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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Darrel Issa Transferring and Hacked by Communist China Classified Info Over State Lines

Put These People In Jail
Darrel Issa Time Man of the Year

Don't Give Your Money To Politicians
Tip Your Bartender
They Actually Serve You!

Endangering Censorship Attacked by Texas Low Altitude Aircraft Hwy 2790 Near Lucky Road. Don't Need To Publish Now It IS Evidence in a Court of Law
Is Darrel Issa the President of the United States? Nuke 'em Darrel Issa's Media Transmissions
Darrel Issa is Stupid

Who was idiot that wrote 'defense'
Texas Hackers Year of Doom
Just Caught in my book cannot publish

All My Blogs Are To Law enforcement
Texas Still has phone out

That's A clue That The Jurisdiction of Crimes against the people of the Border States of Texas belong to the FBI


  1. "Don't Give Your Money To Politicians
    Tip Your Bartender. They Actually Serve You!"

  2. If the criminals hack it post it - they cannot read between the lines

  3. Don't Give Your Money To Politicians
    Tip Your Bartender

    They Actually Serve You!