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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Environmentally Safe Way to Remove Texas Political Bull Shit

Thank You Gary Stewart NRCS for Hearing My Case and Passing it on to the Army Corp of Engineers
Did You?

Can You Send Me A Copy of the Letter, email or transmission that so important to conserve are most valuable resource Water not Oil.

The Holland Dam or any Dam, watershed South of the Median River Texas Needs To Maintained Repaired by the Army Corp. of Engineers because of the Big Oil influents black poisons in our water ways and soils was ignored for profit by Congressman Henry Cuellar of the 28th District. 

Potential Use for Cleaning Water Pollution
Research done in the Philippines suggested the effectiveness of S. molesta for the treatment of blackwater effluent for an eco-friendly sewage system that uses a constructed wetland to clean the water. The result of the study showed that it can remove 30.77% of total suspended solids, 74.70% dissolved oxygen and 48.95% fecal coliform from the water.[5]

^ "Water fern (Salvinia molesta) shows potentials in removing water pollutants".

'All Dams Are Bad' Is Not Sound Scientific Reasoning Texas Is Thirsty
Water Our Most Valuable Resource
Congressman Henry Cuellar Texas 28th   
Forgot about that Holland Damm Rebuild

A General Congressional Report to “The People” of  South Central Texas from Congressman Henry Cuellar

View the whole article in your own web browser at this link:

My commentary:

Dear Henry,

Don’t forget about that Holland Dam Rebuild. The theory “All Dams Are Bad” is not logically or scientifically sound reasoning, if you own property in South Texas.  Although, we set a top of the biggest gas/oil find in Texas, in the last century, we must not forget our most valuable resource God gave us is Water!

Don’t wait for nature, to prove us old timers in South Texas with a seven-year drought. We are due one soon , which is not a guess, but historical statistics. We can not depend on the Edward’s Aquifer that has been drained by the population growth in San Antonio, and choked off the water table all the way to the small Texas town of Artesia Springs. 

Less than fifty years ago,  a river of sparkling clean water, bubbling up from a spring near Los Angles Texas, filled small lakes and ponds all the way to Cotulla Texas. Migratory birds still fly over the region in an exhaustive thrist for water.  These small lakes and stock ponds were a valuable resource during the Great Depression. The Texas Department of Agriculture, without charge, would stock these small lakes, ponds, and cattle watering holes with fish in case of a disaster.  

Ten years ago, the Holland Dam reservoir, now a dry eyesore,  was a central park for the town’s people, with a lake and park for children. Beside-the-fact, that lake was our La Salle County Fishing Hole that Henry Cuellar is not doing anything about because Big Oil is in town! Big Oil you are looking for love in all the wrong places. Show some generosity and reinvest in the local environment. Now that is a tax exemption, nobody in South Texas will question!

A quote from the Congressional Report to South Central Texas from Congressman Henry Cuellar

Yesterday, I focused on environmental projects and research. We heard from the Department of Energy, the Department of Agriculture, the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences about what types of grants are available and how people living in our community can apply for them.

The attendees at yesterday’s conference are working to preserve South Texas through a wide range of projects—from solar and biofuel research to running windfarms. I held this video conference to help make sure that local entities have the information and resources they need to submit a successful application so that future generations can continue to enjoy South Texas’ landscape, wildlife and agriculture. 

View the whole article in your own web browser at this link:

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