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Thursday, April 10, 2014

What Happens To Man Who Is Tortured for Six Years

You Won't Know? 
Brokeback Montana Logic 

They Pay The Price
The Department That Was Doing The Hyper-Surveillance In On Another Federal Budget 

Monkey See Monkey Do
The Great Ape Escape

I remember one evening late, my father told me that the university had acquired a gorilla that in like years was about my age and took me to comfort the animal because he seemed to be highly depressed. So we did and feed the gorilla bananas and oranges and he would smile when we would talk to him kindly just as if talking to another human being. 

The poor animal was locked in a tight stainless steel cage for its own protection and did not have much room to move around and I felt empathy for him, while maintaining my denial that he would be destroyed after the experimentation. 

Again we thought we were saving lives [You cannot save human life by killing the subject of the Human experimentation] and still today I thought our work was a necessary evil for the better good of mankind and still feel that way today.  

On another occasion, I was assigned to assist in the weighing of a baboon that was naturally ill tempered. Baboons have large canine teeth with large crushing jaws to match and are highly dangerous animals that must also be kept in a small cage for the experimenter’s protection.

This particular baboon had gone through the procedure of being weighed many times which was the cranking of the cage wall together slowly to hold the animal against one of the walls of the cage so it could be given an injection for sleep, the cage un-cranked and opened after the animal was given the sleeping injection.

My father instructed me to crank the cage walls together as he drew the sleeping medicine from a vial with a hypodermic syringe. I cranked the cage slowly as the baboon reached out at me and tried to clamp its massive jaws on my hands.

Once the cage was collapsed together and the baboon was stabilized in a way he could not move, my father cleaned its arm with an alcohol swab and lifted the syringe to the animals arm and just before the needle entered the skin of the baboon, collapsed as if already asleep hoping to fool us so when I opened the cage and lifted him out to weigh him he could make his escape.

Held as a prisoner in his home by protective services as criminal elements attack as well as a misinformed Texas Governor Rick Perry and Henry Cuellar Texas District 28th, who are now responsible for the appropriations check made payable to Gregory O'Dell. As reported in headline news by the Associated Press on July 5, 2011: "Private detective in UK tabloid hacking scandal issues apology in Guardian newspaper."

G. O'Dell Due Millions Info led To Arrest Conviction and Death of Several Terrorist and suffered ADA retaliation for six years from UT


  1. In Texas We Have Judges That Should Not Be Judges When people disappear or found cut into small pieces Or set a fire by gasoline, the elderly cheated out of billions of dollars mineral and property rights, the burning farms, murder attempts, murder, extortion by criminal elements, extortion by government, private dick murder squads, all out quicksilver wars, and our District judge Texas 28th has not prosecuted one case - Crimes against Humanity

  2. These are active right now 07:44 Am 04/10/2014 Audio logical, Radiological any vector
    Ignore the fact That Texas Exploits Humans at Degree below Basic Animal Rights

  3. The Silver Bar Tribe