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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

To Threaten Blacklist No-Fly List Detentions is a Felony Offense

Threats or of Even a Mention of the same Report to FBI Copy Your Senator(s)
"I Always get what I want a 'Big Red Cherry Drink' 
while I was listening to the radio and drank - Dick's not Gonna Like This"
Too Bad

Give Your Stalker a Name
Wanted By The FBI
‘Cry Baby Jones’ is A Pay For Hire Hitman Paid To Kill and Is Threatening Protected Witnesses, Informants, and Victims of Terrorism

Working with the Homicide Department Yesterday with another Witness's Bexar County Texas, gave us the same good advice we got from the FBI – Keep a log. This is why we blog. Write down post pictures of only those things that will trigger your memory to each event of abuse. To make your blog interesting to you and others perhaps add some music or an old poem from high school; whatever you like. It does have to be true. What you tell investigators in their office must be fact to the best of your knowledge.

Report directly ‘Face Value’ in the office of The Police and FBI. If these agencies fail, or are corrupted say from a Governor Arrested for abuse of power and faces 90 years in prison, you’re United Senator(s) Must Act On Your Behalf and in Your Favor, if He or She Likes you or Not – They, Him, Her, can be held for charges of conspiracy against the United States of America If harm comes to you and yours such as financial decimation, oppression by denied attempts gainful employment, interrogative Techniques such as TV Jacking (not the same as you cell phone interference), or murder attempts. 

I don't Recommend web disclosure but I understand from professionals a hand written log of each event is the best way and report all the events of criminal attacks you think you should without any fear or what anyone will say. Not free speech, participation for protection. 

We would be crazy, crazy Dead 
if we did not! 

Perhaps your situation is like ours – Stalked witnesses and victims of Terrorist acts of mass destruction, and have a ‘Private Dick Paparazzi’ casing your home and your United Senator(s) do not respond appropriately , NSA can and will report Your Senators abusive actions against you, and they will investigate the actions of the Senator, Congressman, or even a Texas State Governor. Why?

“Everybody either works for or is protected by NSA – The Unseen.”

'Cry Baby Jones' Has already Killed and Will Kill Again
The Robocoptic Finger of Fate

Our Problems Why It Should Concern You?
 Mistakes Are Made

No Mysteries Here Full Disclosure by The Senate

Intelligence effort named citizens, not terrorists
By EILEEN SULLIVAN and MATT APUZZO | Associated Press – 3 hrs ago.
WASHINGTON (AP) — A multibillion-dollar information-sharing program created in the aftermath of 9/11 has improperly collected information about innocent Americans and produced little valuable intelligence on terrorism, a Senate report concludes. It portrays an effort that ballooned far beyond anyone's ability to control.
What began as an attempt to put local, state and federal officials in the same room analyzing the same intelligence has instead cost huge amounts of money for data-mining software, flat screen televisions and, in Arizona, two fully equipped Chevrolet Tahoes that are used for commuting, investigators found.
The lengthy, bipartisan report is a scathing evaluation of what the Department of Homeland Security has held up as a crown jewel of its security efforts. The report underscores a reality of post-9/11 Washington: National security programs tend to grow, never shrink, even when their money and manpower far surpass the actual subject of terrorism. Much of this money went for ordinary local crime-fighting.

“Texas Electronic Exploitation Class Action Law Suit” A Community Service Report G. N. O’Dell October 3, 2012

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  1. An Age Old problem of access to cameras anywhere in the world
    This is not new stuff it is an intrusive breach of personal privacy that includes you own bedroom.
    Privacy why it should concern you
    Use Your own closed circuit or even better ....... Cameras that cannot be hacked anywhere in world. It started in Texas by the DPS Texas by a George Bush Mandate
    FCC investigation Going the Eagle FM San Antonio Radio Broadcast sound like “Tokyo Rose” Communism “Keep Texas a Red Communist State?” almost made wreck don't Eagle FM and drive
    “Every Transmitter is a Receiver and Every Receiver Transmitter” you would not believe the stuff I have on other people not by intent but the intrusion by DPS. Police private Transmission………. What are people supposed to do plug their ears? No! – Fix the Breach
    Be Glad Somebody Said It