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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Royal Highway That Triggered Economic Prosperity

The Royal Highway
Texas Victims of crimes by law are due reasonable attorney fees to sue the State of Texas to Keep the Criminals Honest

The Royal Highway that triggered American Economic Prosperity

“Then, there is that miracle – such it may be called for being the most remarkable, singular and skilful construction of its kind, Friar Bartolome de Las Casas wrote in his letters to the King of Spain “Apolog├ętica historia de las Indias” about the same Royal Highway made without heavy equipment or metal tools as follows:

“Then, there is that miracle -- such it may be called for being the most remarkable, singular and skilful construction of its kind, I believe, in the world -- of the two highways.... across the mountains and along the coast. The finer and more admirable of these extends for at least six and perhaps eight hundred leagues and is said to reach the provinces of Chile.... In Spain and Italy I have seen portions of the highway said to have been built by the Romans from Spain to Italy, but it is quite crude in comparison with the one built by these peoples.…”

Texas Home Boy G. O'Dell Due Millions Info led To Arrest Conviction and Death Several Terrorist 

In Action and Actions By Senator Ted Cruz Who Failed The People of Texas

Secretary Transportation Anthoney Foxx Funding

Ted Lavender takes the Stench of Corruption out of the Air

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Internet Explorer Hacker Driven Not User Driven Still No Fix In My System Today

They Get The Alamo FBI Woody Award

Are Rick Perry Criminal Attorneys Criminals?

These docs are in public domain and read after medical Examination(s) of the damage done

See the details of all pages at this link George Bush Uses Torture Techniques on Citizens of Texas
Are Rick Perry Criminal Attorneys Criminals?

These are in public domain and read after medical Examination(s) of the damage done
Just The Facts Jack

FBI Investigation Is Error They Did Not Read This Material

Congratulations the Honorable Judge Bradley Report from Henry Cuellar District 28th

Penetrating the Jungle Into the Light

What Happens When You Use Data Mining and Don't Talk to Victims

They Did not Do a Careful Review
This Document Says Do Not Pay Me Double Indemnity
Or Pay Me Twice for The Same Valid Criminal Complaint

I Did not Want Double Payment From DOD And Victims of Crime

No Problem - Pay Me the Reward Money It Is 1000 Times Greater
And Don't Forget To Pay Me for These by Law

G O’Dell Trying To Translate the Message

Mission Alamo Letter Delivered General Houston Day Break

615 E Houston St. Suite 298 
San Antonio, TX 78205 
United States

Letter to the Obama Administration What I Will Do with The Reward Money

Invest In Mass Transportation South Central Texas Via The SBA Office

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Texas NSA Communication Systems A Marketing Tool To Sell Hot Dogs That Kill

Re-post Reminder How Deadly These 
Applications Really Are
"Those Two Disabled Texas Guys Song by Romney"
Albert Garner Dead SAPD Tracking For Fun
Domestic Surveillance Tied to DOD
Why Police Do Not 'Have A Need To Know'
Communications Were Fine Until
Put Their Two Cents In

2012: Thousands of Disabled Texans Have Been Stalked and Abused By Texas Fusion Centers

Tomorrow, I will attend a funeral of a family member, a mother of a surviving 8 year old, who was stalked by Texas Fusion Centers, and when she complained to State Physicians, they claimed she was delusional.  

Send Donations That Will Go Directly To The Child's Caretaker To Air Force Federal Credit Union Acct: 222222222222 Routing Number 222222222222

This is the case when "Sharing Is Not Caring" and a criminal offense. This is not an isolated case, it is the majority of cases and surely account for the rise in suicides in Texas, reported to Human Health Services and Texas Senator John Cornyn, which includes disabled veterans. 

The worst case was a suicide in the elevator of a Human Health Services treatment center in San Antonio Texas (2010),  that  just installed the state of the art security cameras and surveillance equipment, paid in part or whole by Federal Dollars.

Texas Fusion Centers can and do take over all electrical appliances in your home, including your Television, Telephone, and Electrical Power. This type of control has always rested with the Secret Service (Includes all Federal National Security branches sworn to hold secret and not disclose) not with Texas State Police or politicians to hold power!

The number of cases of hyper-surveillance by the Secret Service is less than 1,500 per year! In Texas, the abuse has probably affected every citizen of the state without due cause!

The purpose of a fusion centers is to create a central location where local, state, and federal agencies can work together to share the information they have gathered about different crimes or threats, in particular terror threats or trends in organized crime – not to become a network of organized crime!

Texas Fusion Centers have not detected or stopped, One Single National Security Threat, which makes their own existence a police bird’s eye view of you and a blind spot for their own misbehavior. Texas Fusion Centers aided voter count fraud in favor of the Texas GOP (The Reason the United Nations Step-in during the Presidential Elections 2012).

Texas Law Enforcement collective centers have been in existence for over 40 years; however, before Governor Rick Perry replaced George Bush, these centers were to Protect and Serve All People of Texas. 

Today, they are a collection of misinformation and danger to the public. Do I need to remind any Texan that has been stalked by armed and dangerous low altitude black domestic helicopters, which were reported to our representatives, who took no action?

Please note the security risk for Organized Texas Republican Crime that has gone unpunished: "A look inside the Austin-based Fusion Center"

"Texas Fusion Centers Create A Police State of Discriminatory Stalking and Convictions of Innocents As Criminals without Due Cause." 

Texas Fusion Centers have not reduced crime, because of the false sense of omnipresence sold to them by Security Firms. They are a waste of Federal and State dollars. The main purpose of the fusion center funding was to stop the threat of "Terrorism" not a police public view of the world, the citizens of the State do not have access, which creates a Dualistic Application of Law. Most importantly, they have been failures as stated by Senator MC Cain "They are a mess." 

If it is true "We must share, we must finds ways to do it (Williams Sessions 2008)", then it is also true, the public should have access to all the information viewed and gathered outside of National Security Threats. Because, we know the police cannot, will never police their own behavior (several cases reported by me personally, as an eye witness to law enforcement, still await prosecution). 

My hope is the Texas Department of Safety will take stand and comfort our Texas Communities by reminding us that their job is to “Protect and Serve All People of Texas”, and no politician including the Governor of Texas is above the law!

The Texas Public Information Act states:

“Each person is entitled, unless otherwise expressly provided by law, at all times to complete information about the affairs of government…”
The Texas Legislative Branch created a loop hole, in regards to non-profits, contractors, and other corporations that work for the state who cannot be forced to disclose information collected or shared about you or your family. One extreme case was the set-up of a non-profit profit making student loan clearing house, which added step and fee to student loans in Texas, 2000-2009. 

My concern is the abuse to the disabled after alerting law enforcement and all my State and Federal Representatives, including Human Health Services, who treated me and the witnesses, as if we were delusional. 

Worst of all, a Texas law was put in to place to follow the disabled on campus to insure their safety without their knowledge, which turned into stalking for whatever reason, and when they complained the victims were told they too, were delusional. 

Subjects became suspects, and suspect became enemies of the State – Human Research Outside of Protocol that extends well after graduation. 

Lastly,  police, stalkers, or watchers own misdeeds are covered-up and  ignored by being members of the select few, with a bird’s eye view and blind spot for their own crimes.

United States Attorney General Eric Holder - Take Them Out, Take Them Out, Take Them All Out

Prosecute each and every single case to the fullest extent of the law! 

God have mercy on all our souls!

Gregory O’Dell Rural South Texas December 20, 2012


Friday, April 25, 2014

Secretary Anthony Foxx South Central Texas Pan American Mass Transportation

The Pan American Passenger Railway
A Way To Get To Work Now!
 South Central Texas

  • California drought stimulates fresh fruit markets of Central and South America
  • South America Legal Commodities more lucrative than drug trafficking
  • Independent Energy Producers in the South Central Texas Shale Game
  • The Pan American Passenger Railway Pays for South Central Texas Mass Transportation
  • Ways to get jobs available now!
  • San Antonio Texas Celebrates 500th Birthday
  • Rio de Janeiro Youth Movement Takes the Coyote out the Transportation Business
  • Mexico Invest 3.8 Billion Transportation
  • The Peruvian Connection is where East Meets West 
  • Mineral targets missed by the most sophisticated geospatial systems known to man
  • The Japanese want to know
  • Border Control Problem solved by Passenger Train Tickets and Turn Style Bio-metrics
  • Economic sanctions on Russia stimulate South America industry
  • Air Freight cannot meet the Demand for Chile farm to market produce
  • Stable Freight Rail in operation now mineral resources Chile but stops short
  • Connect the Country dots with diplomacy
  • All parties and stakeholders benefit mutually 

  • ATLANTA – U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx today joined Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed to tour the east side of the Atlanta BeltLine, calling it an example of the sort of large-scale job creation and transportation investment that Congress can make possible nationwide by reauthorizing a long-term transportation bill this year.  The Secretary's visit is part of his Invest in America, Commit to the Future bus tour, a multi-state tour highlighting the urgent need to invest in America's transportation infrastructure at a time when the nation's surface transportation programs are set to expire and the Highway Trust Fund is running out of money.

  • Wednesday, April 23, 2014

    Texas Criminal Charges Oppression Corruption Logical Linguistic Link

    I wonder now why I wrote all those lengthy details
    to law enforcement when at Perry's orders
    They Signed Texas Health and Human Services System strategic Plan 2013-17
     in Their Own Names
     Logical Linguistic Link Texas Criminal Charges Oppression Corruption and Fraud

    Other odds and end to Perry's means

    Tuesday, April 22, 2014

    Every Step I Take Every Move I Make They Are Watching You Not Me

    The FBI CIA and NSA
    “They Don't Need Me”

    Texas Private Investigators are not helping this morning, they do not have all the facts, and they never have talked to me or victims so how can you call it an investigation and in our case(s) multiple criminal charges against the state of Texas that were botch by hacker data miners? 
    We Don't Go About Framing Anybody

    Thank you for the critique 

    This is not art it is the best I can do to alert those that protect me – the Federal Government they don't need me either but they know what they are doing and they know what I am saying.

    And This Is Patent Trolling
    In The Form of Art
    It's Not Art Don't Let It Fool You

    I tried carrier pigeons, smoke signals, and traditional communications to the state of Texas who failed in each and every case as follows: 

    These people showed up after I give confidential information to the FBI  that led to  the arrest and death of said terrorist
    My Privacy Why It Should Concern You!

    You are now on the same list I am!
     Not because of me but because you stuck your nose in Federal Business and hacked my home

    These people have been reported over and again by the neighborhood watch another vehicle case my house caught this morning. It is against the law to sit on a dirt road to intercept, block, record, hack TVs, P.C., Telephones, and Radios or manipulate utilities such as electricity and water or remote typing called “Keystroke remote Control.” 
    The worst case was a rifle pointed at my back four years ago from the same location. 
    They Don't Need Me The Lab Experiments Are Over

    I have been blogging and writing web pages for 14 years they were all done for my protection. I also go door to door to the local police, Sheriffs, or FBI office. If you don’t understand what I am saying, I don’t care, I am not selling anything – I am on Terrorist hit list and every day is my only day. 

    Welcome To the Jungle!

    Another law suit Texas Private Security Firms

    Welcome To the Jungle! 

    The Things We Carry for You

    If you get messages on your computer or in your private files don't be fooled! Hackers try and fool you as if they are the Secret Service but they are not. Which includes but not limited to
    The FBI CIA and NSA

    If the Secret Service want's to contact you, they will identify themselves on the phone or come to your house or invite to their office.

    Sunday, April 20, 2014

    I Walk The Line But Live In Henry Cuellar’s District Texas 28th

    Reply from Representative Pete Gallego FROM Representative Pete Gallego TO You Show Details From Representative Pete Gallego To Thank you for contacting me. My office has received your letter, and we are in the process of looking into and researching the issue further. In this session, Congress will consider legislation on a variety of different subjects. I appreciate all of the input I get from the people of Texas' 23rd Congressional District. Hearing your thoughts and opinions on a variety of different subjects helps me to do my job. If you reached out to our office for individual assistance with a federal agency, please contact our San Antonio office at 210-927-4592 and ask to speak with a caseworker. For tour or flag requests please allow our office's staff 1-3 days to reach out to you.

    2.5 Million in Appropriations Due Gregory O'Dell

    The following information has been submitted:
    Name: Sri Gregory N O'Dell
    Address: 1290 MCCoy Road Somerset Texas,
    City/State/Zip: Somerset, TX 78069 3719
    Telephone: 8304291965
    Issue: ECON
    Message Subject: Please Consider me for 2.5 Million in Appropriations Alot By Federal Government To Your Office
    Message Text:
    The Hororable Pete Gallego Please consider me for Rewards, Entitlements, and punitive Damages due me before you a lot the 2.5 million for 23rd District of Texas Constituents my Nephew(s) whose mother just died goes to school in your district I live on the line that moved from Henry Cuellar Texas District 28th who does not respond as Texas Governor Rick Perry drains more money for his defense from criminal acts against the citizens of the state of Texas. Thank you Gregory O'Dell 1290 Mc Coy Road Somerset Texas 78069 830-429-1965 See following links if you can actually open them censored by Governor Rick Perry another form of voter fraud or why the Union is coming back to Texas: Thank you Gregory O'Dell 1290 Mc Coy Road Somerset Texas 78069 830-429-1965 Texas Home Boy G. O'Dell Due Millions Info led To Arrest Conviction and Death Several Terrorist Texas Governor Rick Perry and Henry Cuellar Texas District 28th, who are now responsible for the appropriations check made payable to Gregory O'Dell, well not respond to reasonable requests but have profitted off the informaiton i supplied both offices, Including the Pan American Passenger Railway which i own the copyright. And I have the Peruvian connections to mak it happen in Texas.The Railway knocks the illegal coyotee out of the transportaton business and makes affordable and safe for Mexican as well as US Citizens to cross the border and idenified as such by buying a ticket and going through the Passenger Trunsiel as each is identifed.
    Would you like a response? Y

    Manifesting The American Dream
    The Pan American Passenger Railroad
    "What Border Problem"

    Who is The Senate Protecting It’s Not Me

    The Birdman from Alcatraz

    Rocking in my Chair just sitting there trying to be

    Staring into deep space like a sailor out to sea

    Hearing sparky I step out on my porch to see

    Two nesting swallows startled over my head and few inside to see

    I turned off the Bunk house Lights and open the backdoor so they could leave

    I step back out on my porch and there was sparky looking at me

    I turned and there were two speckled eggs in a nest for 
    All To See

    Easter Sunday Eve 2014 Still Waiting for Justice 7 years of Electronic Torture and Financial Decimation

    Saturday, April 19, 2014

    Easter Sunday 7th Yr Robinson Crusoe Subject of Texas Human Exploitation

    "Editor is a Target"
    Of  Neo NAZI Conservative

    They Did Nothing But Take Orders And Real
    Jews Were Thrown Into Real Ovens

     Pete Gallego 
    Pete Is Not My Congressman or Can 1000's Contact Henry Cuellar 

    Henry Cuellar Is OUR Congressman  Is Henry In Prison?
    Nobody We Know Goes To Town Halls Sense The Last One District 28th Expense Money to Talk To Constituents is False They Don't Talk To Anybody!

    Received Millions in Appropriations 

    While Those Tortured In Their Districts
    Await Justice

    $25,000 is all it takes to pay attorney that will take every one of these Texas abusive Human Experimenters
    And Hang Each One On The Cross 

    The ROI In Cash Is Astronomical

    Speak softly and Carry a Big


    by: Arctotraveler
    Wed Apr 09, 2014 at 06:25 PM CDT

    Held as a prisoner in his home by protective services as criminal elements attack as well as a misinformed Texas Governor Rick Perry and Henry Cuellar Texas District 28th, who are now responsible for the appropriations check made payable to Gregory O'Dell. As reported in headline news by the Associated Press on July 5, 2011: "Private detective in UK tabloid hacking scandal issues apology in Guardian newspaper."

    The contracting of private security firms by governments has been going on since the 1950s usually in a bodyguard capacity, but after the 9/11 Patriot Act they have been authorized to access information from the Department of Defense.

    Is the United States Secret Service now a private corporation with the rights of a person? I don't know about you, just the idea is scary to me and explains a lot about the problems with breaches of classified federal government information and privacy intrusion of private citizens without due cause or regards to civil liberties.

    According to the Associated Press,

    "Yet the hacking case involving 13-year-old Milly  Dowler has horrified everyone; from British Prime Minister David Cameron to movie stars to people who commented on Twitter. [And G. O'Dell who reported to the Alamo FBI - the breach jeopardized National Security and my life. I worked for a British Company and I am a Witness, Informant, and Victim of several Terrorist Acts that led to the arrest, conviction, and or Death of several domestic and international Terrorist]

    Thank You V.P. Joe Biden
    Sri GregO

    Relations and by other Associations Wait Patiently for Resolve 

    "Causality for the Buddhist is a set of conditions such as striking a match must have the conditions for striking and lighting the match; an action requires conditions to act. In other words, the picture of things is lighting up of a particular combination of immutable atoms."

    What an honor to have the opportunity to serve my country Again! We need not pick up a rifle just pick up a pen and write your congressman. If that don't work give
    Survived Three Terrorist Bombing
    Too Bad for Terrorist
    An't Pretty But Deadly
    GregO a Call! 8304291965 South Central Texas

    God Bless America - Will Serve Again! Just give me a call!

    You got my phone number and address 
    Gregory O'Dell Texas

    Thank You V.P. Joe Biden for Your Help and Waiting Patiently for Resolution. We know the experts and they know what to do.

    In Action Senator Ted Cruz 911 Breach Victims Wait To Be Compensated Damage Done

    Blame is now unduly placed on Internet postings 
    by brave concerned citizens of Mexico and Texas residents of bordering districts of the Republic of Mexico, begging for aid and assistance by blog postings which have become the only means of contemporary communications to report the brutal atrocities of innocent people of both nations. The FBI office is swamped with telephone calls and the Internet has become the only way to protect ourselves. Now is a good time to test FEMA! Is the 911 Act "Keeping Us Safer?"  09/25/2011 Reposted after censored and approved by the majority vote televised on The Dave Letterman Show 

    DPS Orders Texans To Take It OnLine 
    Along With Rewards and Punitives Damages Don't Forget
    Replacing The Truck Texas Destroyed 

    NBC News Asks Texas DPS

    "Did you Do A Study on Bio-lethal [Non-lethal] Weapons?"

    Answer No! - Another lie they tested Disabled Students See Texas Senator Carlos Uresti He Has The Report 

    Governor Rick Perry Tea Party Weapons Used To Threaten Harm and Kill Targets  

    "The Texas Department of Public Safety made the mistake of sending me  a letter stating "Take It Online" so I did and I am still doing so until they live up to their obligation "To Protect and Serve." 

    In Action Senator Ted Cruz 911 Breach Still Has Not Compensated Victims

    "Yet the hacking case involving 13-year-old Milly  Dowler has horrified everyone; from British Prime Minister David Cameron to movie stars to people who commented on Twitter. [And G. O'Dell who reported to the Alamo FBI - the breach jeopardized National Security and my life. I worked for a British Company and I am a Witness, Informant, and Victim of several Terrorist Acts that led to the arrest, conviction, and or Death of several domestic and international Terrorist]

    British 'Secrecy Act' A Matter of Alien Anal Probing Why I was Strip Search in Paris 
    by:  Arctotraveler  
    Thu Dec 12, 2013 at 03:04 PM CST 

    Texas DOD Laser Practice Broke My Back 
    Only Claim That Is An Assumption 
    Not An Assumption Anymore 

    $50,000 Property Damage Who Pays I Did and another Dead Driver 

    But That Is A Job For The FBI Not Me 
    "Check Face Book Messages Sent To Me In That Time Frame" Update May 5, 2013 After Geeks Warn of 
    'Laser Practice' on Blogs 

    'DOD'  'Practice'    'Laser'                           
    Texas highway 2790 Somerset Texas West Toward Lytle 11 Miles Tower Remove After 2nd Hit was Death           

    Update August 31, 2013 

    Read Full Article At This Link:

    Express News Voice Death Threat Back Victims Informant and Witnesses

    They Never Go Away
    Prosecute Today

    She claimed to be with The Express News,  I know would NOT appreciate that she is using their name company name 'Express News'! By written letter from the Express News addressed to Anne Paterson O'Dell

    Criminal Charges are Valid against The State of Texas

    We Don't Go About Framing Anybody (Arpaio)
    Just The Facts Jack

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio Rick Perry Abuse of Federal Funding 
    Over State Lines and International Waters 

    "A Problem without a solution is not problem it is a fact" Theodore Roosevelt
    24 Months Senator Ted Cruz Sits There Reading Dr. Seuss

    Today Voice Identified This is not Ancient History But It is Getting Old for the Victims As We Await Justice. Note the death threat voice came back you got it recorded Today at 9:31am 04/18/2014

    Holder Cleared Will He Now Prosecute Crimes Against Texans By Corrupt GOP Bush Era Regime

    by: Arctotraveler

    Tue May 29, 2012 at 11:12 AM CDT

    Texas Governor Rick Perry founded the Texas Tea Party Rebellion in retaliation of the rule-of-law, which threatens the Texas GOP with Public Trust disclosers of criminal activity and covert abuse of innocent citizens.  Texas Leadership has blundered its way over the last 36 months, creating diversions and obstructing justice, which has disrupted global peace efforts, national economic recovery, and border relations.   Christiane Amanpour asks Mexico's Ambassador to the United States Arturo Sarukhan, "What do you make of Texas Governor Rick Perry's suggestion that U.S. forces should come across and help you out with this [Drug War]?" Sarukan responds, "It's a nonstarter and smacks of fundamental ignorance of our history of our two nations."
    See Video and full article at source:
    The question of demographics and the growing Hispanic mini-majority is the real threat to the GOP, which has little to do with border relations, or last weeks' failed investigative attacks by Rick Perry backed Drug Lord Joe Arpaio, attacks on the President with a final resolve - President Barack Obama is 100% USAD Certified Prime Butt, and will be on the ballot in every state in the Union!
    Most importantly, we all understand the abuse of convert operations over that last ten years by the GOP is used to illegally hold seats of power, "Most significant were reports that he used his investigators to launch criminal investigations of his political enemies - including mayors, judges and journalists."
    See "Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Knucklehead of the week"
    Today's documentary with Mexico's Ambassador, only adds fuel to the fire concerning covert operations used for political control in the State of Texas, which is the biggest concern of the people who live on both sides of the Tex Mex border, such as gun/ drug walking, non-lethal weapons, electronic harassment, and bias illegal Private Investigation firms used for Political Control, which violates the rule-of-law.
    "The Great GOP Hope" is to conceal covert operations by the State of Texas, against the people from public domain for just five more months, which may save the Texas Republican Supermajority. If the ACLU finds a way to release this information, it will end the abuse of covert acts against innocent victims, and balance power in the state Texas.
    The consequences of going beyond the philosophical debate of waterboarding by the Bush Administration in 2001, made certain types of non-lethal torture, legal in the State of Texas. Academics at the George Washington University created a distinction of two types of torture in America, legal and illegal.
    Texas citizens became human subjects of ungodly human behavioral control devices, and have been abused for political purposes by the Texas Governor and his Secret Militia, sometimes in coordination with the Department of Defense by "Crying Wolf" to trigger an attack. 
    You Know Who She Is She was With The Express News Who I know would appreciate that she is using their name

    Criminal Charges are Valid against The State of Texas