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Monday, July 28, 2014

Freedom of Information Correction Data Integrity Act or the O'Dell Act

A problem with a solution is not a problem it is a fact.
 Hackers claimed to be Ukrainian defectors reported at time of event
Did not know Wilson left his/her mark this date mark

"Ways and Means for you to correct any data stored by the custodians of your Private Information State or Federal, without any disclosure required by any State or Federal Agency with our without objection":

Hand write your own personal FBI, CIA, NSA Dossier file, you may need an attorney to help you with a complete package to show your profile, history, family tree, or other private information that you do or do not wish to include. Once the package is complete, mail it to the United states Copyright Office.

That Way You and Your Family Have A Copy of The Reality of Things not some Fiction from a NSA Space Cadet Cowboy - The more you know about the law the better you can protect your family and government from abuse of Federal dollars and grant money.

Most would be short story such as a CV or resume, while others who have been abuse by Sharing Personal Information or misleading information would be a short book or perhaps less than 200 pages. 

*Book ‘um - Write Your Own Small Book Listing Detail(s) That is a Matter of fact. 

“Language—any language or data programs—have a tendency to migrate overtime to the complex- away from truth or safe security simplicity.” 

These blogs have been dedicated to law enforcement since 2009 you broke you fix I.T.
3,000,000 reads
Here We Go Again Application Engineers Should be Held accountable for
Their applications just like an airline engineer, and an airline engineer should not waste time reading instruction when it should Automatic. Name one person who has flown one time and ask them where the sick bag is? Don't we all stop at the bank cords and stand in an orderly way without complex written technical verbiage?

An example would be a family tree going back as far as you please, legal documents, court records, or information you supplied law enforcement leading to the arrest and conviction of Criminals or even Terrorists.
If you are a victim of data sharing, privacy intrusion (legal or illegal is a moot notion), or data manipulation violations that brought you or family harm – File criminal charges and ask law enforcement to ‘Book ‘um’ or fingerprint the person(s) of interest and brought before magistrate to post bond or to be held in jail, awaiting trial. Why I, *Sri Gregory O'Dell am excluded from the persons of interest domain.

I am sure my friend, teacher and guru would tell you, "Yes! Somebody died and left Sri GregO in charge. I don't like but i guess things happen that way!" 
This is a letter not data

Examples: or road maps of Agencies that may have brought you or someone you love harm are even death (Note: there are no such devices known to man that are 'non-lethal weapons' belive me I can kill you with a can of pep spray) :

This Public Domain
What is ‘Right or good for your personal privacy’ with This Picture?

The following is a sample of just two pages in my own Dossier File that protects me from any acts past or present by those that manipulated data for a profit, political targets, police retaliation, red poverty districts of abuse or the use of that data in any way that brings harm such as State and or University retaliation be it called experimentation with the intent or error that brought or brings harm past, present or future

A Letter for General Houston Back to the Futures
Hey! General Houston  Senator John Cornyn Prompted by Hackers
Or Is The Dome Trying To Tell Us Something

I plan to design a program, a simple application outside the electoral grid that will be able to dump 90 percent of the useless options and technical wording added to Software Corporations over the last decade that should be deleted and new wording should go back to simple terms that any nit with sense could understand. I will be happy to be the test model – At a Price Money Talks! Hey Don't let the high school kids beat you to the solution!

*The first on my list is an assumed name “Book ‘um Freedom of Information App’
Application slogan “Language—any language or data programs—has a tendency to migrate overtime  to the complex- away from truth or safe security simplicity.” 
Copyright © 2007 Gregory Nolan O’Dell
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 1-4196-8470-1 ISBN-13: 978-419684708
Library of Congress Control Number: 2007908596
North Charleston. Print.

Are "Inversions," and Why Should You Care?

Q: So what exactly is an "inversion"?

Q: That's got to be costing us a lot of money, right?

Q: OK, but I'm not a corporation. So how does this relate to me?

If I receive the Cash Rewards and entitlements due me I will become a corporation that will make sure the Commander-n-chief wishes are vigilantly observed as we all work together for a kind of "economic patriotism" that's based on investing in the things that we know grow the economy for everyone (like education and job training) — not protecting wasteful loopholes for a few at the top. 

As you see i have already given up my rights to serve my country the good old United States of America.

"Intrusion into my personal space, by persons or networks of mindless electronic devices, plagiarizers and patent trolls have robbed me of my creativity, spirituality, copyrights, income, and dreams; but what are these things to a dead man?."

The reason i am not a corporation or a non-profit is because of IRS targeting of Hindu Gurus, but I did not complain i just sent twenty years of IRS returns, Court Documents, and other Federal Documents of proof to the FBI. Talk to the FBI they helped me and sure they will help you. Sri GregO

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