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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Steve McQueen Survives Apache Attacks Hondo Texas

The Ticket
We Salute You
Not To Big To Print 501,502,507 
Your Name Shows Up See Wayne Wright
The Targeted Prisoners of Texas

By Any Means
Private Security Firms Have No Idea
What  "By Any Means' Really Means?
Get The Picture
SAT Private Firms Hacked This Information and it is a Felony and Prison Sentence for those that hacked this document

This Is No Game Or Test


  1. Now how many Texans were killed by Private security Firms using 501 and 502 ect...
    We will dig up the bodies if need be - turn that shit off now

  2. Have the newspaper print every name with 501, 502, 507 ect.. in Texas so you can sue the police too

  3. The Communist Chinese Surveillance Model How Did I Know? Communism is illegal in Texas and Ted Cruz in no longer a Senator in Texas

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