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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Somethings Take a Real Texas Cowboy

Thank You Info: Report 13L50-2015-0148469
Osama bin Laden Reported to OIG by TX Vietnam Veteran 1998 Waiting for Due Process Appeal
Manipulated by D.C. See David Dewhurst Testimony

Triggers Attack 24 Hours Before Kill 2011
The U.S. Senate Hides Details from President Obama
Spends the Money
Insult to Injury
Texas Attorney Ken Paxton Has All the Details
Hack His PC not Mine!
'He has Better Security You go To Jail'
Data Miners and Hackers Year of Doom
Every Hack is a Felony Now we have no 
Right wing voters

Congressional Report Texas District 28th
TX28 Tips
"Federal Trade Commission - Budgets
Do you know where your money goes each month? This video from the Federal Trade Commission shows you how to create a monthly budget in order to keep track of your money and make sure you have enough to pay for your bills and other expenditures."

Thanks Here is my Budget

My Budget 
Count off for grammar and spelling but It all 
Adds Up

Who has my money Is a Known

Pay The Money Back and Pay the Real McCoy
The Real McCoy's

See Other means of retaliation copyrights ect.

“Whoever intentionally obstruct the proceedings before depts., agencies, and committees, obstruct this criminal investigation and/or retaliate against 456135816 [or VA Entitlements or any other means such as BSA Financial Decimation ] for any reason, you will be punished to the full extent of the applicable law.


  1. Federal Crash Investigation November 17th 12am See Report OIG not enough the Federal Aviation Administration Must By Law Take my Deposition Military aircraft cannot be submitted my ordinary protocol because it is unbelievable that this could possibly happen in the USA but it did several other reports connect to X-Governor Rick Perry and X-CIA Congressman Will Hurd

  2. The U.S. Senate Hides Details from President Obama
    Spends the Money
    Insult to Injury
    Hand Carried to Judge Bradley of the Masonic Order lodge