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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Indigenous Texas Tribes Cannot Commit Treason or Saudi Cats

A Message From The Dead 
"Never Forget"

I Don't Care How It Pans Out

Photos and Shirts Missing Sense 2004

"Omar" Our Villa Saudi Arabia
Read From the Front Missing From My House
Found After Indigenous Texas Tribe Fixes
My Truck Reported to Congressman Henry Cuellar

Silver Cat 4 oz. Silver Necklace
"Never Forget"
Guy in Florida Steal My Identity - That Was Stupid
Of All the People He Could Stole ....

If  Oak Trees Could Talk

Never Give an Indian Wiskey

But Do Give a Watermelon
So I Did

But Wait!
There is more State and Federal Abuse
The Panama Connection


  1. No Veterian in Saudi said that but he doctor was a British Citizen that treated me for wounds from the 'wild cat' it is not a feral that is the way a true wild cat looks like

  2. 'The British Secrecy Act Is No Secret' That will strengthen our border better than a battalion of Army Soldiers, Squadron of Surveillance Drones, or an impenetrable wall twenty feet high stretching from Del Rio to Matamoras

  3. "We Work With The Police" "So Do I" I never told her about the Rattle Snake That fell out of my car at San Antonio College 2004

  4. FISA The Pannama Connection