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Sunday, April 5, 2015

TSA Alert Lasers Used On the Eyes of FAA First Responders

More Reported to John Barara Bexar County Homicide who are was Texas Victims of Crimes and the Investigative authority - no Case number Criminal Charges  Filed by the Plaintiff FAA342_1964 with FBI HQ

Iris Scan Protection
A New Niche

First Blog Post 10/03/2014
Texas DPS Alert I Got A New Drivers License 
Update Please
I Am Just Another Number
Don't Worry About Me 
Parent Alert
P.C. Kids Alert Keep Your Kids Off the Computers

Using Lasers On P.C.s These Attacks are Now Medical Artifacts That Can Be Seen as Scars
They are not invisible crimes Find Them and Shut their Operations Down
A Man Could Wake Up Dead
First Post 09/19/2014

Artifacts of what was told 'the expert' on lasers by the Patient
Under The Tightest Surveillance Then Breached On TV
Just The Facts Jacks

Unknown Hackers [Felony] Correct and type - 'Trazered Eyes' which carries 25 years in prison and is rape of the Somatic Domain

Texas Tortured Veteran Finds His Way Back Home
Rain dripping off the brim of my hat it sure is cold today. 
Here I am Walking down 66 wish Texas Black Ops didn't do that way. Sleeping under a road side bench a man could wake up dead!

Sleeping with Her embedded Manipulated Data

Only In Rick Perry's Texas A Bush Mandate That By-Passed Congress

So Perry Just threw real Jews in real ovens because it benefited Rick Perry

The Hebrew Prosecutor did not know what a Tea Party Member was in the Blanco Court Texas 2009. Somebody should tell him - if you are the elite Texas but a Jew you are not a Tea Party Member

I Just Did Tell Him!
13-06038 David Soward, Atascosa County Sheriff's Office

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  1. Only In Rick Perry's Texas A Bush Mandate That By-Passed Congress

    So Perry Just threw real Jews in real ovens because it benefited Rick Perry
    Posted by Gregory O'Dell at 1:48 AM

  2. What happens when a Governor of Texas obstruction Diplomatic Authority of the United States State Department You Go To Prison for Life!

  3. Official by law TSA report submitted to Congressman Henry Cuellar Texas 28th District I not first person to hit with a laser see FBI page usually we just think of pilots while in flight now we got to address the technology that is not new it is dispersed by corporate greed and lack of Quality Assurance that is all I have on this topic. I did my job you do yours see Congressman Cuellar and TSA Report. Reported By protcol and by law End Report