease up unless you ease it up. Blindness and stupidity is easier than change. Docile cattle never consider that they are going to be butchered. If you choose to be blind all that you hold dear will vanish over time before your eyes while you are still alive. Your sacred dreams will vanish. You will become unaware of your separateness from others.The profound individual I of self determination will become WE.

©2014,2012 Dr. Kevin Wilson PsyD PhD

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