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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Flying Ace of Spades

Read The Police Reports Not My Blog
Dear “Ron” I have a collection of cartoons collected in Germany from a base newspaper near Hamburg 1953 – 1959 that are specific and no more than 100 each that I would like to buy the copyright to republish by contract flat rate or donation to the USO to publish in a new local newspaper in South Central Texas.
Who would be the contact person to make a purchase of the copyrights of the cartoons outright? 
Thank You Gregory O’Dell

Hacker 08:19PM 03/30/2015 is link to the felons that need to die all hackers in system have cause death and sickness and torture go to hell there is no ethical hacker go to prison

Hacker 12:30 Am Breach files 03/31/2015

When Bullets Fly You Die
Hacker 12:30 Am Breach files 03/31/2015
Quicksilver the Silent War 2000-2014

When you take away the rights of the people, the people can do no wrong (Ms X)

But In Texas you are prisoner without a court appearance 501 502 and 507 ect… Prisoners Have Rights “Be Prepared to Shoot Them (Ted Cruz)”
So I Did

Example: Drug Traffickers such as Senator Ted Cruz CVS Pharmacy Buys Out Crawford's Pharma, while Big Pharmaceutical Criminals still being arrested for Merck Vioxx Case

The story you are about read is true only the names have changed to protect South Central Texas independent Oil producers from Big Oil Congressional Abuse.

The patent met with treatment [UTSA] University systems team and said she was “Being watched” by the CIA and stalked her on campus, and it could be her boyfriend is in the “Mafia or Something, because the CIA shows up at the house all the time. 

Occupation History:
The patient stated that her first job was “Scooping Ice Cream”. The patient reported working as a secretary in a small oil/gas company for ten years, and was “getting my insurance license” and working at USSA. The patients admitting friend stated that the patient is ‘an accomplish artist” who has sold her art globally. Reportedly, the patient sells her sculptures of “The Hand That Stop the World 2006” on e-bay and Amazon and has a studio at her “farm barn that is as big as the house” with two kilns and other equipment. [Her small business was ransacked and swatted two times by Texas Rangers]

Not Noted: Her Common law husband was the pioneer of the Eagle Ford Shale who left her a written will lock in the safe.  His sudden death is still a Bexar County homicide investigation. The developer was well known in San Antonio Texas high society and spent many weekends at the Oakhill’s Country Club. He was well chair bond and found dead on the floor and the safe was open and the contents were removed. One of his closest friends and spokesperson appeared many time in front of the San Antonio City Counsel, well known by his Proper Christen name as “Mr. Finger” and expose the corruption by State Legislative Members and their
associations with City Counsel San Antonio Texas. Mr. Finger often made the evening news broadcast across Texas watched by the Agriculture Director X-Governor Rick James Perry (Democrat), who along with Susan Reed created the “anti-small business terrorizing them task force”, including the burning of farms and sweet oil farm storage tanks and new laws forbidding barn small businesses in Rural South Texas.  On 03/22/2015 after a v-chip attack hackers, while she was “Watching them” wrote, Monkey on the Mother Lode X, which we have come to know as another “death threat.”

May 2014: Bexar County Homicide received an emergency phone call, while Ms X and her friend were reporting another homicide of a well-known Rock Music Producer and told her friend to “Keep a Log.”

Marital Status: The patient stated that she met her current [boy] friend two years ago, when she was working at a bed and breakfast, and he rented a room to finish a paper he was doing for a masters Philosophy [Extensive research of the Medina reservoir, by collecting living memories and last wills and testaments in the border district Texas 28th Eagle Ford Shale site, who’s research was exploited by his own congressman, state senator; both Texas representatives knew Mr. finger very well]

How bizarre a war was taking place south of San Antonio that had nothing to do with migrant workers and no journalist ever reported the atrocities? The danger of a censored printed press more powerful than a loaded gun can be correlated to the number of unnatural deaths. The death count can be compared to those reported from communist countries and the causal fact is censorship – Texas Quicksilver War 2000-2014.

Governor Perry using the Chinese’s Model – How would I know? That is statement everybody knows that answer.................. 'The hackers saw it coming'

ADA complaint Valid True Sound and disgusting that nobody got off there ass to do anything

Trillions not Billions in larceny The Damage Is Done Now It Is Just A Matter of Arrest and Prosecution


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  2. Post Senator Ted Cruz Stay in the Senate