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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Universities Are Patent Trolls and Should Meet or Exceed the Same Criteria

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Where do think they Learn To Steal Patent Rights and Copyrights?

Both my father and I know Universities as well as a Corporations, Individuals, or Colleges will steal your patent and patent pending ideas, what it worse all our data was taken by the State of Texas Not NSA since 2000 -2013 and they did what they pleased with it without regard to rightful owners, who invest years and money in ideas that manifest into devices and compounds that help mankind. The same with copyrighted material. 

Universities fear being lumped in with 'patent trolls' by reform proposals

WASHINGTON (Legal Newsline) - Academic institutions are among those players often not addressed in the current patent reform debate. They don't have the financial resources that big businesses like Apple and IBM, two companies that are part of a coordinated lobbying campaign, do. But university officials argue they could be impacted just as much by proposed reforms. Under currently proposed …

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