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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Texas Dell Computers Do The Right Thing Ship a New Clean P.C.

The Dell P.C. Named
Too Late Now We All Get To Sue Texas Dell Inc.
Under the tightest surveillance Wells Fargo and other banking entities are now under investigation for billions found by "Like Father Like Son"

'This Disabled Veteran is Waiting For A New Computer
Dell Computers Do The Right Thing'
The OEM Original Manufacturer is Liable

Wide Open Whole In Border Surveillance

Hacker Died 13:30PM 06/20/2015 - RIP

Lytle City Hall 14916 Main 12:00pm - 1:00pm Lytle, TX Have a question about neighborhood office hours? Call my toll free number at 877-780-0028 Bring Report to this office and have Henry's people respond to The Dallas OCR to reopen the valid complaints - They all are Valid and Sound and should be on a federal court docket

What Days of the Week Are The Lytle Office Open and Have my friend Judge Bradley Be There Too..............

Texas 28th Congressional Report:

Wanda In Nevada
Over the Brooks and Through The Woods To Grandmother's House We Go

"He was drawing hard on his marlboro cigarette until he saw me, and tossed to the tile floor and crushed it with his left foot and enter the building before me." He is just one of people that dwell outside of peripheral vision seen by some but not by others, and a very good listener."

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