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Friday, February 6, 2015

Texas Quick Silver Wars 2015 Arrest and Prosecution Houston Se

Quick Silver Wars
Arrest and Prosecution Houston Se

The King of Oil and Gas Production South Central Texas White Collar  Grand Thief  Is No ‘Trickle Down Effect’  Gushing Up of Gold

Why has there not been one arrest of the Private Dicks 
At Houston Se Update Today 02 /06/ 2015

The Corporate Officer is Liable for Crimes Against Humanity

Did the DOJ Give Him A Break To Snitch Off Texas Governor Rick Perry?

Besides That - You Owe Me A Lot of Money and Wasted Time That I Could Have Been Creating The Jobs 
Texas is Losing That Dewhurst is bragging about Creating?

First Published 02 18 2014
Dedicated To All Life
Written In Prayer In Christ God
This Was An Official Request To The Texas Legislative Branch To Separate South Texas From Texas  As The 51st State of the United States of America By Law Texas Can Divide into Four States They Tried This Before on The Same Line They Called It The "Mexican Line" in 1965 An Attempt to Block The Latino Vote But Now The Land Has Become Very Valuable In Oil and Gas Production

"It's A Good Day to Die (Hanta Yoo)"
This Video Was A Hacking Prompt So I Posted It It Seems Easy Enough To Track Back To The Hacker

Tender Mercy is our book, it’s meant for all families to enjoy. Our fable starts in Old Mexico and takes us to all to eternity. On occasion in life a time travel story arise, this one is now. I pray you enjoy this fast read.

DANNY O’DELL with permission 11/03/2013 Something's Takes A Real Texas Cowboy

 The Whale And The Western

No, it was not him that had been with his sister but it was family, it bothered him so. How could life be like this? And the crops in the field? He left, heading north not knowing which way to go. Paso del Aguila he thought, I have never been that far from Chihuahua, my Uncles are still working in Nueva Vicaya.

I will pass through the Sierra Madre, so I can say fair well to my good friends, I will find a new life one of prosperity and wealth. He walked long; he traveled so long his sandal feet became as white as caliches. Mile after thirsty mile he wandered on; longing so much to see La Junta de los Rios. 
Map of Mexico Before The Battle of The Alamo 1836
Mile after thirsty mile he wandered on;  longing so much to see La Junta de los Rios. 
It was the Pescado Indians that had given them to him, he had met them there under that shaded mesquite tree. He had been chewing on a mesquite bean just to stay alive. He thought, for if I am to die I must first pass through Nuevo Leon, who knows maybe I can find work. 
The Man With The Pouch of Stones Sitting Under A Mesquite  Tree Eating a Mesquite Bean Because He Can Not Work
It was there by that tree, where his Indian friends gave to him; that old leather pouch; in it, the miracle stones. They were just simple river stones, but they carried the visions of the times.
He Made His Way To Church to Speak with a Priest But The Doors Were Locked
He was told if you cast them into a pool of water; an appearance will manifest, you will see what your heart needs to know. No more Tamaulipas, no more Zacatecas, no more Coahuila; I must go north to the richness and to the fertile fields. He looked all around, his friends were just a dust cloud on the horizon, he was again alone; it was a surprise to him; there it was carved into that old tree; he wondered why he didn't see it before; it was simple, but he could not understand what it was; it read LBJ. He looked again to call out to his friends, but they were gone.
Clint Eastwood Hang Um High Sequel
Look Closer Before You Hang a Man
His hair grew long, while over the days his body did curse the noonday’s sun. Look! There; over there; an oasis of a fine creek and a pool of water; shaded by brush. Shush! He thought to himself; what is that noise. It was men; he could hear them talking so he approached them introducing himself. Almost like old friends they greeted; there were eight of them, they helped each other with the stories of where they had been.  It wasn't until late in the evening when they had a fire going did he hear the story; that one of the men there had killed his own brother; and was now was running for his life. He said his father hated him, he couldn't go back. 
Miracle Stones
They all shared the names of the families they had left behind. He noticed that on one of the men’s arms was a marking done with some sort of coloring; it was shaped like a dove, a morning dove; written under it was the letters LBJ
Wings of A Dove
He was afraid to ask, but he wanted too so much. The man with the pebbles was happy to meet his new acquaintances for it had been a long and lonely journey; he told about his travels about the sack of stones; then he threw a stone into the clear cool water. 
He Threw a  stone into the River Near A Snake Formation A Green Arrow Painted with a solution of  raw Silver Ore A Top The Snake Head Was A Crest Left By Spanish Conquistadors 
They all saw it, no body dared doubt, it was different; it was another time, they jumped up shouting for joy leaping heavily into the pool. The water churned; the air stirred, a dust wind rose up about them; there it was looking right at them. It was the eye of the coyote. The men didn't know what to do, they looked around to turn and run; but it was to late. A woman’s voice, a wise woman; telling another jesty story to cause men to do her deeds; the guns and the noise and the horses, it was war, it was really a war, and they all stepped right into it.

Whose Blog is it anyways - gno 11/03/2013
All My Suffering is in Vain if those of Texas Public Trust Do Not Help Those Who Cannot Protect Themselves They Are Afraid Texas Will  Do The Same To Them

The Term Texas Has Been Change Several Times not By Me
Every Hack In A Felony


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