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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ted Lavender's Total Recall the Typo That Stretched the Dream

Can you find it and does it matter?

“Not too long ago, one could drive safely from North San Antonio on the Pan American Freeway all the way to Chile in 1985.”

At 2nd Look I was Correct

"If we don't know where we came from and don't know where we are going, why should be concerned about the way we act My Own Copyrighted Works Citation Blocked Don't Use An Electronic Device for anything)"

Does it matter? Yes but what can you do if they continually hack you, and stop you from going to the library!

Why It matters or something’s do as follows:

University: Illinois pension law had costly typo
Illinois universities say pension reform included typo that could push many workers to retire
Associated Press 
By David Mercer, Associated Press 
9 hours ago

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (AP) -- Illinois' public universities have worried for months that contentious state pension reforms will push many employees to retire early. But a small mistake, essentially a typo in the legislation, is providing even stronger incentive.

Fixing it has proven more complicated than university administrators expected.

Administrators from the University of Illinois told trustees Friday that the language in last year's pension law could take a year of benefits away from up to about 4,000 employees if they don't retire by June 30. The effect would be to sharply reduce their monthly payments in retirement.

Full Article:

That's Ok it seems the most notable of Philosophers took credit where credit was not due; not just a typo but fame that kept their names from the abyss of historic obscurity. Forget history and it will repeat, so why don't they come clean?

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  1. At 2nd Look I was Correct

    Another Historic Artifact