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Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Biggest Bio-Chemical Attack the Economy New Evidence See FBI HQ D.C.

That's The Ticket
New Evidence Delivered To FBI HQ
The Biggest Bio-Chemical Attack on the USA

The Men From Colorado 
I Slip the Office Depot Girl a 20 Dollar Bill
"The Ticket!"

Exhibit A

"If you live Texas and your not rich, it is not your fault."

Texas Towns Not Worried Anymore
Once You Know The Truth About Texas Corruptions The Corporate Stock Cash Payment will set you Free!

It Take's The Federal Bureau of Investigation because of a Decade of Texas Injustice

Itemizes Your Loses and Ship Them to FBI Headquarters because Texas Don't Care About You!

*Yes you - all Texans lost jobs and contracts and your small businesses failed at no fault of your own. Small business is the foundation of every large Corporation if the Small Business Elephant Dies So TOO the USA Economy 

Copyrighted by Gregory O'Dell Done By The Private Sector Just Before Christmas Protected By The FBI
You Got More Punch If You Hand Carry To A Local Publisher

"It's Harder To Protect Small Home Business That Are The Foundation of Every Large Corporation. The Elephant Falls Small Home Business Stays In Business"
Not To Big To Jail - And These Corporation Can Distribute The Money Back To Those They Stole From In The First Place
See The Movie 'Yellow Sky (Peck)'
'Yellow Sky' is a communist data collection system that holds Big Corporations In Power, while exploiting the people of the State.

Exhibit B

By a recovering service connected quadriplegic  comatose Vietnam Veteran waiting 16 years for due process of a formal appeal and a violation of Federal Law no matter who is in the Republican Senate

Who is but by law should not be Subject to VA, IRS, CIT, SAC, FBI Targeting
Pick Up Phone And Knock On Doors 
The Internet is Totally Unreliable
I am not a detective do your jobs
Stop Lie-ing to the President of the United States
"Move to the head of the Table"


  1. This is a law enforcement case not an ambulance chasers after the damage is done Pat Maloney pay for adds on my blog please

    1. Contact the FBI Press Office That is where Terrorism victims show up

    2. FBI can Contact The Colorado County Sheriff's Office for a full report us FAA number 'We can share we know how to do it'