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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Texas Keystone Cops Code There is A Magic in It

On The 12th Day of Christmas..... I Contacted FBI HQ WA. DC
Money It's A Gas I Can't Tell You How Much They Really Do Care About This Story
Congress Who Is Missing from Your Dinner Table?
The Night of The Living Dead

Thank You Eric Holder
There is A Magic in It
Abuse of Power Texas Governor Rick Perry
Top Secret America White Elephant
Oh No! There Goes San Antonio go go Godzilla
Deplete The Assets of The Texas RICO Bar Association
Criminal Complaint by Gregory O'Dell Abuse of Power By X-Governor Rick Perry and X-CIA Agent Congressman Will Hurd

Number 15-00460
Atascosa County Sheriff Criminal Complaint Texas
Will Hurd Is Nobodies Congressman
Will Hurd and Governor Perry Got Caught 
Arrest Them Today

Old School X-CIA Means That They Got Fired
First Post 02/02/2015 As I walked the stairs of the refurbished Cotulla Court house in South Central Texas, making my way to get the final sheriff’s Criminal Docket Report number 15-00460 , thinking of my father’s story as a young local farm boy, running from the entrance door on one side to the exit without getting caught. The newly refurbished building look just the way I imagined it would be, after writing the documentary "An Education Leads to a balanced meaningful life" there is a magic in it.

Finally, having X-CIA Will Hurd where I want him, and my mind satisfied that the CIA's sins of the past were now water under the bridge, my minds' eye jet to the ancient past, wondering if it were true that elephants actually can swim?

"I can't tell you how much I do care"

by a real Texas Cowboy.

I pondered the story told me as we routinely made the trip from mainland Thailand to the scores of 
surrounding islands, my daughter asks me, "How did the elephant get here? I explained, swimming low in the water with their trunks high taking in air. 

"Oh! Great what kind of father are you? Watch out everybody! Here comes another big fish story." 

I said, "I can't tell you how much I don't care" as I walked to her private bungalow on the beach, and pulled a mosquito net over her bed, as she was laying reading a copy of "Moby Dick" I had given her.

She asked, “what is that?”, pointing to the fish net above her head. "A mosquito net" I quickly said. “The blood sucking critters carry malaria and this is no Big Fish Story, "I want you to know how much I do care and what my mother told me "I am sorry I have no money to buy milk for your baby brother, but take this bible given me by my mother. It is all you will ever need."

Then bam, it hit me like a time travel machine, the original printed book “Moby Dick” as the lad leaves home penniless with only buttons in his pocket, my own mother handed me a bible explaining, "I am sorry I have no money to buy milk for your baby brother, but take this bible given me by my mother. It is all you will ever need" and by faith and faith alone followed the nearest stream to the sea, where ......" 

I found adventure signing on to a fishing troll boat named the Seven ‘C’s’ in Venice Louisiana, last stop to the Gulf of Mexico. Venice LA is where of the Honorable Barack Obama walked in my same footsteps after the BP Gulf Spill.

The words of Melville’s “Moby Dick”, first publish in 1851 , “Take almost any path you please and ten to one it carries  you down into a dale, and leaves you there next  to a pool by a stream.  

"There is a Magic in it. Let the most absent minded of men be plunged in to the deepest of reveries – stand that man on his legs, set his feet a going, he will infallibly lead you to water… (Melville).”

Many years past, and one day opened the bible to see a title and deed to a farm in South Central Texas that lay over the biggest oil finds in Texas history.

My daughter tired from the trip to Bangkok explained, "MIT ran a computer application with the 'words' of the bible and broke the Da Vinci Code.”

I tried to explain, "You can do the same with any book, even Moby Dick" 

"Right! Da Vinci Code?" she said with smirks. 

Did I ever tell you the story of visiting the Da Vinci home still standing in northern Italy? Maybe, I will take you there one day. [So I Did - She came to my rescue after several fatal aircraft wrecks]

"Sure! Here comes another big fish story" as she regain reading "Moby Dick."

Do you remember, "Edgar Allen Poe’s jail cell at Fort Monroe Marine Base?"

"Yes! Who would take their daughter to see a jail cell?" she barked.

"Not True" I responded and added, "I wanted you to see his drawings framed and hanging on the wall."

I thought to myself "Some things take a real Marine."

"Good night dad" she said as I left to my own bungalow, making sure she heard me say "I love You. Sweet dreams" 

As I left the door I could hear her response "shhh! I am reading."

While staying at bed and breakfast Lima Peru. She knocked on my door and asks, "Then it is True, you have Gold Cache Markers in South America!"
Just waking from a dream of riding an Elephant - I responded," Why would i go through the trouble of making a map?"

There is something In it she said, Why don't you go an get it."

I responded, 'I can't the fools on the hill'

"I guess the next thing you gonna say is you were the last man out of Vietnam!"

Yes! Just ask Congressman Henry Cueallar

Hey! Can I Come with you to Panama?

No! There's a Russians hit men after me

What are you some kind of Secret Agent or Something?

I can only tell you what I told him, "If I tell why I am there i will have to kill you!"


Remember the gold we were talking about?

Can you keep a secret?
This is an ultralight Drone Not The same As Reported
Above "Family Stalked By Rick Perry 
have journalism link and you just tried to damage the integrity of a witness Stalked by Border Drone"
Trillions Mineral Right Data Manipulation and Fraud
Later Complaint to the FBI

There is a magic in it!

By  Forest Tucker

04 /07 /2016

LaSalle Sheriff’s Office Code Number 2015012611
presented to the Wilson County District Attorney for prosecution.

Thank you David Dewhurst Some Things Take a Real Texas Cowboy

Houston Texas 1st Beat The Back Log Meeting
Congressman Henry Cuellar was given a detailed report 
Veteran Had 2010 Material Substance Evidence In Hand and Still Does

Not My Problem

Intense Interrogation and Torture
Contact The VA OIG Advocate Mr. Black
And Texas HHS who Contacted Atascosa County Sheriffs Department Who Has A File
Texas Victims of Crime Responsibility 
To Get the Paper work

We gave them the reports Read my written reports to the police not my blogs

Thank you Deputy ‘Watson’ You’re a real Texas Cowboy!

Why Would You Need A Lawyer When I Go To the Texas Victims of Crime Unit?

Lt David Dewhurst allocated funds to prosecute this case against the state of Texas three years ago,

while the funds where diverted on outdated surveillance trucks used to spy on the guy Gregory O'Dell who went to the UTSA Police First and the office of Rick Perry and Susanne Reed then back to the FBI.

These Covert Private Dicks Always Seem to Get into trouble when the go to Dodge No break in retaliation against 456135816 no greater than 90 days for six years of intense interrogation now categorized as torture by any civilized nation in the World!

Proof of Electronic Financial Decimation

Homicide Reported and shows a pattern connected to the Desk of X-governor Rick Perry Abuse of Power.

Thank You 

By Ted Lavender Makes Corruption Smell Better

We Know Why The Skies All Cry

Can You Hear What It Says

The Silver Bar Tribe Knows Why The Skies All Cry:
The Shot Heard Around The World
La Coste Texas
Texas Yellow Sky

Use Google Satellite and Look at Natalia Texas 'Texas Yellow Sky'