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Thursday, July 31, 2014

What Does Jesus Look Like?
More GOP Robo Copyright Failures add your own successes
What Did You Say About My President?

Merck The Rise And Fall Of The Biggest Illegal Drug Manufactures in the United States History
Encrypted Iranian Defectors Reported to The Secret Service
Had To Elevate the Severity of Treason

Greg Abbott and Clarence Thomas can 
Flip Burgers for a Living

Koch Brothers Already Destabilized as Their Assets Are Being Seized for Drug Trafficking Proceeds

"Pop Goes The Weasel Texas Alamo Black Cowboys Eastsiders Rejoice"

Migrant Workers Roll Over in Their Shallow Graves
Data Manipulation Over and You Can See Where Texas
Becomes the Custodians of VA  Records Before and
 After The Events
Why Press Criminal Charge Against The Wrong Parties? 
Electronic Connection To Audi Murphy Hospital A Known
"We Must Share We Must Find Ways To Do It"

San Antonio Texas
SAPD Police Chief Texas Announced Resignation in December?

Thanks of Fly Over FedeX 410 Bandera Rd SA TX 07/31/2014
So you can Steal More Money
Resign Today
Deadly Swating RICO Perry Orders
Let The FBI Short Out The Criminal Charges Against A Vallero Private Security Guard Later
SAPD CV Valero Energy Security Guard

"Pop Goes The Weasel"
Did You See The Biggest Martin Luther King Parade In San Antonio Texas 2014?

SAPD The Dome Is Trying To Tell You Something

There Are Black Cowboys

Boggy 21:25 hours 04.05.2016


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    Encrypted Iranian Defectors Reported to The Secret Service
    Had To Elevate the Severity of Treason - Done in continuation of phone calls thank you