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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Why should just the criminals know or why we blog

T X- Gov Rick Perry Is Just another RICO Hacker 
Texas Attorney General Has Been Notified

Texas X-Governor Rick Perry Legal Team In my System. He is not a governor anymore - he is just another hacker – 
‘The Devil is in the Details He has been defeated’

X-CIA Agent Congressman Will Hurd has never been my congressman so why is he in my pc - Will Hurd is Just another hacker 
boggy 06:33 02/15/2015
The Whole Point of This Blog: 'Why should just the criminals know or why we blog' 
Statements: there are no secrets that I have disclosed or what kept me alive. 

We Shut 'Um Up

Now Pay Up
They Can Check Out Anytime They Want But They Can Never Leave
The Hotel California Issa's are Just Victims of Their Own Devices
They Can Write a Check Today But The FBI Will Not Let Them Leave Federal Prison
Senator Issa Steals Whistle Blowers 
Bounty Hunters Bonds
'We are Gonna Make Hard on Your Whole Family'
And they Did

Texas Attorney General
"Why? Because we all believe that due process works"

Another one was mailed Detailing the Torture 
If you Read It you would not let you child get near any device
Classified and designed to use in defense on foreign enimeys of the United States not for  a XGovernor Rick Perry to hold power 

Does not include the broken bones and 
other means of pain and Torture

(Bush Private Dicks)"
It is Time To Bring 'um to Justice we know who they are by name

BSA Texas  Criminal Charges Filed

Updated The Return of the 'Bunkhouse Hacking Bandits'
05/30/2015 1 am They Make A Claim to Be The CIA
Which is Bullshit 

What happened is no Bullshit
Charges Filed 15-01097 
Simple Electronic Abuse that can be done at Valero to any Customer anytime they please 
Atasacosa Texas Sheriff's Criminal Complaint Number Delivered Criminal 

Charges Filed 15-01097 

Baine & Co. Died
Criminal Charges Filed Against UTSA UT Systems
Before and After They Delineated Like Merck
Criminal Charges Filed
Just one 

8. Issa Forces Jerry Nadler to Withdraw Truthful Statement about Bush's Illegal Domestic 
We Call Him 'General Patton'
He made us promise Well Paxton Return
District Texas 28th

Last August as Congress debated revisions to FISA under the so-called Protect America Act, Rep. Issa went on the attack against opponents of President Bush's domestic surveillance program.

During the debate, Congressman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) spoke out against the codification of President Bush's regime of warrantless wiretapping, domestic surveillance which prior to August 2007 was almost certainly illegal:

"This bill is not needed to protect America from terrorists. The only purpose of this bill is to protect this administration from its own political problems and cynicism, and its own illegal actions it has taken outside the law without any authorization."

For his part, Issa demanded that Nadler withdraw his assertion that the Bush administration had engaged in illegal activities. Think Progress detailed the Issa 
brouhaha that ensued:

After some pause, Nadler said he would withdraw his "truthful and accurate statements" in order to proceed with the floor debate. Issa, unhappy with Nadler's retraction, said, "He is not withdrawing it if he claims they're accurate." Nadler responded, "I'm withdrawing them without any reservation but I retain my opinion."

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tension at Flat Rock Table

High Rollers Snooker Table Moved To

Love Me Tender

"The Only Failure is the Failure To Love (Gangaji)"

Tension at Flat Rock Table
Did Somebody Say "Snooker"

"Your thoughts are the architects of your destiny (David D. McKay)"

Mr. Slate: "You mean to tell me with all the resources at hand , nobody knew this guy is a professional Snooker player?";_ylt=AwrSbDUiUd1UqIUA0VKQorh_?p=snooker+tables&fr=mcafee&fr2=piv-web

"The Only Failure is the Failure To Love (Gangaji)"

"It's the Architecture, we must do something to protect these peoples privacy (Obama 2015)."

"Look for the good and minimize the bad (Obama 2015)"

From Mary's Little Red Book A Matter of Court Records and Facts - Love Me Tender

A Line drawn by history of Oppression not by me 1965

Friday, February 6, 2015

Texas Quick Silver Wars 2015 Arrest and Prosecution Houston Se

Quick Silver Wars
Arrest and Prosecution Houston Se

The King of Oil and Gas Production South Central Texas White Collar  Grand Thief  Is No ‘Trickle Down Effect’  Gushing Up of Gold

Why has there not been one arrest of the Private Dicks 
At Houston Se Update Today 02 /06/ 2015

The Corporate Officer is Liable for Crimes Against Humanity

Did the DOJ Give Him A Break To Snitch Off Texas Governor Rick Perry?

Besides That - You Owe Me A Lot of Money and Wasted Time That I Could Have Been Creating The Jobs 
Texas is Losing That Dewhurst is bragging about Creating?

First Published 02 18 2014
Dedicated To All Life
Written In Prayer In Christ God
This Was An Official Request To The Texas Legislative Branch To Separate South Texas From Texas  As The 51st State of the United States of America By Law Texas Can Divide into Four States They Tried This Before on The Same Line They Called It The "Mexican Line" in 1965 An Attempt to Block The Latino Vote But Now The Land Has Become Very Valuable In Oil and Gas Production

"It's A Good Day to Die (Hanta Yoo)"
This Video Was A Hacking Prompt So I Posted It It Seems Easy Enough To Track Back To The Hacker

Tender Mercy is our book, it’s meant for all families to enjoy. Our fable starts in Old Mexico and takes us to all to eternity. On occasion in life a time travel story arise, this one is now. I pray you enjoy this fast read.

DANNY O’DELL with permission 11/03/2013 Something's Takes A Real Texas Cowboy

 The Whale And The Western

No, it was not him that had been with his sister but it was family, it bothered him so. How could life be like this? And the crops in the field? He left, heading north not knowing which way to go. Paso del Aguila he thought, I have never been that far from Chihuahua, my Uncles are still working in Nueva Vicaya.

I will pass through the Sierra Madre, so I can say fair well to my good friends, I will find a new life one of prosperity and wealth. He walked long; he traveled so long his sandal feet became as white as caliches. Mile after thirsty mile he wandered on; longing so much to see La Junta de los Rios. 
Map of Mexico Before The Battle of The Alamo 1836
Mile after thirsty mile he wandered on;  longing so much to see La Junta de los Rios. 
It was the Pescado Indians that had given them to him, he had met them there under that shaded mesquite tree. He had been chewing on a mesquite bean just to stay alive. He thought, for if I am to die I must first pass through Nuevo Leon, who knows maybe I can find work. 
The Man With The Pouch of Stones Sitting Under A Mesquite  Tree Eating a Mesquite Bean Because He Can Not Work
It was there by that tree, where his Indian friends gave to him; that old leather pouch; in it, the miracle stones. They were just simple river stones, but they carried the visions of the times.
He Made His Way To Church to Speak with a Priest But The Doors Were Locked
He was told if you cast them into a pool of water; an appearance will manifest, you will see what your heart needs to know. No more Tamaulipas, no more Zacatecas, no more Coahuila; I must go north to the richness and to the fertile fields. He looked all around, his friends were just a dust cloud on the horizon, he was again alone; it was a surprise to him; there it was carved into that old tree; he wondered why he didn't see it before; it was simple, but he could not understand what it was; it read LBJ. He looked again to call out to his friends, but they were gone.
Clint Eastwood Hang Um High Sequel
Look Closer Before You Hang a Man
His hair grew long, while over the days his body did curse the noonday’s sun. Look! There; over there; an oasis of a fine creek and a pool of water; shaded by brush. Shush! He thought to himself; what is that noise. It was men; he could hear them talking so he approached them introducing himself. Almost like old friends they greeted; there were eight of them, they helped each other with the stories of where they had been.  It wasn't until late in the evening when they had a fire going did he hear the story; that one of the men there had killed his own brother; and was now was running for his life. He said his father hated him, he couldn't go back. 
Miracle Stones
They all shared the names of the families they had left behind. He noticed that on one of the men’s arms was a marking done with some sort of coloring; it was shaped like a dove, a morning dove; written under it was the letters LBJ
Wings of A Dove
He was afraid to ask, but he wanted too so much. The man with the pebbles was happy to meet his new acquaintances for it had been a long and lonely journey; he told about his travels about the sack of stones; then he threw a stone into the clear cool water. 
He Threw a  stone into the River Near A Snake Formation A Green Arrow Painted with a solution of  raw Silver Ore A Top The Snake Head Was A Crest Left By Spanish Conquistadors 
They all saw it, no body dared doubt, it was different; it was another time, they jumped up shouting for joy leaping heavily into the pool. The water churned; the air stirred, a dust wind rose up about them; there it was looking right at them. It was the eye of the coyote. The men didn't know what to do, they looked around to turn and run; but it was to late. A woman’s voice, a wise woman; telling another jesty story to cause men to do her deeds; the guns and the noise and the horses, it was war, it was really a war, and they all stepped right into it.

Whose Blog is it anyways - gno 11/03/2013
All My Suffering is in Vain if those of Texas Public Trust Do Not Help Those Who Cannot Protect Themselves They Are Afraid Texas Will  Do The Same To Them

The Term Texas Has Been Change Several Times not By Me
Every Hack In A Felony

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Criminal Charges Filed Against The Eagle Fm Radio San Antonio Texas

Not Behavioral Control Scot Walker Suspect Exploitation of his own People 

Suicides and Homicides Reported
Microsoft Amsterdam Inc. 2006-2007 Did You Get A Call George Bush Mandate by-pass Congress

Medina County Sheriff's 15-000460
Comal County Texas Sheriff's Office 15-01-4275
San Antonio Police Department 14160163
Atascosa Sheriff's 13-06038

I Don't Want To Be Your Breach of Burden
Level II The Ten Story Mountain of Texas Surveillance 

United States of America vs MusXe* 
MusXe Hypothetical*
An Valid ADA Filed Complaint Cannot Research On the Web no access to goods and services 

The Title Should Read: "The Texas Ten Story Mountain of Human Exploitation"
Posted During George Bush Term 
Big Brother is not referring to any President
Read the Book

“If You Enter San Antonio You Will Be Targeted"

"If you enter San Antonio you will be targeted 2011" on my radio transponder underneath the caption said. (See Sheriff’s Report Five Texas Counties) Not all counties where a Sheriff is elected, will they allow such abuse of their own constituents. Texas Sheriffs are elected officials and Law Enforcement. They are sworn to protect and serve. 

See United States vs MuzXe* subliminal messages 1979 I as well as many others cannot search the web for general information. In this case we are referring to what was once called ‘elevator music’ in the 1980’s. The point here is that our congress writes laws that only a few people understand and who benefit from the law they pass most are paid lobbyist who guarantee incumbent positions some for life. They do not care who they harm and the laws only change when the laws they write harm them and theirs! Hey! They are all Lawyers, need i justify their ethical positions further -no!

If you drive on a Texas State Highway the property is owned by all people of the state and regulated by the Department of Public Safety and other agencies. You and I do not own the highway, so we must abide by the law or lose our privilege to use public roads. 

Then There is 'The Breach of Burden' of Proof
Criminal Charges Filed Against the State of Texas In Five Texas Counties 'Read It Read It' 

The Information I provide is to serve you not to contradict classified safety measures know only to the DPS and others authorized personnel. Of Course, those that have been abused know and that is what we call the "Breach of Burden of Proof" You do have right of free speech, but why say something that is not helpful and may harm the protection in place? Just one of my blogging rules you can say as you please.

Then there is the Private Sector who now control the radio station and if you live anywhere near these large metropolitan areas, you are moving and a grooving to bad computer applications tune, overriding your right to reason on your own, if you know it or not. 

Soon we will be able to count the traffic accidents these radio stations are liable for which includes fatal deaths more distracting then texting while driving. 

It is my public duty to inform DPS that these stations are violating laws already on the books and can target individual vehicles and modify your behavior, which is not behavioral control but human exploitation. It has always been the case they can listen to you via your radio but it is not legal in every sense, "every receiver is a transmitter and every transmitter is a receiver." One clown prove it one day as I read my conversation on in my car on the web 'The Breach of Burden of Proof'.

"We are all going through this, some worse than others, some profit from it and others are dead and gone from IT."
Beat It Beat It:
  In the meantime, use common sense and make them listen to you and jam and rock with your own tunes. Many people said Michael Jackson was a nut, but listen to "Beat It" he knew what Sonny was doing and tried to warn U.S.

Ted Lavender Reporting from the Dead

Keep a log Chief Detective Bexar County Homicide - You think I got a problem with law-enforcement your crazy the only friends U got when somebody wants to U.
He has Probably been promoted to Director of the Homicide Department by now 
The Daily Double: 02/04/2015 Veterans Have To Watch Doctors Type In Prescription Hackers Are so Bad in Texas. The Bush Team still on duty retaliating

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sen Grassley Start Prosecuting Congressmen

When Are We Going To Start Prosecuting Congressmen?

The Texas Tea Party Swingers Club
Painted Their Own Wagon
First Post 02/02/2015

It’s A Long Way to Top to Report Treason

It All Snowballed on the Republican GOP
Terry's Family of the fallen Border Officer ask these people to stop using Terry for political purposes and they continued to ride on the Honor of this Officer and Should be Punished. This congressman Farenthold connects to a Weapons Arsenal worse than Fast and Furious
The Master Mind Who Work In The CIA Motor Pool Never Fired A Gun
"I looked The Enemy in the Eye (Hurd)" Bullshit
This Congressman is linked to a valid Terrorism Claim
see below*
If The Police Do Not Arrest These Tyrants Than The Police Are Part of The Conspiracy Against The United States of America

Clowns To the Left of Me

Black Ops Box Located Port 'A' Texas
Police Reports and FBI Notified At Time of Events
 Black Ops Box Located Port 'A' Texas
*Valid Tea Party Terrorism Claim
Here I Am Stuck In The Middle With 
My Congressman Is Henry Cuellar District 28th

Jokers to the Right
This Guy Is Not My Congressman and is Guilty of Voter Fraud and  Conspiracy with X-Gov Rick Perry

36 Months Investigation Ends Where It Started 
The Texas Tea Party Swinger Club 
"Causal Link To Global Economic Off Shore Accounts"
UTSA Project Give These Tyrants Hell Port 'A' Texas This Spring Break
25% or More of you're Student Loans the Tea Party Pocketed

Pay The Money Back To Texas Students and The Department of Education
The UT Hall of Shame

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Tea Party Swingers Club

Blanco County Texas See Court Case Common Law Tea Party Is Treason 04/2009 defined by law. 

"When you convict one that is a Tea Party Member then common law dictates that The Tea Party is Treason"

SAPD 14160163 Retaliation with Deadly Force Reported in 2008 OCR Complaints Moonlighting Sworn Officers. Fraud in the Millions OCR Dallas 06152031 who are Sworn Officers Conflict of Interest and National Security Risk. The Tea Party after they were caught stealing from the Federal Government Texas Tea Party Terrorism Claims Valid 1995-07-000.1

1500 Miles We Rode this week Medina County 15-00460, Comal County 15-01-4275, Blanco County Texas See Court Case Common Law Tea Party Is Treason 04/2009 defined by law, Harris County Filed Properly from where crime was committed 15-01-4275, LaSalle County 15-00460, Aransas County 201500000 both State and Federal charges against Congressman Will Hurd, Rick Perry and the State of Texas. 
First post 01/26/2015 Steve McQueen Rides Again
Respect the Only Law In The Jungle

"Wanted Dead or Alive"

X-CIA Agent Congressman Will Hurd is an Elephant stuck between a ‘Terrorist Bounty Hunter and a Hard Place’. Congressman X CIA Agent Hurd is not my congressman; however, he has the District 23rd Texas with my family’s Grave Yard. 

Billions of dollars allocated for the arrest, conviction, and or death of said terrorist ‘Wanted Dead or Alive” mandated by George W. Bush and secured with bonds payable on demand or barrier bonds.

“Scrambling Messages Sony on the Verizon Sunset 'Fidelity Discharged' “ Direct TV CEO Criminal Charges See Microsoft, Yahoo, O’Dell vs Verizon. 

Already filed Atascosa County Texas after X Governor Rick Perry displays a threatening message on media in South Central Texas, ‘I don’t like outsiders involved with Texas’ witness by my family that extends to 250,000 constituents of Congressman Henry Cuellar Texas 28th a member of ‘The Tea Party Swingers Club’ Texas.

"When To Use Transponders to Protect Your Family from Murderers"

"The Ten Story Mountain" Summit Layer of Surveillance "Who is watching who and do they know what  they are doing?" - No. But they think they do and have used Private Security for criminal larceny in astronomical amounts some are buried in our
 family’s Grave Yard Lytle Texas and LaSalle County.

The most disgusting is the use or politics, authority abused reserved for the United States Senate before Ted Cruz becomes a Senator "Tea Party Treason Is the Reason" see general be-tray-us elves of Santa Claus. See the disgusting seal suicide photo of a Navy Seal Intelligence Officer on my Facebook page and his last writing on my YouTube page AKA ‘Hippy Tree’.

"San Antonio Texas the Center of Everything History Repeats Robert E. Lee"

Old and new police reports form new criminal charges filed against the ‘Trillion Dollar Californian Sharing System’ and witnesses in District Attorney LA Hood Bexar County Texas, and Atascosa County Texas. More To Come this week Medina County, Comal County, Blanco County, Harris County, LaSalle County, Aransas County both State and Federal charges against Texas U.S. Congressmen, Will Hurd, Rick Perry and the State of Texas. 

Will Hurd has already been fined by the CIA but more punishment is due him from the CIA to maintain ‘Fidelity’ of one the highest orders of the triad of Federal Government.

"The Ten Story Mountain of Texas Surveillance” by a Clandestine Monk; all lower surveillance must match data of the highest clearances. In other words, all parties, legal or illegal, who collect and share that information are custodians of the information and liable for its distribution see O’Dell vs. UT Systems a Warden of the United States Department as villains such as Congressman Will Hurd and X Governor Rick Perry tried to manipulate, extort, and exploit legal foreign guest from Mexico and citizens of Texas. A complaint from diplomats of the Republic of Mexico assimilated to the United States State Department.

Another way to express the treasonous acts, ‘He who controls the head waters is liable to all those downstream’.  All lower surveillance must disclose to the public who, where, and when the information was collected; especially private security firms who win Federal and State contracts to protect united states citizens such as on any School Yard Campus and also protect Human and Drug Traffickers.

Yes, even terrorist at any price to the highest bidder such as we have seen with Blaine & Co., Digital alley and unlicensed hackers.

"The Ten Story Mountain of Texas Surveillance” In the making every step take every move I make, any child from 8 years to 100 years old should read it to avoid the exploitation of their family and own persons disguised as Behavioral Control Sciences, which has always been an art or Fiction.

Barack Obama disclosed the trillions of dollars wasted on such devices to the public in 2009 and won the Nobel Peace Prize for transparency hidden by the Republican House and Senate. The house and Senate profited off the contracts of failed experiments, devices, and payment to Corporations that offered no services other than and automatic accounts payable and receivable that triggered a blank check stream of Federal funds by auto pay.

There is a solution – Pay the money back and Banks should clear the credit reports of all those affected by ‘The Global Economic Scam’ See O’Dell vs Citibank bank examiner report ‘Semolina’s inside job  at Quicken’ and the retaliation that followed for co-operation with the FBI as instructed.

Old and new police reports form new criminal charges filed against the ‘Trillion Dollar Californian Sharing System’ and witnesses in District Attorney La Hood Bexar County Texas, and Atascosa County Texas. 

More To Come this week Comal County, Blanco County, Harris County, LaSalle County, Aransas County both State and Federal charges against Congressman Will Hurd, Rick Perry and the State of Texas.