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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Injury without Insult to Intel

You Guy's Need To Find a New Line of Work De-seat Them
Leadbeater, C.W. “Man Visible And Invisible” 2nd ed. London:
Theosophical Publishing House 1920

While penetrating the obscure jungle into the light, savages heaved hard on their blow gun tubes, and with a pop and with a laser blue accuracy; the darts perched both my eyes logging deep within my skull.

The pain dropped me to the ground near a stream; I crawled a few feet and stuck my head in deep, flushing the poisonous dart sting from my face. 

As I stood back up, I could still see the brutes, disappearing back into the jungle out of my sight. I still remember their tribal chants of a kill as their voices echoed through the trees.

Skilled killers should have gone for the heart for an easy kill. Their primitive weapons would have to exceed the speed of light to waken the slumber of my wrath. 

Strangely, they broke through the windows and damaged not my soul!

By Steve McQueen Rides Again - Just need a name "Wanted Dead or Alive" 

USA Domestic Terrorism
This was done by a USA domestic Private Security Firm That Can be Bought at any price to protect Drug and Human Traffickers as well as Tea Party Congress and Senate Members - Make the Connection? 

Bain & co. is a Domestic Terrorism organization who are paid to protect your children on University's of Texas Campuses, who also protect human and drug trafficking mafia. Moonlight sworn police officer, who knew and did not say anything are guilty of *conperiEy  AGAINST THE UNITED STATES JUST LIKE THE HACKERS* IN MY SYSTEM NOW WHO ARE AFRAID OF BEING TRIED IN A COURT OF LAW FROM LIFE UP TO THE DEATH PENALTY FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY
The use of lasers as weapons to  blind or maim is torture by any civilized country or world, but I live in South Central Texas and have several Victim of Crime Filed with Greg Abbott's Office that are not resolved. 

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Paradox - No governor can override and hide. You are going to jail for the use of lasers on a victim, witness, informant of several acts of mass destruction

Confirmed: That is No Birth Mark I Did Not Have It At Birth and the Records Photographs to Prove It "My Military Records are silent no more see pilot testing". 01/17/2015 "I am blind but yet U now see" 
So Pay Me My VA Entitlements It Is a Less amount Than than you spent investigating

'Monad' Personal Space: Field 16. *Physics a region, volume, or space where a specific, measurable force,as gravity or magnetism, exist

*Descartes, Rene, Benedict De Spinoza, and Gottfried Wilhelm
Freiherr Von Leibniz. The Rationalist. Trans. John
Veitch, R. H. M. Elwes, George Montgomery, and
Albert R. Chandler. New York: Anchor Books 1990


  1. I climbed down hole and dragged their asses back out for the police. Whoever wrote F does not know about the hole - True

    PHD before and after now permenant eye blindness covered under CRS Intense interrogation torture and don't stop over in the Hauge

  2. Illustrations that sold a Billion dollar grant 'Monad' Personal Space: Field 16. *Physics a region, volume, or space where a specific, measurable force,as gravity or magnetism, exist © Academic Destruction see Texas Victims of Crime © Sri Gregory O'Dell

    Give credit where it is due