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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Texas DPS Substantiates All Texas Criminal Corruption Complaints

A Logical Linguistic Link
New Evidence Found Who Do Give It To? Texas or the FBI?
How Would You Know Without Any Legal Representation - You Don't The Is The Core of Abuse of Power
Valid Open Criminal Complaints 'Yellow Sky'
"Freedom of Printed Press is a Constitutional Necessity" 
Print out dates Trillions in Electronic Domestic Surveillance
Supreme Court Ruling The Source Document Supersedes any Electronic Data Like the VA
There is a Magic In It
Private Security Firms Stuck
Between A Rock and a Hard Place
On Map
Buy The Map Call The Publisher 210-734-9355

The Texas Challenge

Cyber Security Month
See If You Can Substantiate the long hand written enumerated list to the FBI
Before Forest Tucker Does


A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Lives

Lively, Frank, ed. "Up Front Lively Legacy." Texas Highways 01 Jan. 2014: 1-64. In Print. The Texas Legislature had named the 33-page monthly 'The Official Travel Magazine of Texas" A Logical Linguistic Link to Texas Corruption Complaints That Substantiates All Texas Leadership Criminal Complaints of Corruption, Terrorist Acts 1962 -2015, Human Exploitation Other, Homicides, Big Pharmaceutical Homicides and the Kidnapping and murder of Ruby O’Dell reported by sworn officers at the time of event Leads FBI investigators  to Grand Larceny banked in offshore accounts by Texas Leadership. Nothing wrong with digital data bases that are trustworthy. When in doubt have source document ready “He that owns his own library is king, he that owns his own digital library is lost.” Not all inclusive

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  1. Now Can I get back to a form to sue the VA without your intervention that should of been 20 years ago!