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Thursday, June 18, 2015

The ‘Flaming Star’ never dies

Return to Sender Address Known

“Was it an act of kindness or in defiance to the security cameras that followed her broom,” the postal worker thought to herself. She was just one of those people who dwell outside of social recognition as she watched the money order drop from her dust pan into the plastic trash barrel on wheels.

As she pushed the barrel forward she eyed the money order address to U.S. Copyright Office that had fallen from an opened letter. She notice it was handwritten bought at a local Ice-House and thought of book she once wrote and did the same. 

She smiled as she placed the money order into an envelope address to the man who had written the check and wondered if he would think of her as she dropped the postage paid envelope in the slot that read “Return to the sender?” 

Little did she know, ‘Graceland’ Tennessee would soon have a piece of the puzzle missing from the story of the “Flaming Star” delivered from a real Texas cowboy in a cabin perched over the Alamo City.
Texas Treasure Map

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