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Monday, July 21, 2014

Texas Sunrise Over Medina Lake

Title 3: Victims of International and domestic
Terrorism were instructed to use the new 
IVERP web site that brought harm to those that 
participated, mainly to get the facts to the FBI. 
After retaliation and counseling the victim 
overtime becomes the survivor and is due by 
law Cash rewards, an unexpected windfall.

6 X < $500,000.00 = < 3,000,000.00

Title 5: Cash Rewards Reporting Biohazards by
Law “The use and existence of such equipment 
reserved by the DOD and is classified and 
breached each time these devices are used as 
experience by the survivors of these device find 
their way to the FBI and a matter of record by 
many other agencies and court of law open to 
public domain.”

 Who Cares? We Do!

Serving Those Who Can No 
Longer Serve Themselves
Meeting in Pete P. Gallego Office San Antonio 
Texas 2012 in Regards to Several Thousand 
Elderly, Disabled, and Children, who  Own 
Property and Mineral Rights and many have 
had death threats if they try to claim them.

the mineral rights of the elderly, disabled, and 
children to South Texas bashed by the Tea 
Party for collecting SSI SDI Social Security, 
when they Own Texas!

Washington Human Health Services Meeting in 
Pete P. Gallego Office San Antonio Texas 2012 in 
Regards to Several Thousand Disabled Students 
Stalked On And Off Campus and the Lack of Legal 
Representation Paid for By Federal Dollars, 
concerning billions of dollars that were not spent 
on the disabled.

The honorable Henry Cuellar’s Office Wed site just started recognizing me and others that are in fact in his district and were blocked from access from 
assistance not limited to grants, rewards, entitlements, and just last week a request from the Honorable Barack Obama President concerning everyones allegations regarding the VA to contact congress, so they may address them in an orderly way. VA and other concerns Delivered To both and by Phone 
to Washington D.C.

Serving Those Who Can No Longer Serve Themselves


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