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Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Dog Tag Cash Deposit Receipt The 'Farmer Finds Build'

Governor Rick Perry and BSA Saw It Coming
 Then They Attack Again They Only Know Money 
Cowards and Hackers Make 'em Pay
The FBI or Police Cannot Keep You Safe
 You Got To Take Them Out Yourself
"That’s not relevant to our Case" 
Pay The Money Back
Then the DOJ Is On the Wrong Case!
"All The President's Men"
Murder, Bombings, Bank Heist
Pay The Money Back
ADA Investigation Tantented

What happens to victims when DOJ does Not talk to victims

Take their life savings retirement homes assets and pay the money back

Trespassers leave gifts this is just one “What happens when don’t talk to victims”

Has Filled every form requested does not have to file one more report “What happens when don’t talk to victims”


  1. Tuesday, September 2, 2014
    A Dog Tag Cash Deposit Receipt and The 911 Attack
    and Tea Party Applicaitons

  2. You better shot me before i make it to the OIG with more evidence not even god can make a false hacker in system now take them to jail now

    1. "Even god Can't make a false proposition true." Your screwed

    2. 'You' That means is the Federal employees involved including an uncle that is a federal oil inspector that went carzed and try to kill evervybody - me i sitting here eating ice-cream and drinking ice cold lemonaide

  3. Extortion of VA entitliments for over 10 years Federal Violation of Law Put Them In Jail Today

    United States Warden U.S. Consulate Attacked in Bandera Texas
    Texas Governor Rick Perry Needs To Be Arrested and booked in The Atascosa County Jail Texas

  4. 'Get a Room' from the Train Robbers - I am still sitting her in the bunkhouse you shot the light out next to my head remember Coward ?