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Thursday, July 31, 2014

What Does Jesus Look Like?
More GOP Robo Copyright Failures add your own successes
What Did You Say About My President?

Merck The Rise And Fall Of The Biggest Illegal Drug Manufactures in the United States History
Encrypted Iranian Defectors Reported to The Secret Service
Had To Elevate the Severity of Treason

Greg Abbott and Clarence Thomas can 
Flip Burgers for a Living

Koch Brothers Already Destabilized as Their Assets Are Being Seized for Drug Trafficking Proceeds

"Pop Goes The Weasel Texas Alamo Black Cowboys Eastsiders Rejoice"

Migrant Workers Roll Over in Their Shallow Graves
Data Manipulation Over and You Can See Where Texas
Becomes the Custodians of VA  Records Before and
 After The Events
Why Press Criminal Charge Against The Wrong Parties? 
Electronic Connection To Audi Murphy Hospital A Known
"We Must Share We Must Find Ways To Do It"

San Antonio Texas
SAPD Police Chief Texas Announced Resignation in December?

Thanks of Fly Over FedeX 410 Bandera Rd SA TX 07/31/2014
So you can Steal More Money
Resign Today
Deadly Swating RICO Perry Orders
Let The FBI Short Out The Criminal Charges Against A Vallero Private Security Guard Later
SAPD CV Valero Energy Security Guard

"Pop Goes The Weasel"
Did You See The Biggest Martin Luther King Parade In San Antonio Texas 2014?

SAPD The Dome Is Trying To Tell You Something

There Are Black Cowboys

Boggy 21:25 hours 04.05.2016

Merck Stock to Rise a New Way to Kill Roaches VIOXX Was Gold Mine

They Starting To Sweat How Does It Feel

Make Them Sweat
Merck Stock Predictions Actuary and a Matter of Fact
Original Post 01/24/2014

Holy Sham Quasi Tam Qui Tau Quasi Moto
Mr Moto Goes Fishing After FBI Says Everything Takes Time 
Call In Mr. Moto Texas Court Proceedings Excluding the Subject of Research

Tested Well 250,000 Dead

See O'Dell Summary RICO has Already Illegal Discovery Hacking Not NSA
That Means Every Communication with 
Dallas OCR was Hacked
October 15 2008 - 01/24/2014

Holy Sham Quais Taum Qui Tau Qusi Moto 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Freedom of Information Correction Data Integrity Act or the O'Dell Act

A problem with a solution is not a problem it is a fact.
 Hackers claimed to be Ukrainian defectors reported at time of event
Did not know Wilson left his/her mark this date mark

"Ways and Means for you to correct any data stored by the custodians of your Private Information State or Federal, without any disclosure required by any State or Federal Agency with our without objection":

Hand write your own personal FBI, CIA, NSA Dossier file, you may need an attorney to help you with a complete package to show your profile, history, family tree, or other private information that you do or do not wish to include. Once the package is complete, mail it to the United states Copyright Office.

That Way You and Your Family Have A Copy of The Reality of Things not some Fiction from a NSA Space Cadet Cowboy - The more you know about the law the better you can protect your family and government from abuse of Federal dollars and grant money.

Most would be short story such as a CV or resume, while others who have been abuse by Sharing Personal Information or misleading information would be a short book or perhaps less than 200 pages. 

*Book ‘um - Write Your Own Small Book Listing Detail(s) That is a Matter of fact. 

“Language—any language or data programs—have a tendency to migrate overtime to the complex- away from truth or safe security simplicity.” 

These blogs have been dedicated to law enforcement since 2009 you broke you fix I.T.
3,000,000 reads
Here We Go Again Application Engineers Should be Held accountable for
Their applications just like an airline engineer, and an airline engineer should not waste time reading instruction when it should Automatic. Name one person who has flown one time and ask them where the sick bag is? Don't we all stop at the bank cords and stand in an orderly way without complex written technical verbiage?

An example would be a family tree going back as far as you please, legal documents, court records, or information you supplied law enforcement leading to the arrest and conviction of Criminals or even Terrorists.
If you are a victim of data sharing, privacy intrusion (legal or illegal is a moot notion), or data manipulation violations that brought you or family harm – File criminal charges and ask law enforcement to ‘Book ‘um’ or fingerprint the person(s) of interest and brought before magistrate to post bond or to be held in jail, awaiting trial. Why I, *Sri Gregory O'Dell am excluded from the persons of interest domain.

I am sure my friend, teacher and guru would tell you, "Yes! Somebody died and left Sri GregO in charge. I don't like but i guess things happen that way!" 
This is a letter not data

Examples: or road maps of Agencies that may have brought you or someone you love harm are even death (Note: there are no such devices known to man that are 'non-lethal weapons' belive me I can kill you with a can of pep spray) :

This Public Domain
What is ‘Right or good for your personal privacy’ with This Picture?

The following is a sample of just two pages in my own Dossier File that protects me from any acts past or present by those that manipulated data for a profit, political targets, police retaliation, red poverty districts of abuse or the use of that data in any way that brings harm such as State and or University retaliation be it called experimentation with the intent or error that brought or brings harm past, present or future

A Letter for General Houston Back to the Futures
Hey! General Houston  Senator John Cornyn Prompted by Hackers
Or Is The Dome Trying To Tell Us Something

I plan to design a program, a simple application outside the electoral grid that will be able to dump 90 percent of the useless options and technical wording added to Software Corporations over the last decade that should be deleted and new wording should go back to simple terms that any nit with sense could understand. I will be happy to be the test model – At a Price Money Talks! Hey Don't let the high school kids beat you to the solution!

*The first on my list is an assumed name “Book ‘um Freedom of Information App’
Application slogan “Language—any language or data programs—has a tendency to migrate overtime  to the complex- away from truth or safe security simplicity.” 
Copyright © 2007 Gregory Nolan O’Dell
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 1-4196-8470-1 ISBN-13: 978-419684708
Library of Congress Control Number: 2007908596
North Charleston. Print.

Are "Inversions," and Why Should You Care?

Q: So what exactly is an "inversion"?

Q: That's got to be costing us a lot of money, right?

Q: OK, but I'm not a corporation. So how does this relate to me?

If I receive the Cash Rewards and entitlements due me I will become a corporation that will make sure the Commander-n-chief wishes are vigilantly observed as we all work together for a kind of "economic patriotism" that's based on investing in the things that we know grow the economy for everyone (like education and job training) — not protecting wasteful loopholes for a few at the top. 

As you see i have already given up my rights to serve my country the good old United States of America.

"Intrusion into my personal space, by persons or networks of mindless electronic devices, plagiarizers and patent trolls have robbed me of my creativity, spirituality, copyrights, income, and dreams; but what are these things to a dead man?."

The reason i am not a corporation or a non-profit is because of IRS targeting of Hindu Gurus, but I did not complain i just sent twenty years of IRS returns, Court Documents, and other Federal Documents of proof to the FBI. Talk to the FBI they helped me and sure they will help you. Sri GregO

Helping People

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Rise of all Ted Lavenders who Died in Vain

Rise Ted Lavender
Dear Senator John Cornyn Honorable United States Senator of the United States, You asked, “Gregory, when he was here, President Obama was too busy fundraising for Democrats to spend much time hearing from regular Texans about what’ important to them.” 

Please note, The Honorable President Obama is the most accessible president of the United Sates that we have ever known.  He took days to right a letter to all United States Citizens and I responded to that letter at the time July, 4 2011 and he responded with a kind letter of concern “The Blue Print of America’s Energy” that his staff was preparing and it still a work-in process  that saved America from Global Economic Crisis! You can listen to my response at this YouTube link:

You may Share and Share Alike or Publish my illustrations of a train the runs both ways – into and back out of the United States of American; that will strengthen our border better than a battalion of Army Soldiers, Squadron of Surveillance Drones, or an impenetrable wall twenty feet high stretching from Del Rio to Matamoras…… 

001 “Manifesting the American Dream” 

002 "The Pan American Passenger Railway" The train that runs both ways in and out of the United States

Or Go to my web page that is black listed At This Link:

Finally a letter addressed to you at this link: 

Ted Lavender Reporting From The Dead

A Hard Day’s Night

Sleeping Like A Log
Posted 07/14/2014 
What Happened To Sealed Bids
The Wall of Pain
I year to design a Hud complex for Homeless Veterans and Sport Center for Disabled Veterans and the Grants are given to People that will not help one Single Veteran

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

BCI K-319 Hot Pizza Delivery

Today 07/23/2014
Heavy Set Red Hair Women in 40's
2nd Casing Event 07/23/2014

Why Should I Give This To This Senator That Sat On My Claim for 8 Years?

This is now a criminal charge in the hands of the FBI

Indigenous Texas Tribes Cannot Commit Treason or Saudi Cats

A Message From The Dead 
"Never Forget"

I Don't Care How It Pans Out

Photos and Shirts Missing Sense 2004

"Omar" Our Villa Saudi Arabia
Read From the Front Missing From My House
Found After Indigenous Texas Tribe Fixes
My Truck Reported to Congressman Henry Cuellar

Silver Cat 4 oz. Silver Necklace
"Never Forget"
Guy in Florida Steal My Identity - That Was Stupid
Of All the People He Could Stole ....

If  Oak Trees Could Talk

Never Give an Indian Wiskey

But Do Give a Watermelon
So I Did

But Wait!
There is more State and Federal Abuse
The Panama Connection

I Cannot Delete any information a hacker is trying to get me Break Federal Law

"You Could Smell The Whiskey Burning Down Copperhead Road" 

Steve Earl Famous Texas Musician Like Willie Nelson - who south texas sheriff's department smoke the evidence, a kilo of marijuana - that ain't no white mouse in the County Evidence Room. Steve Earle is a Hometown Boy a Good Friend of  Mr. Albert Garner found dead in his home reported to SAPD HHS and Atascosa Sheriff's Office - 2014.

The song 'Copperhead Road' is about Texas Oppression and South Texas Vietnam Veterans forgotten in the Bush Era by a few manipulated data clicks of the keyboard in an encrypted file. If you're counting my clicks it is hacking and a felony.............................................. It goes something like this but nobody in Texas can get legal representation so all laws that or not expressed in simple terms for all to understand or moot......... "Whoever, intentionally removes information to obstruct justice....................." Waiting for an expert legal answer like "Waiting for the Sun" by the Doors. 

(The police are not legal expert representation for you personally and the Kens5 news report of the Resignation  of the Chief of SAPD 6 months from now Dec 2014 has created a free-for-all overtime and aerospace joycopty hours. If the report is false, then chalk up another TV jacking criminal charge one suicide already reported to San Antonio FBI related to Disable housing Hyper-surveillance and TV Jacking. If the report is true, he will resign in Dec 2014 - what are you going to do about it -Fire him? 

Have we lost the triage of powers of the State of Texas and Federal Constitution to a private security firm that collects federal energy funding VALLERO )

Could Be FBI Protective Services Invited Into my A System but They Would Identify Themselves as such not some straying magic arrow or pointer
Even a False Belief Sometimes Can Be A Life Saver
Why I cannot remove this blog by law written under Duress after years of torture, manslaughter and Death

Devine Texas Intervention

The Things I Find In My Backyard

This Moran Overrides Federal Protection of Me by Hacking Then Trying Manipulate Encrypted DEERS Information

Incomes Lt. Governor Dewhurst
Allocates Funds for The Prosecution of State Employees Who Did This To My Family But Info Points Back To 
'The Moran Rick Perry' 
George Bush - Classified

Why My Criminal Complaints Against Texas Are Still Valid

He Only Came to Town Once A Year

No Time Lapse Greater Than 90 Days for 12 years of Torture 
Bohemian Garden Retired Presidents that Steal

Why the Build Up on The TexMex Border Concerns U.S.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Black Teenager Drowns Because Nobody Shut the Dam Gates

His Tiny Insignificance In the Whole Things?

He Was Everything To Our Community
When Hacking Is Manslaughter
When BSA Financial Decimation Kills Others

Google gets paid Federal Dollars to operate a United States communication system. When someone like me has TBI and little trouble with spelling the 'Nueces Watershed' and a hacker forces each time 'Nuisance' and a Black Kid drowns just below the dam because somebody did not close the gates. 

AN EXAMPLE:  When hacking and blocking web pages is manslaughter. Note for the record I notified of the coming of rain storm at 0305 am to Kens5 news.

 Pennies from Heaven and No Banks to Hold the Savings
The Nueces Watershed He Who Controls The Head Waters Liable for Damages

As people complain about industry and mineral extraction they fail to consider fundamental engineering problems concerning seasonal drought and flash floods with periodic predictability. Locals now drenching wet dry their fingers as they type blogs and emails to others celebrating “When It Rains It Pours!”

All Rural Roads Lead The Economic Prosperity

“Dr. Livingston I presume?”
Dr. Livingstone Meets Arctotraveler 
‘Arcto’ is a term removed from the Dictionary to refer to someone who explores the world for profit or predates the college of Archaeology, now referred to an ‘Archaeologist’.
Donate to Wikipedia The Best Source for What All Believe To True: David Livingstone (19 March 1813 – 1 May 1873) was a Scottish Congregationalist pioneer medical missionary with the London Missionary Society and an explorer in Africa. His meeting with H. M. Stanley on 10 November 1871 gave rise to the popular quotation "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?" Perhaps one of the most popular national heroes of the late 19th century in Victorian Britain, Livingstone had a mythic status, which operated on a number of interconnected levels: Protestant missionary martyr, working-class "rags to riches" inspirational story, scientific investigator and explorer, imperial reformer, anti-slavery crusader, and advocate of commercial empire. His fame as an explorer helped drive forward the obsession with discovering the sources of the River Nile that formed the culmination of the classic period of European geographical discovery and colonial penetration of the African continent.
Citations needed, if you have the correct answer update Wikipedia Sandbox: “Dr. Livingstone I Presume” is a significant phrase for those who work for clandestine agencies worldwide. Want the answer? Do your own homework! Me? I just call it a miracle of some sort, or a positive event in our lives that seems to oppose the laws of physics or the natural order of things:
U.S. Farm to Market Roads "All Rural Roads Lead to Economic Prosperity"

Monday, July 21, 2014

Texas Sunrise Over Medina Lake

Title 3: Victims of International and domestic
Terrorism were instructed to use the new 
IVERP web site that brought harm to those that 
participated, mainly to get the facts to the FBI. 
After retaliation and counseling the victim 
overtime becomes the survivor and is due by 
law Cash rewards, an unexpected windfall.

6 X < $500,000.00 = < 3,000,000.00

Title 5: Cash Rewards Reporting Biohazards by
Law “The use and existence of such equipment 
reserved by the DOD and is classified and 
breached each time these devices are used as 
experience by the survivors of these device find 
their way to the FBI and a matter of record by 
many other agencies and court of law open to 
public domain.”

 Who Cares? We Do!

Serving Those Who Can No 
Longer Serve Themselves
Meeting in Pete P. Gallego Office San Antonio 
Texas 2012 in Regards to Several Thousand 
Elderly, Disabled, and Children, who  Own 
Property and Mineral Rights and many have 
had death threats if they try to claim them.

the mineral rights of the elderly, disabled, and 
children to South Texas bashed by the Tea 
Party for collecting SSI SDI Social Security, 
when they Own Texas!

Washington Human Health Services Meeting in 
Pete P. Gallego Office San Antonio Texas 2012 in 
Regards to Several Thousand Disabled Students 
Stalked On And Off Campus and the Lack of Legal 
Representation Paid for By Federal Dollars, 
concerning billions of dollars that were not spent 
on the disabled.

The honorable Henry Cuellar’s Office Wed site just started recognizing me and others that are in fact in his district and were blocked from access from 
assistance not limited to grants, rewards, entitlements, and just last week a request from the Honorable Barack Obama President concerning everyones allegations regarding the VA to contact congress, so they may address them in an orderly way. VA and other concerns Delivered To both and by Phone 
to Washington D.C.

Serving Those Who Can No Longer Serve Themselves