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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Then There is that miracle of a sort Friar Bartolome De Casas

Then There is that miracle of a sort Friar Bartolome De Casas 

NSAFID:021382 U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Office of Inspector General/Mail Stop 2600 245 Murray Drive, SW, Building 410 Washington, DC 20528 Dear Department of Homeland Security 

The Silver Bar Tribe

Original Post April 2009

Nothing Dies Harder Than A Government Program CTTSG Sunset
What it Cost Texas to Watch me
You Know My Name I Am Not Anonymous
An Astronomical

When your life and the lives of others are threatened and local law enforcement fails, most end up in the lobby of the local FBI pleading for relief like me. 

The Best indicator of our economy was already tested before the Global Economic Crisis 2008 - How well those who cannot serve themselves are served.

No Matter what the News Tells You
The Forecast that predicted the last two Economic Collapses is Looking Very Bad 
Don't Say 

'Nobody Saw It Coming'
The Best Indicator
"How well those who cannot serve themselves are served"

Don't Wait for A Miracle

Mission Alamo The Silver Bar Tribe
Before The First Shot Fired
History Repeating
Then there was a miracle of a short
"It was here by the river the Indian shaman gave me 'miracle stones' in a leather pouch that appeared to be just river stones."
("The Wale and Western" an essay thrown in my face over and again by robotic applications i am not the author).  
Even a False Belief Can Be A Life Saver Sometimes
I Am Still Waiting 2007
They Never Go Away 
The Day A Texas U.S. Marshal Made My Mama Cry
Rev ll 2014 See O'Dell Summary Private Communication DOJ

Sounds like a country and western song in the making; however, I have heard this sad tune before, strummed up by Pre-Pierson Bush Secret Service Agents visiting our farm in 2008. That was the day when I returned from Kukulcan College Cuernavaca, Mexico after being gang stalked by Texas Governor Rick Perry’s mafia goons across international boundaries. 

Five years later, somebody sends a United States Marshal to my farm to make me sweat, was what the FBI was telling me after I reported his appurtenance on our farm May 16th 2013. Not to disclose the Marshal’s name for his protection, while I disclose on the web risking own my life to protect my family.

Sadly, while the Marshal and his side kick, let’s say AKA Festus was taking up valuable resources of the Atascosa County Sheriff’s office, while making a critique of my YouTube videos, two Hispanic children are kidnapped five miles from my farm. 

The Marshal did not tell me, which YouTube videos he like or which ones he did not like, he just said, “I talked to the FBI and they say your story does not match up to FACT!” 

I told him I just sent off a sworn affidavit to the International Victims of Crime Office with one allegation that carries a twenty year prison sentence if I am lying, "So either arrest me or work my case!” 

They drove off – No Sweat, I have heard this story before! 

The day I returned from Mexico to find out that the secret service had been threatening my elderly disabled parents, "We are going to make hard on your whole family" the University of Houston called me and told me I owed them an essay to get the full 3.0 credit hours already earned at Kukuclan college:

Why We Are Losing the War on Drugs

What an honor and privilege as an American foreign exchange student to travel to Mexico summer last and be hosted by a family who just happened to be 'prosecuting district attorneys' [Ambiguous they make no distinction between prosecuting and defense attorneys] for the Republic of Mexico. “Mexican Tomatoes Served at Mc Donald’s Tainted with Deadly Amoebas” was the headline news June 2008, that pushed slice Mexican green tomatoes to the top of the chart as the most popular vegetable served at dinner tables across Mexico, “Please may I have some more tainted Mexican Sliced Green Tomatoes” or please “pass the amoebas” was the kick start of many conversations around my host families dinner table that beg the question, why does the U.S. blame Mexico for their own drug problem? 

Could it be, scientific data that falsify accused the Mexican people of tainted green tomatoes points to the cause of losing the war on drugs?

Statistics from credible source documents (we must reference this statement because our electronic Federal libraries are corrupted with falsified statistical data by scientist, and academia) show the most recent United States mortality spike was a period between 2000 and 2004 which is the highest spike in any war sense World War II including the Korean and Vietnam wars with an estimated 88,000 lives actually lost on American soil, tracked to the illegal sale and distribution of Vioxx, a designer drug that never did anything for pain of help any disease.

Consequently, how can we win the War on Drugs if billions of Federal Dollars are wasted on domestic surveillance to track the victims instead of the Source ? 

The American Drug Enforcement Agency high tech surveillance equipment including a whole squadron of new DEA surveillance helicopters and aircraft loaded with sophisticated surveillance equipment has proved to be so accurate and dependable, the FBI recently used these Federal resources to track a Yale Lab Technician for the sole purpose of making him sweat, even though the FBI already knew his exact location.

According to the Media, DEA surveillance resources were used last week to make a Yale criminal suspect “sweat,” by DEA tracking hoping he would confess to the crime by intimidation instead of arrest and interrogation. 

Why are these Federal dollars being wasted when waterboarding has been approved by academics at the George Washington University to be humane and more cost effective?

"The Consequences of going beyond the John Yoo 
George Bush White House Debate on Torture"
The infancy of human experimentation with selfish intent 
on US citizens that still is killing innocent victims

Nothing Lives Longer Than A George H. W. Bush Government Programs
That is a Fact Jack
He gave credit to Ronald Reagan as the Great Communicator?
That is a Fact Jack

Most importantly, if the billions of Federal Dollars wasted on domestic surveillance were redirected to track criminals that falsify drug scientific data for profit, who caused the deaths of thousands of Americans on American soil by the distribution and sale of a deadly drug such as VIOXX, we would be winning “the war on drugs” that has already cost the first casualties on American soil, some 88,000 deaths [Closer count 250,000].

Maybe we should track these criminals every move using the new DEA’s aerospace surveillance equipment, and make them sweat- so they never do this to another American again. 

Contact your congressional representative for a more open and decisive plan on the “war on drugs” before we have another loss of American lives on American Soil- Billions of Federal dollars wasted on domestic surveillance that can only report the destruction and never predict or stop a single criminal act

The U.S. Senate backroom decision put the theory to test to fund more of the destruction and the DEA commit more murderous acts that prove their own inefficiency: See House of Death Another Case Example.

(What's more sickening the hack 06/09/2014 2316 Hours 06/09/2014 is trying to replace the term 'inefficiency' with 'infancy' just like the Germans did putting real jews in real ovens)

I repeat, loss of American lives on American Soil- Billions of Federal dollars wasted on domestic surveillance that can only report the destruction and never predict or stop a single criminal act

What it cost You to Watch Me

Just look at news today 06/09/201 if this is infancy a perfect system of political control of daily suicides and  murderous killings as people go crazy out of control, then the trade off of surveillances vs privacy just benefits those that are liable upstream. They too will have their judgment day just like everybody else. See local leaders criminal cases and not one is convicted in Texas. Billions stolen and never paid back by Texas leadership.

But like I said everybody will have their day to die.

Of course, we can always fall back on the traditional American resolve and continue to point the finger at Mexico! 

Let me tell you from my own experiences around Mexican dinner tables, they are pointing a big finger high in the sky at Us (April 2009 Rev 11 2014)!

But things change and what may seem to be a miracle overrides the evil and good prevails once in awhile:
I Was Attacked for Supporting our President 
when I wrote It. I am just another victim of 
The Texas Tea Party
Funded by Drug Traffickers in 2009
I Do not Have an Opinion of The Tea Party Today 
because It Ended by November 2009 in Texas 
Then the campaign started again
I do have the history of the group and how it started in 2009 and why 
it ended that same year removed because of death threats
Saved by the FBI not because they favor me over anyone else
it was just another credible lead just like anybody else

When your life and the lives of others are threatened and local law enforcement fails, most end up in the lobby of the local FBI pleading for relief like me.

"The Consequences of going beyond the John Yoo 
George Bush White House Debate on Torture"

This Lawyer is a phony email to me from Greg Gamache A FBI Contractor
'If The News Reports Are Credible Than he is and he is back they never go away' 

The Tiger's Fang

The Things I Find In My Own Backyard
Then There was that miracle of the VA staff
No longer a victim just another person waiting line to be paid from the assets of those who committed these hideous crimes that drive some into insane acts of destruction or suicide.

The VA Saved My Life and A Tea Party Senator Used The Information I gave him in private to harm others
That Is A Fact The FBI Has The Solution Not Me!

A Problem with A Solution is A Fact
Find yourself in the lobby of the FBI pleading for relief not Me

The Invoice has already been delivered 
Link Hacker Prompted
Texas is now 90 days overdue

Texas Home Boy Due Millions Already allotted and appropriated - Where did my money go?  

Track It Back Find It And Give It Back To Me The Rightful Owner, so I can help others reclaim their assets taken by Texas Leadership and 
Data Miners without a clue!

Don't Make Me Write A Letter To The Banker In Charge of the VA with a problem that has a solution. 
Only a banker would foreclose on your house and property and take every penny you have stolen from me and others and return it to the rightful owners be it a government agency or a person like me that found himself in the FBI office pleading for relief.

The FBI and Bank Examiner has already been there and done a complete audit and a 2nd by the international bankers Auditor in 2008.

Criminal Charges They Never Go Away
Until They Resolved By The Justice Department
That's the DOJs problem Not Mine!

Watch What You Say About The VA
They Save Lives 
Somebody Had To Say It!
The VA Saves Lives
I have past the audit check and somebody in Texas owes me a lot of money. 

Pay Me Now Not After The Texas Debates
What it Cost You to Watch me

You know my Name and address "I Am Not Anonymous"
blog spot removed saved for the FBI

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Larry Flint and An Alien Named Paul Does Dallas DVD Drone Attacks

First on the U.S. Copyright Web PRE000000100 was a test PRE000000200 was live and belongs to this copyright holder

Verbal Contract for just $7,000.00 they must of spent 100,000.00 JUST TO GO AROUND THE FACT
and my Team Raised the Money To Produce The Movie



Here We Are In A Tejas Jail *Unlawful VARS
VARS Radio and Audio Radar and other neat Stuff

*Texas Congressional Abuse of Power

I am not anonymous you know my name

Another Anonymous Document downloaded from the web not by me found in my backyard

Anatomy of The Human Grey Body: Grey Anatomy 
by Gregory Nolan O'Dell 


Alien Sales Pitch 

Dulce Base, New Mexico by Anonymous Document 5201

Level 4 - Human research in 'paranormal areas' areas that do not exist, anomaly enthusiastic search for the mystifying experience, while the scientific community observes measurable empirical facts. 

Terms and phrases such as the 'White Brotherhood' a name just invented and published by M. B. Blavatsky that represents a secret sect she never met, who invited me to sit and sing ancient Tibetan prayers and are said to be over 500 years old. [See expert hired to discredit Anatomy of A Human Grey Body To Produce An Alien Named Paul Without Paying Me Royalties or Mention in Credits All Citation's are My Copyrights and I am the original Author and not Theosophy Leadbeter or M.B. Blavatshky]

The term is now abused in Southern States by murderous gangs by the same name "The White Brotherhood." The same group reported to a judge outside her cambers not allowing me to a make a pleas that surveillance systems were designed not to see certain person and activities authorized by Texas Governor Rick Perry just arrested for abuse of power.

Robotics attack my academic work writing about real observable measurable empirical facts about these ancient people who are now called the "White Brother Hood" of Katmandu because of Blavatsky writings the oxymora titled 'The Secret Doctrine' drew the adventuresome to the Shangri-La or the scene of James Hilton’s novel “Lost Verizon” (1933) fictional name or going over the hump to destroy the rising sun that just attacked Pearl harbor.

The group are huge mountain men with blue eyes, sparked by my aura of neutrons while this author explains that the United States Government is so lose with grants and it could be a fact, they use terms and phrases such as Astral Travel, Remote Viewing, Bilocation, and Biopasmic Body. If true they would come to me not me to them NSA1982. 

And they did by way of a Dell Repair Expert who stole my drive 2007 while attending UTSA and a disgruntled FBI agent Scobie with a gun in the library attacks the Virginia Tech Intel Facility. Other times of importance remain sealed by me, and I have yet to experience one single employee or NSA that could do any of the things they are lying about. 

Although, there are thousands of people who are capable of going beyond themselves in an area were terms and phrases no longer seem to link to together logically in timeless eternity. See 1972 documentary Walter Cronkite has a young lad demonstrate his abilities of what they termed astral Projection. 

The astral world is the area above the earth that contains all the stars in the sky. That is why they are called astronauts and many have claimed to live in outer space. So it is a fact there are aliens who live in space in our own solar system!

Hand print machines, finger print machines we just used them to update my driver’s license in Texas and electrotype eye print we are familiar with by the abuse the techniques are as outdated as a green horn watching a steer castration and the balls are tossed his way for a Texas Traditional Cowboy initiation. 

 That is exactly what they did at several high security areas including unconstitutional home intrusion without the consent of home that tested my mark and got right in without leaving my body. I think they call people like this breaches but not if they are caught. 

First Live Test Preregistration 'Harvey East Meets West'
Promoted Did Not Get Paid  'Alien Name Paul' would have
never been Produced PRE000000000200
Complaint Still Not Worked By Director Copyright Office

"5201 - Deep Underground Military Bases in America by Anonymous", disclaimer we are not anonymous you know my name.

"Unknown to most Americans is a dark secret, and its right under our noses." Could there be in the blind spot of social recognition a dark secret just outside of peripheral perception as real a the invisible nose on your own face? The author goes on, "It's the reality of the existence of Deep Underground Military bases "These Underground bases get prominent play in dark rumors circulation about captured extraterrestrials and alien technology." Just last year they found a tunnel aliens have driving load of goods on vehicles a big as a fire truck underground from San Diego to Ti Juana and live the life of luxury singing  “here we are in a Ti Juana jail an't got no money to fetch my bail” because of BSA. 

We know these aliens exist because the Office Civil Rights works their Alien cases as noted in the author notes 'FEMA CAMPS' before they work the bizarre notion of terrorism and victims of such as honorable veterans who have placed their own body in harm’s way to protect others. 

The ANOYNOMUS AUTHOR CONTIUES, "Richard Souder, a PHD architect, risked his life by talking about this" Underground military bases.

That is queer to me after being blown up by a nuclear grade blast reported in the local paper as an underground military base and the Office of Civil Rights caters to Aliens and extraterrestrials?

While NSA ignores Copyright ThiefPatient Thief, Grant FraudMineral Rights and Royalty Grand-thief Billions

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Texas Veteran Denied Access VARP $8,000.00

Texas UT Systems Abuse
That Means Another Veteran Did Not Get the Opportunity and Is Required By Me To Report The Abuse
So I Did
Give Credit Where It Is Due
Senator Zaffirni Linguistic Link
Update as I go through hard copies 3,500 pages

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Darrell ISSAC and the other U.S. Senator's name is Darrell ISSA

Texas Mystics attacked by UT Regents 
RICO Perry Blocks Emails to Federal Agencies
[and more classified *not for me see nice letter to FBI and Greg Abbott 
from a Texas Mystic 2008 revised 2013]
MIT Find News Broadcast UT Board of Regents Hate Threatening Speech

Mom and Pop Shop Blamed for Nero Perry Playing his Fidel While the FLAME Burned Down Texas. Swatted by Texas  Gay Bashing Texas Rangers. Some Things Take Real Texas Cowboy  

DHS “Thank you for contacting the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHSD) Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (CRCL). Under 6 U.S.C. $ 2345 and 42 U.S.C. $ 2000ee-1, CRCL is responsible for reviewing and assessing information concerning abuses of civil rights, civil liberties and profiling on the basis of race, ethnicity or religion, by employees and official of DHS.

After reviewing your standard response, it is clear that it is you’re responsibly as well as many other agencies to prosecute the State of Texas to the fullest extent of the law – No Excuses!

I responded and you failed to assess ‘Common sense reports of breaches and abuse’ 

Normally I end the letter politely but after 8 years it is getting really old - Don’t forget Native Indian My Wife Attacked by Border Control in the Cowboy Capital of Bandera Texas, on vacation as an Untied States State Department Warden. Several reports were blocked by the IRS Director while transmitting for Central Asia End Report……………… 

This judge’s ear phones feel out when Mystics went to him to report and the information freely given was sold back to the FBI by Private Security Firms End Report………. We Listen Too!

Yesterday See the Man in Black stick his finger in light-bulb socket

Hi my name is Darrell and the other U.S. senator's name is Darrel or Darrel Issa

Twenty Professional Business Plans Financed on My Own Stolen Texas Black Ops

Not to Exclude Copyrights and patient pending processes and Devices

This is just one

Been blogging to save lives for 8 years first note to OCR 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Darrel Issa Transferring and Hacked by Communist China Classified Info Over State Lines

Put These People In Jail
Darrel Issa Time Man of the Year

Don't Give Your Money To Politicians
Tip Your Bartender
They Actually Serve You!

Endangering Censorship Attacked by Texas Low Altitude Aircraft Hwy 2790 Near Lucky Road. Don't Need To Publish Now It IS Evidence in a Court of Law
Is Darrel Issa the President of the United States? Nuke 'em Darrel Issa's Media Transmissions
Darrel Issa is Stupid

Who was idiot that wrote 'defense'
Texas Hackers Year of Doom
Just Caught in my book cannot publish

All My Blogs Are To Law enforcement
Texas Still has phone out

That's A clue That The Jurisdiction of Crimes against the people of the Border States of Texas belong to the FBI

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Texas Senator Zaffirini Obstruction of Terrorism Investigation

The Pan American News Railroads Texas Senate who are Fraudsters 
Once A Marine Always A Marine
Texas Senator Zaffirini Obstruction of Terrorism Investigation
'e' Hackers Accuse the FBI of Domestic Terrorism

Updated Picture and Caption 12/12/2014