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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Victims of Texas Domestic Terrorism

Texas Tea Party Treason Is The Reason

updated 01/08/15 

Did Somebody in Paris Say Irregular War IW

Threatened to Death Until It Happened
Texas Domestic Terrorism Voter Fraud, Manslaughter, to Murder by Private Security Firms
Who Are Train Professional Killers Like In Paris
Did You Learn Something Yet?
Academic Work 
We Went for Help Nobody would help and people died for no reason 
Death Threats from Bain & Co and Other Private Security Firms Reported 
How Can You File A Victims of Crime Complaint If The Private Security Firms Are the Killers?
But I Did Both Domestic and Foreign and Still Waiting for The Texas Attorney Generals Office Return Phone Call

It Took almost 5 years to prove what I saying as the University of Texas Retaliates instead of responding properly to Real Terrorist Threats

Then Two More Idiots Show Up On Farm and Judge Uses the Private Security that are the Murders instead of doing what i did - Contact go sit in the local FBI Office Until somebody responds

"We hope we respond appropriately to Texas when they contact us about Terrorist activity (FBI Texas)"


We Are Still waiting on 6 Valid Reports  United Citizens Died or Harmed by Terrorism Both Domestic and Foreign
And Missing Persons

You Have Our Number You Should Call Us!

Texas DPS Still has not Sent Me A Corrected Crash Report

DPS Cashed the Check but no Report
Update Sent Check and Said On No DPS Got Busted! 01/25/2015

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  1. It Took almost 5 years to prove what I saying as the University of Texas Retaliates instead of responding properly to Real Terrorist Threats