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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Who is The Senate Protecting It’s Not Me

The Birdman from Alcatraz

Rocking in my Chair just sitting there trying to be

Staring into deep space like a sailor out to sea

Hearing sparky I step out on my porch to see

Two nesting swallows startled over my head and few inside to see

I turned off the Bunk house Lights and open the backdoor so they could leave

I step back out on my porch and there was sparky looking at me

I turned and there were two speckled eggs in a nest for 
All To See

Easter Sunday Eve 2014 Still Waiting for Justice 7 years of Electronic Torture and Financial Decimation


  1. Who is The Senate Protecting It’s Not Me

  2. The GOP Computer Application that kills

  3. The things sparky don't see
    Gregory N. O’Dell