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Saturday, October 3, 2015

GEICO Federally Funded Insurance Company Guilty of Fraud

Texas TriStar Killers
'Judas Goat' is goat used on farm to lead the sheep to the slaughter house'

"Judas Goat Leads Investigators To Secret illegal Texas Private Militia Murders
to the Slaughter (XXXXX)."

Coming Next Week 10/07/2015: Federal Bureau of Public Corruption Investigation Unit Texas. Complete On-Star Contract and Abuse By Tri-Star Including the 911 Call That Change The Law in Texas by Judicial Shopping for a Judge to extort...........
This Veteran Expressed by Law was but is not Being Treated for Intense Interrogation, Torture and Radiation Poisoning, Agent Orange, Weapons Grade Gas and anyone associated with this veteran. 
See George Bush Administration Mandates 2000.
Talk to the Secret Service Not Texas Private Security Firm(s) who are now Ba To Pay 456135816

District Attorney Suzanne Reed Vacates Office The Illegal Destruction of Evidence 
New Evidence Criminal Charges Filed Against the State of Texas 01/20/2015 Illegal Discovery by new Ken Paxton District Attorney hacks felony each count in my machine
Intense Interrogation Torture
"Who Have To Water the Horse Before You Water The Jackass Riding the Horse (Yellow Key Movie 1965)"
Texas Electronic Malpractice Torment Torture and Abuse
Why write blogs when Key Terms are Changed by Hackers that change the Meaning 'Substance' gives substance and value to every blog I posted since January 2008. All Directly link to UT Systems with their digital signatures   

By Leave it to FBI IC3 Forensics

Not Free Speech Force Participation for protection most importantly even
helpless childeren

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is Guilty of these Atrocities 

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