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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Speak softly and Carry a Big


by: Arctotraveler
Wed Apr 09, 2014 at 06:25 PM CDT

Held as a prisoner in his home by protective services as criminal elements attack as well as a misinformed Texas Governor Rick Perry and Henry Cuellar Texas District 28th, who are now responsible for the appropriations check made payable to Gregory O'Dell. As reported in headline news by the Associated Press on July 5, 2011: "Private detective in UK tabloid hacking scandal issues apology in Guardian newspaper."

The contracting of private security firms by governments has been going on since the 1950s usually in a bodyguard capacity, but after the 9/11 Patriot Act they have been authorized to access information from the Department of Defense.

Is the United States Secret Service now a private corporation with the rights of a person? I don't know about you, just the idea is scary to me and explains a lot about the problems with breaches of classified federal government information and privacy intrusion of private citizens without due cause or regards to civil liberties.

According to the Associated Press,

"Yet the hacking case involving 13-year-old Milly  Dowler has horrified everyone; from British Prime Minister David Cameron to movie stars to people who commented on Twitter. [And G. O'Dell who reported to the Alamo FBI - the breach jeopardized National Security and my life. I worked for a British Company and I am a Witness, Informant, and Victim of several Terrorist Acts that led to the arrest, conviction, and or Death of several domestic and international Terrorist]

Thank You V.P. Joe Biden
Sri GregO

Relations and by other Associations Wait Patiently for Resolve 

"Causality for the Buddhist is a set of conditions such as striking a match must have the conditions for striking and lighting the match; an action requires conditions to act. In other words, the picture of things is lighting up of a particular combination of immutable atoms."

What an honor to have the opportunity to serve my country Again! We need not pick up a rifle just pick up a pen and write your congressman. If that don't work give
Survived Three Terrorist Bombing
Too Bad for Terrorist
An't Pretty But Deadly
GregO a Call! 8304291965 South Central Texas

God Bless America - Will Serve Again! Just give me a call!

You got my phone number and address 
Gregory O'Dell Texas

Thank You V.P. Joe Biden for Your Help and Waiting Patiently for Resolution. We know the experts and they know what to do.


  1. Survived Three Terrorist Bombings
    Too Bad for Terrorist
    An't Pretty But Deadly

  2. Just push me out of an Airplane over Yemen Party is Over!

    1. Sure we all are twittering are thumbs they go nowhere