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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

CNN FBI Report Thief of Copyrights and Patents
CNN Front Page 150000.00 antiquities Stolen By the Copyright Office
Oversight Committee Requested So No Time Limits Apply While In Dispute If Any

The Texas Theft Elves Presley Crown Jewels 
"The Collection by the Copyright Office of the daily comic strips is a fine effort (The Person involved knew criminal intent Correspondence ID: 1-1H5VDZD)" and did make a copy of no print no copyright works and registered the collection not owed by the copyright office. the Value is 150,000 and the Fraud Was Reported Before The Crime- The FBI Must Act." If a bank was robbed today of 150,000 that bank would get CNN coverage and tape off with crime scene tape. The Numbers Associated to the Bogus Letter is ID: 1-1H5VDZD Used To Steal 1-1GSAU3K 1-1GI530O and Owned by 456135816

Texas Does Open Your Mail so Use the Post office 

A Postable Federal Complaint Was Filed

Example 1H5VDZD

1-1GSAU3K 1-1GI530O
Release the Copyright Today Reported again theft FBI
Korean War Chosen Few Artifacts 
"A Band of Brothers" 
The Came From San Antonio Texas
German Occupation Elves Presley 
Henry Cuellar Phoned Today 
No Objection Air Force Times
United State Copyright Office Correspondence 
Nice Lady but I not gonna argue law when my congressman just wrote the law after the fact of my Copyright Claim. She said she would try and help us and expect a response soon
ID: 1-1GSAU3K ID: 1-1GI530O Submitted Before Congressman Writes the Law

Sample of Background of Abuse By 
Those Who Dwell on The D.C. Great Barrier Reef

By PRE000000200 The Alien Name Paul the First Web Electronic Movie was Bought By 456135816 and never got credit or a penny for his efforts registered with UTSA Small Business Federal SBA Office Contracts

Maybe it is retaliation "Dam they heard you all the way Pennsylvania avenue" while George Bush kicks Nancy O'Dell Out of a Press Office because her last name was O'Dell. Mean while the O'Dell brothers are finishing up work underneath George Bush house. If i was George Bush i would fire that security firm and get another one.  Security firms Can't get the right brother(s) correct
Kool Hand Luke 
Takes to Heat
VA Diagnose 1989 What Always Knew Lake City Florida
Organ failure Already one Heart-attack
 Via As Hot AS Mobile Alabama on the 4th of July
and Returns to Protects His Mother Father Daughter

There are thousands of state and federal employees that should have already worked this case not work me and my family over

Why should I have to Make one more phone call
all these things are a matter of law and VA entitlements
(Did The US Marshall Make An Arrest of the Audi Murphy Advocate and C/P Doctor?)

Nobody is gonna do nothing unless the victim files criminal charges
We Did and The Agencies Failed Each and Every-time
Ms lynch Made Us a Promise
Criminal Charges are Filed to protect the plaintiff Gregory O'Dell and others not mention because of violent extremist have threaten the plaintiff Gregory O'Dell 342 1964 
With Deadly Force

They Stole the Money they Continued to steal 
They killed anybody that got in their way

And they are walking about freely 

Lastly the don't want to pay the money back and that's Too Bad!

Pay UP 456135816 bank account awaits the payments!

Updated 12:22 am 03.16.2016
The Honorable Ms Lynch Attorney General of the United States
IE: Please request the release of copyright exclusive ownership of these two books ID: 1-1GSAU3K ID: 1-1GI530O  held in the copyright office This is after the 12 volume report of theft by Texas to FBI Headquarters titled "Texas Yellow Sky  Public Corruption Complaint" Volume 1 -12. an After-the-fact Theft That continues to plague Texas 

CC Dear Congressman Henry Cuellar Texas District 28th

Dear FBI I am the owner of the two United States Copyright Correspondence listed below that were reported as stolen by hacks to your office. Appreaciate you assistance with the recovery of again more lost assest dating back to 1999 What was stolen after a 12 Volume complaint to FBI Headquarters - Henry Cuellar Phoned Today No Objection Air Force Times United State Copyright Office Correspondence Nice Lady but I not gonna argue law when my congressman just wrote the law after the fact of my Copyright Claim. She said she would try and help us and expect a response soon ID: 1-1GSAU3K ID: 1-1GI530O Submitted Before Congressman Writes the Law

This is what happen in the past and HQ has 12 volumes of grand larceny and theft by the State of Texas
By PRE000000200 The Alien Name Paul the First Web Electronic Movie was Bought By 456135816 and never got credit or a penny for his efforts registered with UTSA Small Business Federal SBA Office Contracts this item is an open criminal docket ADA disability court case as an example when law enforcement does not act when a crime is reported. Than you Gregory O'dell

Mr. O'Dell is a Terrorist Victim and FAA FBI Informant that alerted FEMA of the Removal of  Federal First Responders By X-Governor Rick Perry as he declared war on the United States of America and planned succession an act of treason by the x-Governor Rick Perry of Texas known to associate with Mexican drug Cartel

Country Hick Never Misses His Mark
Straight Shot through the Heart From South Texas Farm 750 Miles To The D.C. Great Barrier Reef.

Country Hicks Top Shot Was 1,700 Miles Right Eye Shot Osama bin Laden
This FBI Investigation is 12 volumes 
Why Should Just the Violent Extremist Know. Don't Be A Puppet  To Violent Extremism : Terrorist Victims such as 456135816 Contact The FBI, Kick Howler, Scream, and Post in the Newspaper. So I Did By Registered Mail.


  1. These Comic illustration are in fact the ownership of Gregory O'Dell paid in full at the proper time with instruction by the copyright office

  2. Private Security Total Wreck Data Mine
    Private Security Firms Lose 10 Year Contracts with State and Federal for Falsifying data
    This information is not a data bank or is it accurate of anything 500 lbs of hard copy documents override any electronic data. 2016 Data Miners Year of Doom. Stay out of my P.C. want to see a record ask me for a real copy. Felony hacking and VA Electronic malpractice charges have been filed with FBI HQ “Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law”

  3. Where are my copyright certificates ID: 1-1GSAU3K ID: 1-1GI530O 6000 US Marshall's leaving D.C. please get these for me before leave.


  5. Expand on Bush Private Security Screw Up George H.W. Bush was in Houston Methodist Hospital Sri Gregory O’Dell was in San Antonio Methodist Hospital