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Monday, April 13, 2015

All Rural Roads Lead To American Prosperity

The Royal Highways
First post on this blog 01/01/2014
Three Known Small Business Downed by ICE a Subsidiary of BICE 

Just One of the Businesses Shown Uvalde Texas
And You Put The People on Social Security When They Were Happily working
So the Social Security Problem is the Surveillance Problem
Not the People On Social Security

UTSA Would Not Have a Football Team Without These People - Just The Facts Jack ADA complaints all are valid
Legal Ligament Businesses How About You?

$250,000.00 Investment Lost one shop Atascosa County

Tesla Batteries are Developed from this process A Federal Violation of Interstate Commerce   
Pay The Money Back to Small Businesses You Harmed like mine Gregory O'Dells 

I Paid the Mortgage on My Daddy's Farm while overseas and home until Texas Intervened

A Texas HHS White Paper Not A Food Stamp Request
"Pick a number any number"

Not Our Problem
Fix It

Audi Murphy Law The Combat Korean War Veteran Supported by the Combat Vietnam Veteran is now Supported by the Korean War Purple Heart Silver Silver Veteran

"VA Needs to Pay the Korean War Father"
You do the math
Now This Is Progress!
"These small Texas "farm to market" roads are the Royal Highways that makes mineral resources accessible and the trading routes of food producing farms trigger economic prosperity of Texas City States of the new millennium." 

President Obama talks about his belief that a rising, thriving middle class is the true engine of economic growth, and that to reignite that engine and continue to build on the progress we’ve made over the last four years, we need to invest in three areas: jobs, skills and opportunity.

Congressman Henry Cuellar announces his Video-Conference
                                           22 MAY 2013, 12:30-1:30pm CT

 U.S. Representative Henry Cuellar (TX-28) as well as officials and experts from Texas will discuss small business development with:                       

· Small Business Administration (SBA)

· U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the

· Economic Development Administration (EDA)

Attendees will discuss:

· Issues related to federal resources available for small businesses,

· How to locate these funding opportunities, and

· How to best secure them.

The video conference will connect Washington DC with the following cities:

· Pleasanton: Coastal Bend College – Room 106; 1411 Bensdale Road

· Mission: Sharyland Independent School District, Administration Office, 1106 N. Shary Road

· Laredo: Texas A&M International University, Western Hemisphere Trade Center, Room 224, 5201 University Blvd.

· Universal City: Northeast Lakeview College, Room NLIB 312, 1201 Kitty Hawk Rd.

Ken Paxton Personal and Confidential April 14, 2015 , 10:33 am

Moving Forward In South Central Texas

Texas 2014 The Reconciliation Re-Distribution of Wealth It's No Trickle Down Effect


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  2. Ken Paxton Personal and Confidential April 14, 2015 , 10:33 am
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