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Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Ten Story Mountain of Texas Surveillance

The Hacking Rainbow That Leads To A Pot of Gold

Leads To A Mountain of Light
1st Layers of Surveillance 
01/17/15 06:41
Includes Death Penalty Without Due Process

Texas Disable Do Not Have Access To Federal Magistrate

Why Does Governor Rick Perry Get Due Process? but nobody prosecutes TxHE responsible for 250,000 Deaths?
Always Trust Your Dog
Stuff in Manual Under Danger FCC Warning Fungus
"Should Read Viral"

When Your Best Friend On Facebook is a Homicide Detective
One Example The San Antonio MLK Celebration Largest In USA

"The Center of Everything"
The Uncivil Civil War No!
Tea Party Treason is The Reason

5th Story of the Ten Story Surveillance Mountain Robotics Designed 
To Turn A Blind Eye for the Texas Select Few
Water Company Lowest on the 10 story Mountain Surveillance Hierarchy
Police Reports Filed
Texas Pays Utilities They Use It We Don't
The Perry Militia Rights "Then The Lights In the Ranch House go out (by how else would I know)."
Deaths and Suicides Reported
FEMA Needs to make a public Announcement To Warn Citizens, especially with children

When Due Process Fails and People are Murdered Report By Any Means
Kick Howler and Scream

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