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Sunday, August 10, 2014

‘Rooted in Empathy’ Not Infamy

Re-post to the Top 08/10/2014
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Pearl Harbor, HI


  1. boggy sw to nw I feel like the Zulu tribe of Rhodesia are testing my range. within legal range but if electronic where use check the flight recorder it not that i don't trust them its that i trust the SAPD

    1. Why I feel the way i do they did several time noted

    2. If they are SAPD and not the national guard Fire them today Pink slip Sunday They also flew over when i was making of encrypted picture they knew about and i did not so put them in hand cuffs and book em it just gets worse for all involved. That is about the third time they try to frame me and first was at UTSA An ADA complaint the bone in ad below still doe not get it Gregg Abbott