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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Give Credit where it is due BSA

"I Work for BSA and I did it"

When they are bold enough to tell you, “I Work for BSA and I did it” I would think that means by intent? 

Secret Service Extortion of A Victim, Witness, and Informant of TerrorismThat led to arrest or death of said Terrorist

Why is it “We must share we must find ways to do it” only applies when it benefits Corporation and Banks? 

Does the Bank Examiners and the FBI Talk to Each Other 
Reported to the San Antonio FBI by Quicken and Gregory O’Dell a Group of Somalians working within the Quicken Credit Card Company was an FBI Investigation and Criminal were taken to Court and Sentenced. I am still waiting for the FBI to coordinate 

their efforts of the thief by Citibank and Quicken for an amount that exceeds 5,000.00 that shut all my credit card accounts universally down before the Global Economic Scam.  

Could you please supply me with the criminal investigation case number so I can contact the bank examiner? And resolve this case: 

Why is it “We must share we must find ways to do it” only applies when it benefits Corporation and banks 

*Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS): The Adverse Event Reporting System 

Four Years Later FDA to regulate Vicodin when the killer is the buffer? Thought about removing the Tylenol and other ingredients that have been known to kill? 

Why is it “We must share we must find ways to do it” only applies when it benefits Corporation and banks 

Greg Abbott is a criminal 
I supplied the information that led to arrest of my own murder and not on cent paid me. I Was a subject of experimentation unknowingly no test were maybe other than a few patient at the dental school Illegal printing of sample boxes in Porto Rico and 5 747 engines running on the ramp filled with illegal boxing waiting for FDA agent to sign paper on the tarmac  

Once again, Vioxx survivors are appalled by headline news as published by the associated press December 09, 2009: 

“FDA yet to improve safety after Vioxx scandal: Experts urged changes after drug was pulled off the market for heart risks” 

This federally approved publication leads us to believe that the new Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS) controlled by the office of Surveillance and Epidemiology will safe guard the public from Big Pharmaceutical such as Merck that produced and mass marketed the arthritis drug Vioxx, a designer drug that never did anything for pain or help any disease, killed an estimated 88,000 people and injured over a hundred thousand more within the United States alone. [Actual number is 250,000 US Deaths] 

Most disturbing, many other designer drugs that maim and kill are still legally sold because the press still supports the false belief that Vioxx risk are limited to Merck’s mass tort criteria used as a legal maneuver to limit the damages to a small test population that meet specific medical conditions of Heart Attack and/or Stork while thousands who survived ‘sudden death’ and other complications were reported to the FDA hot line in detail by name, symptoms, prognosis, pharmacy, dose, lot number, and or samples given by licensed physicians in the time period 2001-2004.  

The information reported to the FDA by patients or loved ones of those that died from Vioxx is key data to resolve of the Designer Drug death machine. We all applaud Sen. Charles Grassley’s address, "No more time should be wasted at the FDA in establishing independence for its post-market surveillance” and the work of the congressional investigators who support the AERS reporting system; however, quality assurance programs already in place have failed to protect the public because the information is controlled by Big Pharmaceutical interest. Diana Zuckerman of the National Research Center for Women and Families in Washington explains, "There's this desire on the part of the people who first approved the drug to say, 'We predicted everything and it's fine,"' How can we fix a process or system if the information is controlled and falsified by Big Pharmaceutical companies such as Merck, the manufacture and distributor of the killer designer drug Vioxx?  

Never-the-less, no system or process, even the proposed AERS program and additional 900 employees will safe guard the public from deadly drugs if statistics are controlled by special interest, especially if direct reports from the consumers (Product Users) are ignored. On behalf of all Vioxx survivors, we ask you to publish all the facts as reported to the FDA concerning Vioxx and bring all the members of the scientific community that violated public trust to justice by way of criminal prosecution. 

G. N. O’Dell 

1290 Mc Coy Road  
Somerset Texas 78069-3719 

*Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS): The Adverse Event Reporting System supports the FDA's post-marketing safety surveillance program for all approved drug and therapeutic biologic products. It contains adverse drug reaction reports FDA has received from manufacturers [Merck, Big Pharmaceutical] as required by regulation. We provide downloadable files only; you cannot search the database online. 
Dates of Coverage: January 2004-present 
Update Frequency: Quarterly 

These guys are murders i don't care what it looks like you people will be arrested and taken to court due process something we never got

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