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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Rise and fall of the Geek Empire

"Grab a Big Chief Tablet and a Number 4 charcoal Pencil"

Geek paparazzi testing their robocoptics; a shame, what about stories that need to told by first person that was there such as Sonny Bono’s death, the US fighter hits Gondola Italy wire, highest mountain lift in the world, Princess Diana's 
auto accident and a talk with Johnny Carson - one on one about  Dave Letterman…………………………………and to answer the question why Leon Panetta left me out of his book ?

Panetta clashed with CIA over memoir, tested agency Review  Process 
The Washinton Post

Within milliseconds or even before you activate your finger no closer than that but that is phreaking fast - There is something faster

Too bad If You Left D.C. early, hand delivered 14:30 Hours Central Time 10/21/2014 "Tomorrow is just your future yesterday (What we learned on show tonight Craig)" – End Report.

I Am not Anonymous You Know My Name 
You can find anybodies address and phone number in the Phone Book no need for Facebook

“Never looking back to see if my friends had come.”

Reported 2nd Time To The FBI "Some Thing's Take A Real Texas Cowboy: The great divide of those that know and those that...

 ties with other espionage from the same group of hackers

Texas RICO Governor Rick Perry's Geek Murderers
Each Count Carries 25 years, life, up to the 
Death Penalty

Removed by me and saved for the FBI who is the only agency responsible for Terrorism Investigations

Every United States Citizens is Responsible to Report These Acts to The FBI by protocol 911 or local police, that don't work go sit in their office and talk to an intake specialist - don't let the RICO perry's National Guard Stop You! This statement confirms they lied on a federal VA form reported to the OIG!

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