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Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Trillion Dollar Machine Wiped Out In One Night

By The Fly
You Can Call Me Zippy
Informant by Special Invitation of the FBI
Why Should I Need To Look Anything I Pointed Them to The Perpetrator 
Date Classified 1st rev 06/28/2014
Welcome To The Syndicate Political Machine
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 
The Going Price is a Piece of Fruit or A basket of Wholesome Food
The Cost Is Nothing At All
It's Not Nice To Play With Mother Nature
Where They Have Never Gone Before A Perfect Score

Read It Don't Analysis it

But You Already Did

Translate It? All those "Cryptos" and You Can't Get.

Track It Back Find It And Give It Back To Me The Rightful Owner, so I can help others reclaim their assets taken by Texas Leadership and 
Data Miners without a clue!

Don't Make Me Write A Letter To The Banker In Charge of the VA with a problem that has a solution. 
Only a banker would foreclose on your house and property and take every penny you have stolen from me and others and return it to the rightful owners be it a government agency or a person like me that found himself in the FBI office pleading for relief.

The FBI and Bank Examiner has already been there and done a complete audit and a 2nd by the international bankers Auditor in 2008.

Criminal Charges They Never Go Away
Until They Resolved By The Justice Department
That's the DOJs problem Not Mine!

Watch What You Say About The VA
They Save Lives 
Somebody Had To Say It!

The VA Saves Lives
I have past the audit check and somebody in Texas owes me a lot of money. 

Pay Me Now Not After The Texas Debates
What it Cost You to Watch me

You know my Name and address "I Am Not Anonymous"
blog spot removed saved for the FBI


  1. Geeks - Where They Have Never Gone Before A Perfect Score

    You ASKED!

  2. A billion dollar neuro study is just been wiped out they don't kinow which heand they were in

  3. Sweet Jesus 1750 New Cyber Troops in Texas Where did they come from
    Bumbfuch Utah? Look at this cra......

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  5. Pay Me Where They Have Never Gone Before A Perfect Score -

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