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Monday, September 28, 2015

Texas Artifacts A Running-Iron Used To Change The Brand On Cattle Illegally

'We an't crying about hackers were booking um'

You Think You Been Targeted? Check Out The Indian Mineral Miner Applying for His Mineral Rights with The Silver Detention Bracelets welded permanently to his wrest tracked by Aerospace on Mars.

Texas Artifacts: An Illegal Branding Iron
A 'Running Iron' is a Hanging Offense
Cattle Rustling Cole Case Solved
'The Trail of Tears'

Private Firms Texas TED Trying To Prove A Failed SystemSee 2010 Consensus Supervisor By Intent Leaves 1290 McCoy off the Consensus
Reported To Congress and FBI.Gov at the time of the eventRide Beyond Vengeance?
You Can Add On But Not Take Away

You Can Add on But You Cannot Takeaway
Read The Police Reports Not My Blogs
Parasites Police Data Miners Hackers No Bank Access Texas Suspects
Hackers Cost Money Where The Money Went

Gregory O'Dell - YouTube the global marker burden of proof veterans led the DOJ to the Arrest and conviction of several terrorist networks domestic and foreign including Osama bin Laden 

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Foot Note: Extorto Febo 09.29.2015